Uttaran 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 24th October 2013 Written Update

Aakash hands Meethi the wedding invite…from me and my would be wife….please come with Mr. Kashyap. The wedding will be incomplete without you. We both were there in your wedding too. We would like it very much. She throws it away saying this isn’t necessary as this wedding wont happen. She leaves from there. Aakash smiles. You don’t give cards to your own people. You will come in the wedding for sure but not to see it rather to stop it. You will then realise how it feels when you see your love getting married to someone else. Piya plays. On the other hand, Mukta too tells Mr. Kashyap to come to the wedding for sure. Vishnu looks at the card. She says it is your lover’s wedding after all. He throws the card on the bed and leaves from there. Mukku thinks, I too shall see for how long you

can be quiet. I will be waiting every minute for these 2 days.

Pavitra shows the wedding card to Ekadish. Pavitra tells her according to this Aakash is getting married to Mukta. Ekadish is surprised. Aakash will marry that Rathore’s daughter? Pavitra tells her how Mukta is a very good friend of Meethi. maiyya deduces so this is why my son was so desperate to get Rathore out of the jail. This is good news. He got freedom from that maid’s granddaughter. She is out of his life now. Go and offer sweets to God. Pavitra is all the more happy to do so. Maiyya is thinking as to why he dint tell her.

Mukta is looking at the card recollecting Aakash telling her this is the only way to make Meethi and Vishnu realise that they are wrong. Kitne ajeeb plays in the background. She recalls the cute moments that she had spent with Vishnu and then his and Meethi’s wedding. Vishnu in his room recalls how Mukta told him he has 2 days only now. Either you can tell everyone the truth or watch me getting married to Aakash. Meethi is in the car. She too recalls his words. You only said that even if Mukta and Vishnu get back together you wont come to me…then I am free to marry whoever I wish to. Why do you care? Aakash in his room recalls how she had thrown away the card….this wont be necessary as this wedding wont happen. The screen splits in four with all four of them.

Nani comes to Mukta’s room. You decided so soon to get married. So soon? Mukku replies I was thinking since last few days but this was the right time. Nani asks her if she loves Aakash. Mukku affirms. Nani says its not hidden from me that you like Vishnu. You went to Aatishgarh with him. You love Vishnu! Mukku gets up. I used to love him…it was a mistake to love him. nani nods. You dint like Vishnu anyways. You should have no problem then. I have rectified my mistake now. nani remarks Ram hi Rakhey, you did made a mistake….as there is a difference between that beggar Vishnu and you are Raghuvendra’s daughter. Aakash is rich. Your papa is with you in your decision as he cannot make any mistake while taking such decisions. I am very happy that you have thrown Vishnu out of your life and have decided to marry Aakash. I am with you in this decision. Mukta is surprised. You are with me? Nani nods. I know that Tappu is against your decision but I have full faith in your dad. If he has agreed then I wont back out for a minute in blessing you. But I cannot understand one thing. Aakash’s mom sent your dad into prison for so many days owing to a false accusation. As soon as he is out then this decision of wedding has been taken. God knows what Ekadish will do now.

Maiyya serves dinner to Aakash. You dint tell Maiyya and you have decided to marry? He says it was all in a rush that’s why dint get time. She says you would think now your Maiyya will do every possible thing to trouble my wife. He replies nothing is hidden from me….I know what all you can do. She says this time you wont know what I am thinking. I am very happy. There is no enmity with that Rathore and his daughter. Meethi is out of your life. I don’t want anything else. My anger was with iccha and her daughter not with this Mukta. I am happy. Settle down with her and forget that Meethi. He looks at her and thinks, you couldn’t understand your son till now. It’s not possible for me to forget Meethi. She tries to feed him but the landline rings. Inspector tells him the work she had asked for is done. She nods. I will send sweets to your home then as my son is getting married again.


Jogi asks Rathore if he has done all the preps. Nani is happy with Rathore’s decision of Mukta’s marriage. Have you thought about Ekadish? She must be thinking of taking revenge from you. Just then Ekadish comes there asking for the permission to enter. Everyone is shocked. Nani comments think of the devil and the devil is here (applies to you too….the oldest devil of the show). Ekadish has got shagun for the bride. She brings in the shagun and calls Rathore her samdhi (in-laws). Rathore doesn’t look too happy though. A chant plays. Damini charges at her. You came here to do another drama? Ekadish asks her if she should apologize now. I have done very wrong. I shouldn’t have said all that. But this time I haven’t come to take something rather I have come to give. Thakur Sahab your granddaughter will be my daughter-in-law. I have brought shagun for the wedding. This time no drama….I swear on my son’s name. She agrees with Damini that she indeed said the truth. I dint knew a lot many things. I thought a lot and have decided that you were right and I was wrong. But revenge had driven me crazy. She turns to Jogi. I have made many mistakes. I want to do penitence. Jogi says it is very tough to trust you. She nods. You are elder to me so what should I say. I shall take your leave now. She looks at Nani and does a special Namaste to her (lol must watch scene). I never met you earlier. Nani introduces herself. I am Tapasya’s Nani. An oldie classic’s instrumental tune plays in the background. Ekadish realises she started talking again. Everyone is upset with me. let us go. Rathore stops her. I accept your shagun. Another chant plays.


Jogi asks Rathore as to what is he doing. Rathore says it might be she is saying the truth. It might be that she does want to do penitence. Jogi reminds him that he was inside the jail because of her. Rathore points out that he is out because of her only as well. He got a proof which could prove me that I am innocent. If she would have felt like then she could have hid it from the police but she dint do it. Plus she dint even come here to show the favour she has done on me like I was actually expecting from her. maiyya recalls her convo with the inspector. Just tell that Rathore when he comes to ask you…she is sure he will come here to know who got him out on bail….just don’t call it a favour but tell him somehow that he got out on bail because of me. Flashback ends. Maiyya remarks that wasn’t a favour but I had made a mistake. We made a mistake in identifying the body. Jogi interrupts her. How do you (Rathore) know that she helped you? Rathore replies that before leaving the police station the inspector himself told me how she was the one who bailed him out. Maiyya gives him the shagun. A chant plays again. Jogi, Tappu and Damini are not happy with whatever’s happening. Maiyya goes to Mukta and puts some turmeric on her calling her…my about to be new daughter-in-law. Mukta smiles a little.

Nani stops Ekadish outside in the lawn area. Ekadish acts all humble. You came on your own to meet me. I am so happy to meet you. Nani asks her if she is happy for real or are you thinking of how to make this oldie fall into her trap so she comes on my side. Maiyya tries to negate but Nani stops her. Don’t try to act like a mom in front of me…you are still a daughter in my comparison. Plus the game which you are playing….I am playing this since ages. I had heard a lot about you from that Makkhi. Maiyya is confused. Nani clears it…Iccha’s daughter Meethi. maiyya and Pavitra laugh over it. Nani says listen to me carefully. The girl whom your son Aakash is marrying is our blood. She isn’t some maid’s daughter. Ekadish says this much difference I know….between a maid’s daughter and a Thakur’s daughter. My son is going to marry a princess. I will welcome her so grandly. Nani says remember one thing, mine and Mukta’s dad’s eyes will be on you all the time. If you try to play with her then neither will I keep quiet nor will Rathore keep quiet. Ekadish shakes her head and then bends down to seek her blessings. Nani says her favourite dialogue….baki to Ram hi Rakhey!

Precap: Mukta is going out with Aakash. She meets Vishnu on her way out and greets him. She then goes and hugs Aakash…apologizes for being late. Aakash compliments her in lower tone…I thought it is only me who loves Meethi like anything but someone else is here too who loves you equally. Vishnu is watching them from far. Mukta asks Aakash if he (Vishnu) is looking this way. Aakash cups her face and says….he is not just getting jealous but aching too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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