Uttaran 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 24th July 2013 Written Update

Everyone is sitting on floors. They are divided into 2 teams. Team 1 – Tappu, Meethi, Kanha, Divya & Vishnu. Team 2 – Rathore, Jogi, Mukku, Damini & Rohini. Tappu asks Mukku to start first. She starts singing Sawar Loon from Lootera. Vishnu smiles. She tells Team 1 to start singing from K. they all get into cute cheating-scared booing stuff. Finally our new hero Vishnu starts singing Issaq Tera. Mukku is all smiles. Tappu sings the female part while looking at Rathore. Kanha is disturbed hearing the song. He is about to get up when Meethi sweetly supports her brother and holds him by his arm. Her smile disappears as Akash comes in with refreshments. Akash is back in kitchen cooking. Tappu tells team 2 to sing from O. again cute counting starts when Akash starts humming Dildara. Everyone turns

serious. He is serving snacks all the while singing the song. He looks at Meethi and stops. All look at him. He turns to go when Rathore stops him. He gets up and throws his coat away. One shouldn’t let any of their work incomplete. What song you were singing? Rathore starts singing Dildaara and dances with Mukku & Meethi. Everyone is having a fun time. Meethi is about to get hurt by the lit diyas around her feet when Akash turns her towards him in time. Eye lock 😉 Rathore too noticed the same and was about to warn Meethi but Akash saved her in the nick of time.

Damini noticed Akash’s action and shouts at Akash. Everyone stops and looks towards him. Tappu too gets angry at him. Kanha is about to hit him when Jogi stops him (Kanha looks so forlorn kind of and his eyes had a madness…dint like it 🙁 ). Tappu comments he is getting daring too much day by day. You should stay in your limit. He goes from there quietly.

Rathore comes in Tappu’s room, stops and knocks asking for permission to enter. She turns towards him. He asks what has happened to her. I know you are against him. I know you will say that I am supporting him but you should at least see what he was trying to do before shouting like this. She questions him if he dint see what he did. He says he did what any hubby would do for his wife. He loves her he would try to save her honor like anyone else. She gets angry. Does he even understand the meaning of a husband wife relationship? Is there anything left in their relation now?

Meethi is speaking with Jogi. Bade papa, he can do anything. I agree I accepted his condition. It was my fault. I am sorry but please tell him to go from here. He is here as you have accepted it. He will go if you will tell him to. Tell him to go bade papa.

Rathore is unable to understand why they are discussing the same stuff over and over again. He is here for 23 days you all have permitted him only. He is trying to prove his love in this chance given to him simple! She points out it is Meethi’s decision. No one else is happy with it. We are compelled to abide. The troubles were already not less that he is here now. You too did a favor on him by getting him bailed. He speaks sense (as always). Why would I who is he to me? I too haven’t forgiven him for a lot many things. I saw love in Meethi’s eyes and penance in his. I did what I felt is right. I am anyways Mr. Ziddi (stubborn). I wont listen to anyone once I decide on something. She reminds him once she decides something she doesn’t listen to anyone not even Mr. Ziddi.

Meethi requests Jogi to send Akash out. I know he will listen to you only. Jogi assures her he will do what is right for her. Just allow me decide what is good for you. I want him to stay here for 23 days. Either he will prove that he loves you truly or you will prove that you don’t love him. Akash who had come to give Jogi his medicine overhears the convo. Jogi & Meethi notice him.

He puts the medicine and water tray on table as per Jogi’s instructions. He tells Jogi that he will prove that he has rightly trusted him. Meethi asks if he is speaking with confidence or ago / arrogance. Be careful or it might prove that we were wrong in giving you this chance. He smiles….it would be impossible (Piya plays…Meethi turns towards him) because I have elder’s blessings with me…madam ji! Jogi tells him he is mistaken. If he is taking his words as blessings then its different but don’t think that I am at your side like Raghuvendra. I have given you 23 days time to prove what you want to but remember last decision will be Meethi’s. No elder would force their decision on her. She thanks him. Akash too nods agreeing to it. Meethi thinks now you would understand the difference between 2 families. My family only knows how to love while yours only know how to hate!


At night, Meethi is not able to sleep. She gets up to get water for herself when she stops to look out of her window. She notices someone going outside stealthily out of the house. She wonders who it could be. Akash turns to check if no one is watching. She hides in time. He goes out wearing a hood. She wonders where he would be going out at this hour. She concludes he must be leaving and gets happy.

Next morning, Akash knocks to wake her up. Princess Meethi devi (lol)! She gets up confused and recalls seeing him leaving yesterday. You here? He says who else would be here except her servant. I am here for 23 days and I will make you confess your love. Where would I go? She is confused…but you. He smiles happily. You were thinking about me? She tells him to leave tea and go. He hands her the tea cup and continues looking at her. She again tells him to go. He leaves saying you were thinking about me only. She thinks if he dint leave yesterday then where did he go. I must find out the secret.

At night, Meethi & Jogi watch Akash leaving from home. She tells him how she saw him going out yesterday too. He must be concocting some new plan. He tells her not to worry. I will find it out. He leaves. She is glad now will find out where he goes.

Jogi is following Akash. He is then shown doing some welding work. Jogi watches from outside the building. What will he get by working here late at night? Akash is working in some garage repairing a car as Jogi’s phone rings. Meethi shoots all the questions at him. Did you get to know where he goes, to do what? Does he go to meet his Maiyya or what? Tell me why are you quiet bade papa. He wipes a tear out of the corner of his eyes. He lies to her. I followed him but don’t know where he vanished suddenly. Don’t worry I will find out tomorrow night. She tells him to come back soon. Akash continues working. Jogi in his mind seeks forgiveness from her. But I feel that there are some good motives but what…will get to know later only maybe!

Akash walks inside a jewellery store and his eyes stop on a pair of anklet. He asks about its price and the shopkeeper tells him Rs.1500. Looking at the money in his hand he tells the shopkeeper to keep it till tomorrow he will buy it. He holds the anklet and thinks how beautiful Meethi will look wearing them. This will be my gift for Meethi!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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