Uttaran 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th February 2014 Written Update

Rathore makes Vishnu side with Meethi and Mukta. Rathore is the host and referee for the evening. Meethi sweetly pushes Mukku near Vishnu. akash asks him not to do any partiality as both his daughters are on one side. Mukku is sure her dad wont be partial. Rathore affirms. They start the game. Everyone is singing on their own when the letter H comes on Ambika’s team. Rathore reminds her of the song which she had sung that day. Ambika starts singing Heer. Mukku points out that he is doing partiality. She doesn’t want to play this game anymore. Tell us some story now. He tells the men to go cook for the ladies first while Meethi and Ambika go to set a difficult menu for them.

Mukku is upset with her dad. Mukku tells Rathore that he helped Ambika. You also said that she is just like your

daughter. I am your only daughter. It is ok if you call Meethi your daughter but otherwise I am very possessive about you. I don’t like it when you call anyone your daughter. Why to give so much importance to Ambika? She is neither your daughter nor like your daughter. You are only my dad. No need to make anyone your daughter. He looks quite taken aback by her words. Don’t be so upset I wasn’t expecting this from you. She says the same words back to him. He reasons that she too can be someone’s daughter. She agrees but also adds that she isn’t his daughter. You are only my dad. Saying so, she hugs him. He is in a dilemma. How do I explain it to you that Ambika is also my daughter?

The men are busy cooking while Rathore is narrating a scary story to the ladies. They are all really engrossed in the story and look scared. Akash puts his hand on Meethi’s shoulder and she shouts scaring everyone else in the process. The food is ready. They want to hear the whole story. Rathore gives it a random entry. Mukku remarks that Nani used to tell better ghost stories to her in her childhood. Ambika is sad thinking that there was no one in her home who could tell her such stories. Rathore gets serious. Mukku is hungry and asks Meethi to come along. Rathore has bought 3 similar looking jackets for all the girls so that all 3 daughters look alike. Meethi gets happy though Mukku doesn’t like it. They go to eat the food.

Ambika notices Rathore is awake till now. He says we (sleep and him) aren’t friends. Do you like it here? We don’t get time to spend like this under the sky. She has never lived such a life. Unfortunately dad was always on night duty so night, dark and stars used to scare me always. But I am able to see this tonight because of you. Thank you for inviting me here even though we don’t share any relation. He gets up immediately. We do have a relation. Don’t think like that ever. You and Mukta are same for me. she too has noticed this. You treat me like your own daughter. Rathore thinks that he must tell the truth to Ambika. I wanted to say something to you. They hear the roar of some wild animal and Ambika hides behind him scared. Rathore pats her hand assuring her that he is here. Mukku comes there and notices her dad and Ambika talking to each other. She gets upset. Ambika reminds Rathore that he was about to say something. He goes quiet as he notices Mukku coming there. What were you two talking about? Rathore gives random answers. She had just come to take water. Ambika excuses herself as Sankrant must be waiting for her. rathore asks Mukku why is she not sleeping. Mukku cannot understand why he is giving so much importance to Ambika. You are sending me off to sleep while you were just now busy talking to Ambika. I told you in the morning as well what I don’t like. He tells her not to talk like this. You dint even wish her goodnight. I wont do anything which will trouble you trust me. She is adamant that he is her dad only. He tells her to go and sleep but she asks him to go first. He obliges. You talk like your mom at times. He leaves after wishing her goodnight. She stands there tensed.

Akash wants to share it with Meethi that he met Yuvi today. She appreciates the food made by him, Vishnu and Sankrant. She notices that he is lost somewhere and asks her about it. He shares about Yuvi to her. She gets excited but then goes quiet. Maybe this relation isn’t in our fate. He realises that he hurt her unknowingly today. I wont talk to her about Yuvi ever. How can I forget what all happened with Mukku. Don’t talk about him in front of her. He agrees. She only prays to keep her brother safe and happy always. She wants to know how he bought half of the property from Yuvi. He makes her lie down and starts talking to her about the picnic and weather.

Rathore looks at Ambika’s pic in his wallet. This picnic wasn’t just an excuse to enjoy holiday. I was giving myself a chance to know / understand you and maybe to tell you that (you are my daughter). He keeps the wallet aside overwhelmed with emotions.

Meethi and Akash enjoy the view from the hilltop while he hugs her. Ambika looks at them angrily. They have to go on trekking so they go to pack their stuff.

Ambika mixes vermilion in a glass of milkshake after making sure that no one sees her while doing so. She gives milkshake to everyone before going on trekking. Meethi picks the glass which has vermilion and gulps it down. Ambika is happy that her voice will be gone in a while! She smirks thinking about her plan.

Precap: Meethi is busy clicking pictures when Ambika turns the sign board the other way towards the jungle. Meethi follows it and walks deeper inside the jungle. Ambika is happy that Meethi took the wrong way.

Update Credit to: pooja

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