Uttaran 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th March 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Akash stopping Mukta from getting down the car. Stay her until and unless I come back. It can be risky for Meethi. He gets a call from Ambika and asks Mukta to be quiet. She should not know that you are with me. Ambika asks him if he has reached park. Hope you dint act foolish by telling anything to anyone. He tells her he has brought the papers. Tell me what to do now. She tells him to keep it on bench number 6 and leave from there. Before he can say something Ambika ends the call. Akash gets down to do as told while Mukta looks on. She thinks of helping Akash. I should see who comes to pick the file. I might be able to reach Ambika by following whosoever comes to pick the file. Akash finally finds the bench he was looking for. Mukta watches him from a distance as he keeps the file on

the bench. He turns back to go.

At the site, the injured person is being taken away on a stretcher when Yuvi reaches there. Vishnu orders all the labors not to do anything. All the machines will be shut down now. No labor will risk their life for those who don’t care about our safety or life. The labors agree with him and they chant slogans. Yuvi was listening to all this and calls out for Mr. Kashyap. Both the men stare / glare at each other. He asks Vishnu to stop instigating his labors against him. Stop acting to be sympathetic with them. Vishnu denies. I am making them realise their rights. Yuvi puts the blame on him for this accident. You had come to me with the complaint of cables on site. I had told you to repair them asap then why dint you repair them? And now you are blaming the company for everything? It is your fault. Vishnu tells him to ask them same question to his on site manager Mr. Sharma. He told me that it will take one week to get the sanction amount and that the work shouldn’t be stopped in the meantime. The result is in front of you only. Mr. Sharma declines saying anything like that. Yuvi asks him if he has any written proof or something. He calls him a liar. The labors support Vishnu. He can never lie to us. They all are full of praises for Vishnu. Yuvi takes out Vishnu’s contract letter. You broke a clause here by provoking workforce against owner and management. He fires Vishnu then and there itself. Vishnu remembers the contract word to word. I knew you would do something like this only. There is another clause in this contract which clearly states that you cannot throw any employee out of job without a prior notice of 30 days, not even the employer. So if you give me notice today even then I will still stay put for another month. All the communications that we have shared is intact in my mailbox. I will mail you if you want it. Yuvi is clearly unhappy with the turn of events. All the labors show their support for Vishnu.

Mukta stops Akash too to watch who comes to pick the file. He is worried to see her here. This place is very risky. She apologizes to him. Someone will definitely come to pick this file. We can reach Ambika by following him. Akash calls it tough but they both wait to watch. A balloon vendor stops in front of the bench and all the kids rush to him. Mukta and Akash cannot see anything. By the time the vendor leaves the file is gone. Mukta is sure Ambika is playing some very dangerous game with all of them but I wont let her win. Akash gave her divorce papers like she had wanted. Now as per her promise she will appear in court and prove it that she is alive. I only want Meethi to be out. They both leave.

Ambika is talking to someone on the phone about that file. Is it signed? She is happy to know it is. She has covered her head with a stole and is wearing shades. She is out at a golgappe stall. Rathore tells them kids not to go anywhere. He comes to the vendor and asks him to feed all these kids. Ambika realizes its him and is worried. Rathore pays him some money and tells them to go. A lady wishes that God keeps his children happy. Rathore tells her he has a very old enmity with her God….plus my kids too or maybe they are thus as they are my daughters. I had three daughters some days back but now I have none. He seeks her blessings. Ambika was listening to all of this. She looks at him as he goes and he stops feeling something. He turns but by then Ambika looks away. He comes to where Ambika is standing and gives her her purse. She takes it without saying anything or looking at him. He leaves from there. Ambika is emotional thinking that he is her dad. I should meet him. First let me sort out this Meethi then I will surely meet him. I don’t have time for personal feelings right now. I only have time for Meethi’s destruction. She too leaves.

The lady inspector tells Meethi about her case hearing in court tomorrow. Atleast now you should feel ashamed as you have killed a pregnant lady. You are a woman. You should speak up the truth now. You have tonight to think what you want – life imprisonment or death penalty. Meethi keeps quiet all the while.

Akash looks at Ganpati’s idol and a chant plays in the background. Meethi has prayed for you with all her heart. She is innocent. Save my Meethi.

Damini looks at Iccha’s photo. If you would have been with us today then you would have surely supported Meethi by hugging her tight. She is alone without you.

Tappu is thinking about Iccha too. Meethi is not alone I am with her. I will save her. I wont let anything happen to her. Please God give me strength to prove Meethi innocent.

Everyone is the court for the hearing. The trial begins. Meethi’s lawyer begins the case. He talks about Iccha and her paathshala. The opposition lawyer points out that Iccha had killed Meethi’s FIL. Meethi tells them not to bring her mom in between all of this. My mom has no fault in whatever has happened. My mom was, is and shall always be our God. She is still prayed to by my family members. She requests both the lawyer for the same. The judge agrees with it.

Akash is wondering why Ambika hasn’t come till now. Mukta knew she wouldn’t come. The defence lawayer calls for his first witness – Ekadish Chatterjee. She calls herself a culprit. Leave Meethi and punish me instead. The judge asks for details and she starts with Akash and Ambika’s engagement. Sankrant calls it a lie. Don’t go by what my mom says. Maiyya calls him innocent. Ambika did magic on him. She tells them the details of what happened that day – the video clip and the following happenings. She set herself on fire so that my DIL’s life is ruined. This is what happened that day. The opposition lawyer asks for proof. He shows him the report which proves that late Ambika was pregnant. Maiyya calls it a lie. She is about to spill that Ambika is alive but then stops. They don’t even have that video. The defence lawyer tells them how hard Ambika threw the phone on ground thereby breaking it so badly. It is of no use now. The judge asks Ekadish to go. Rathore is called for. Chaubey nods at the guy sitting next to him. Epi ends at Rathore’s face.

Precap: The prosecution lawyer calls Meethi the culprit which infuriates Rathore. I am telling you repeatedly that Meethi cannot kill anyone. The lawyer asks him if his statement was a lie. Rathore affirms which shocks every person sitting in there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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