Uttaran 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th July 2013 Written Update

Vishnu is looking at Mukku’s pics in his lappy when Mukku comes to his room to return his umbrella. She finds him sitting lost looking at the lappy so knocks, coughs and starts entering inside. He gets up first but then realising closes his lappy in haste. You! Is it so that you have come here to search for your earring again in my room? She moves the lock of her hair aside showing him the earrings. Actually I have come to return the umbrella to whom it belongs to. He asks about the owner but then takes it saying it is mine. I brought mine by mistake your umbrella would be at my home only. Will get it next time. She points out he will have to come again to return it. Eye lock as a romantic tune plays in the background. Mukku turns to leave while he is busy shaking his head. She stops and bids him good


Next morning, Mukku carefully opens the door of Meethi’s room. She signals the others (Divya, Jogi, Tappu and Damini don’t know where the rest are) to come in. Damini lovingly wakes her up. She puts her head in her Anni’s lap and jumps startled (happy) when they all wish her happy birthday. All wish her and bless her. Tappu wishes that she gets her life too. Meethi denies. I have lost one mother already cannot lose the other. Tappu becomes emotional. Akash watches it all from the door. Happy birthday Meethi….all turn to look at him…he adds madam (Piya). No one responds. Rathore walks-in and notices their mood by looking at Akash. He too wishes Meethi. damini blesses her to start her life afresh and that too soon. Rathore looks at a hurt Akash as Meethi nods back in agreement (piya). Jogi diverts their attention to cake. All leave so that she can come down fast after getting ready.

Meethi comes with Mukku. Everyone gets excited. She thanks them for the surprise. Vishnu comes and gives her a bouquet. She asks for her book. He tells her it is on its way. Mukku laughs. Vishnu & Mukku get down arranging the candles on the cake together. Their hands touch and they share a small eye lock.

Rathore tells his staff to send files as he wont be coming to office today owing to a family function. He looks at everyone busy in celebrations. Akash comes to stand next to him all sad. Meethi cuts the cake. They all clap. She feeds cake to everyone. She starts moving towards where Rathore & Akash are standing as they all turn serious looking at this. She feeds Rathore. Akash smiles at her while she just turns and walks back to where all the others are standing. He wipes his tears. Tappu declares that the real celebration would happen tonight. All smile.

Meethi is talking to her mother’s photo (Damini & Tappu are there too). How I wish you were here today. it would have been so good but I know your blessing is with me always. Don’t worry about me at all your friend is there for me. She takes care of me just like you used to do. She doesn’t let me miss you even for a minute and Anni doesn’t let my smile fade away. no one would be able to hurt me as my family is with me. tappu massi & Anni are my biggest strengths. Nothing will happen to me. You are always in front of me…in massi. She hugs Tappu and then Damini too.


Vishnu comes to Tappu’s room as she had called him here. They both sit to talk. She starts the convo. You know everything that has happened. As much as I could understand you I realise that Iccha gave Meethi’s hand in Akash’s hand as for her, he only was Vishnu. She thought Akash is the same Vishnu whom she has raised…who has her values. She agreed for their marriage on the basis of that only. Vishnu shares how sad / angry he is because of the same. My teacher didi’s daughter was cheated using my name. I wont be able to forget this for my whole life. The guilt would always remain. Wish I had tried a little more to meet her on her wedding day then all this wouldn’t have happened. You know my teacher didi gave me a new life a new identity. That very same identity / name made her daughter’s life hell. Anyways we cannot change the past but whenever you would want me to take up any responsibility for Meethi I would be ready. I am not saying all this for returning any favour. A girl has been cheated. If I can be of any help to her then I would be more than happy. She is upset by what Meethi has done by agreeing to let Akash stay for 23 days in this house. She shouldn’t have done that. Her decision is wrong. I only want that Akash to leave and Meethi starts her life afresh. He nods agreeing. I too want to see smile on my teacher didi’s daughter’s face. You needn’t hesitate if you require my help in any way. She gets happy….will tell you on the right time for sure. Thank you. He leaves from there.

Akash carefully enters Meethi’s room making sure she isn’t around. He looks at the anklet and is sure that she would like them very much. He puts it on her dressing table. He suddenly turns hearing a knock on the door. Meethi asks him what he is doing here. He moves the anklet a little and was thinking if you would need tea / coffee so came to ask. She declines. He tells her he has cleaned the room and dressing table too. She wonders and starts walking towards it. She notices the box, opens it while he waits to look at her reaction by the door. She is very happy as sweet happy birthday plays in background. Her smile disappears suddenly and she clutches hard at the anklet. Akash notices the change. She asks him about the gift. I don’t want anything from you. You don’t have to do any drama in front of me by bringing this gift. Do all you want to but I wont forgive you ever. Crying, she throws it at him…never! Piya o re piya as he looks at her hurt. She turns her face away equally hurt.

Precap: Akash tries to talk to Meethi…madam. you used to love anklets a lot. She turns towards him angrily / hurt….but now I hate them and you too….from those memories, everything.


Update Credit to: pooja

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