Uttaran 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 25th January 2013 Written Update

Bundela House:

Tej sees Tapasya happily busy in the wedding preparations. He asks her to be busy there and that he will turn her happiness into mourning soon. Saying so, he leaves from there laughing.

Thakur House:

Mukta in her room putting the necessary things and Vishnu’s childhood picture in her bag. She remembers the things that Iccha had told her about Vishnu’s father and how Vishnu had never met him while the fake Vishnu was sad that he couldn’t spend enough time with his father when he was small. Also recalls Shraddha’s words about Vishnu being Akash Chatterjee and then the joke Vishnu played on her in the morning. She is determined that she will stop this fake Vishnu and lot let him ruin Meethi’s life. Split screen appears where Vishnu says that no one can stop him now. And whoever tries to, he will not let that person live.

Next day, Damini is grinding mehendi for Meethi’s mehendi ceremony. Divya and Surabhi are arranging breakfast on table. Divya calls for Mukta. She comes but cites the reason for an important project submission and is on her way out. When Divya leaves from there, Surbahi goes to her and asks her whether she is going to college or again going to unearth some facts about Iccha? Mukta nods after thinking a bit. Mukta tells Surabhi that she is going to the place where Iccha Ma taught Vishnu. Surabhi asks Satara? But why do you want to go to Satara Jail now when Vishnu has submitted all the proofs. Mukta negates that that is the only reason why she doubts it all the more. Those documents are not real but fake. She wont let Meethi marry the wrong man. Surabhi again tries to stop her but Mukta is adamant. She asks Surabhi not to tell anyone as she has trusted her only with this information. Surabhi promises in affirmative and asks her to be in touch. She wishes her luck. Mukta leaves from there.

Bundela House:

Bundela House is all decked. There are dancers dancing on traditional songs and the guests are coming in for the occasion. Baba spots Tapasya busy with the arrangements and comes to thank her once again for what all she has done for the family’s happiness. Tapasya smiles and advices him not to focus on her but rather on her granddaughter who is going to get married soon. She takes Baba to Meethi and she is looking splendid. Meethi coaxes tapasya into dancing. She tries to call Iccha too but Iccha smilingly refuses and asks Tappu to carry on. Iccha spots Kasha Kaka and asks him to bring clothes for Mai, Baba, Chanda didi and himself.

Veer welcomes Damin & Divya who have come with the mehendi for Meethi. Tappu takes Divya for dance and Damini joins Meethi. Damini and Meethi enjoy their dance and are very happy. Damini too says its been so long that I have seen them together. Baba silently thanks God for blessing them with so much of happiness. Tappu and Divya go back to where Meethi & Damini are sitting. Tappu enquires about Mukta. She is told that Mukta has gone to college for an important submission. Tappu wonders whats more important than Meethi’s Mehendi for her. But Divya assures her that Mukku will be back in time. Tappu tells her that just like Meethi has found Vishnu, hope Mukku too finds a nice guy for herself soon. Divya nods and both share a hug.

Mukta is on her way to Satara in a bus. She is tensed that only one more hour is left which is very less to find the truth.


Damini says to Divya that Iccha has left her father’s home, now Meethi too would be leaving soo. Mukta will get married soon as well. Now what will they do? Tappu jokes about going on a pilgrimage. All share a hearty laugh over this. Divya wants to know from Meethi whether she has checked her dress and its fit or not. They go in her room and see that the blouse is missing. Divya says that maybe she has forgotten the dress at the boutique only. Tappu asks for the receipt but Divya shares that it is with Mukta. Meethi is not so happy to hear this but she doesn’t show it. Tappu asks them not to worry and that she will tell Mukku to bring it on her way back from college.

Tappu goes to call Mukta. She gets off the bus and her phone rings. Tappu lightly scolds her as in what is more important for her than Meethi’s mehendi? Mukta reverts that it is indeed very important. She repeats the same college submission thing. Tappu agrees and asks her to bring the blouse on her way back from college. Mukta tries to reason that she might get late. But Tappu warns her to do it and be on time for the function or else Meethi will not be ready on time for the function. Mukta says that she is getting late and disconnects the phone. Tappu smiles at this and says that she is waiting for her. Mukta wonders how she will reach now.


Tappu comes back in the room and assures her that she has spoken to Mukku and has asked her to reach on time. Kasha kaka comes and informs her that Iccha is calling her. Meethi leaves. Damini and Divya too start to leave and affirm Tappu that they will come again in the evening for the ceremony. They are on their way out when Mai comes in the room. She accuses Damini that its my house, my granddaughter yet its me who has been watching all these celebrations from afar. You must be enjoying seeing me like this?

Divya stands up for Damin and retorts that that is not the case. Rather they are the guests here. Its your home and Meethi is your granddaughter thats why she is getting married here right? She excuses herself and Damini and is about to leave when Mai again addresses Damini. She taunts her that she speaks so highly of respect and responsibility yet in all these years, Iccha never even told Veer also that he has a daughter. Now you remembered him after finalizing Meethi’s marriage as you want her father to do her kanyadaan.

Divya cant take it anymore and retorts that you know who is to be blamed more. You shouldn’t raise fingers at someone when you yourself have done so wrong with Iccha. If Iccha and damini have kept quiet for all these years then the reason is you. It was you who brought someone in Veer’s life, remember? Veer only came to take our daughter Iccha we dint come to you. And if you talk about kanyadaan, then Veer’s Barey Papa is still there. Tappu and Divya look back at Mai with pride. Episode ends on Damini’s face.

Precap: Mukta is in the police station. She shows the officer Vishnu’s childhood pic and shares that he used to study her 10-11 years back. The officer replies that it will take approx 1-2 month’s time to find the file as its a very old case. But mukta says that its very urgent and if possible today! She states it as a college project. The officer looks at her questioningly and demands for the letter from college principal. The letter will be forwarded to the Head office and when he will get the permission, he will bring the file to her. He asks her not to waste his time and leave from there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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