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Nilofer apologizes to Meethi and says she loves Ashfaque a lot, that’s why she got such thoughts. Meethi says she understands, she also can’t see anyone else close to Akash. Nilofer says she doesn’t even know if Ashfaque loves her or no. Meethi tells her to start knowing every small thing about him and do something, just by saying she loves her everyday, he won’t start loving her. She suggests her to cook something. Nilofer says she doesn’t know how to cook everything. Meethi says she will help her. Nilofer thanks her again.

Nani tells to Divya that one problem is solved now. Tappu comes there with police and asks them to arrest Nani and Divya for kidnapping and murdering Vishnu. In fear, they tell her he’s alive and is at nursing house. Police turns out to be fake.

Tappu gives them money and they leave. Nani asks Tappu how she can bring fake police. She asks why not? when they can burn some other deadbody. She asks them how they could do such cheap thing. What would have they answered to Mukta when she gets back from hospital. She loves him so much. Mukta returns home and they are shocked. She didn’t hear anything. They ask her why she came by herself. She says she was missing Vishnu and she’s okay now, so asked doctor to discharge her. She’s going to meet Vishnu, but all three manage to stop her and ask her to get fresh first.

Ashfaque meets Asgar and asks why he’s sending Meethi back so soon and that too illegally. Asgar laughs and says he was thinking she’s a trouble and now he’s surprised? And if they don’t take risk, then they can’t take their guest to her nation. Ashfaque asks if he can also go along, but Asgar asks him if he doesn’t trust him? It’s a risk and in case anything happens there, then this house will lose both sons. Ashfaque says he’s glad to see Asgar risking his own life to take Meethi back to India.

Nilofer cooks in Meethi’s presence. Ashfaque is hungry outside. Zubaida tells him someone special is cooking today. He smiles and asks Meethi? Zubaida takes Nilofer’s name and smile disappears from Ashfaque’s face. Zubaida questions him and he confesses that he’s in love with Meethi. Zubaida is shocked, but doesn’t say anything as Nilofer comes there with Meethi. Nilofer serves it to Ashfaque and he’s looking at Meethi. Meethi tells him to try it and tell how it is. He says, it was made in her presence, so it must be good. He starts eating. Meethi asks if he won’t say anything for Nilofer. He says let him eat first properly, then they will see.

Later, in room, Zubaida asks Ashfaque how he can even think about loving Meethi. She’s married and she will soon go back to India. Ashfaque says allah gave him heart and feelings, what’s his fault in this? Meethi came flowing and it was him to see her first. Zubaida makes him realize that allah brought her in their lives, so they could serve her, not love her. She feels bad and worried seeing Ashfaque in that condition.

Indian police send Fida’s sketch in fax to Pakistan police. A constable informs Ansari about it and he gets shocked when he hears Fida. He calls Indian police and ask what help they need. Indian cop informs Ansari about Damini also being in the same train with Meethi, and if they find out information about Fida, then they can reach to Meethi and terrorists as well. Ansari says he will do his best. He asks to send Meethi’s photo as well. He then thinks, it’s impossible for him not to spot an Indian in Pakistan. He’s curious to see the photo, but lights go off and fax machine doesn’t print whole picture. He decides to find out information about Fida in the mean time. After he leaves, lights come back and full photo of Meethi gets printed.

Precap: Meethi is bidding adieu to the family. Ansari finds out about terrorists plan. He picks up his stuff and leaves to go to the event. Meethi’s photo flies and falls on the floor which he fails to see.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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