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Doctor informs Akash and Damini that Mukta and her child are fine, but they will have to keep Mukta under observation.

Meethi gives a gift to the whole family. It’s a frame on which she wrote thank you in urdu. Ashfaque’s dad asks why gift now. Meethi informs them about getting visa and soon going back to India. Everyone is happy for her, while Ashfaque is shocked and sad. Meethi gives all credits to Asgar. Asgar says he just did his duty. Zubaida says they are happy too and sad too as she’ll be leaving them. Asgar says she’s still with for a few days, so take good care of her. Asgar’s dad gives the frame to him and asks to hang it on wall which will keep these memories alive. Ammi tells Meethi that she has got very good values from her parents. Meethi says she learned

everything from Damini.

Nani is looking at fire. Tappu comes and is shocked when Nani tells her about last breath of Vishnu.

In hospital, Akash brings food to Mukta and asks her to eat. She has to think about her child too. She asks him if he ate after Meethi left him. Akash says he didn’t in start, but then he thought if he doesn’t eat, then he won’t get strength to find Meethi. He feeds her a sandwich. He then informs her about going to Amritsar tomorrow and asks her to take care of herself till he returns. He is hopeful to find some clues about Meethi. She wishes him all the best.

Tappu can’t believe Nani. She tells her that she has always hated Vishnu and now she just crossed all limits. Nani says why she would lie about such thing. Tappu asks her to put her hand on her head and say it. Nani takes her hand back and says why didn’t she die before getting accused for such thing. Tappu covers her mouth and then asks how they will tell this to Mukta. Nani says they will have to tell her somehow. Tappu says, correct, and she calls doctor.

Meethi is sleeping in night when she hears guitar. She looks out from window and sees Ashfaque playing the guitar. She goes to him and asks why he’s sitting there alone and not sleeping. He says he wasn’t sleepy and got lost in playing guitar. He asks her why she’s not sleeping. She says she is very happy and excited to go back to India, so she is not able to sleep. She again asks him the reason for not being able to sleep and this time he says, he’s fallen in love. She gets happy and says she knew it he would fall in love with Nilofer. She loves him a lot. She hopes they get married soon and always stay together and happy. Ashfaque turns away and says who said it’s Nilofer. It could be someone else. Nilofer is watching everything from balcony. Meethi says sorry to him. She never saw him with any other girl or talking about someone else, so she thought it’s Nilofer. She asks who is she then? He says it would be better if they don’t talk about it. He tells her not to worry about him. She asks who said that? She will always be worried for him. She will call him after going back to India. She’ll miss them all. And he’s saved her life. How can she forget him? She will never be able to forgive him. He’s pleased to hear that. She tells him to go and rest, and she will pray that he gets his love soon. He laughs and says, he wishes that everyone’s wish would come true, then there would be no sad person. His love story is from those which has to stay incomplete. He smiles and leaves.

Nilofer storms into Meethi’s room and takes her frustrations out at her. She accuses Meethi of trapping Ashfaque in her love. Meethi asks what she is saying. Nilofer says whenever Meethi talks to Ashfaque, smile comes on his face. And since the time she told everyone about going back to India, he has become so sad. She continues to tell her that she at least had to think she is married. Meethi says enough. She shows her vermilion and swears that she only loves her husband, Akash. If she’s alive, then it’s just for him. There are some problems between her and Akash currently, and she doesn’t even know if they will get together when she goes back to India. But the truth is that if she really loves someone, then it’s Akash. She’s breathing for him. To clear her doubt, she swears of Akash. Nilofer seems to be feeling guilty and convinced. Meethi continues, Akash means whole world to her. And Nilofer is like a younger sister to her. Why would she take her away her love?

Precap: A constable informs Ansari about Indian police thinking someone named Fida being used in the earlier blast. He gets shocked and looks at the sketch.

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