Uttaran 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Akash saying….one servant’s hand is in your hand. So much love / sympathy for a servant madam ji? She instantly pulls her hand back while he continues smiling. She tells him not to speak rubbish. Clean the floor for I don’t like it messy. He nods and bends down to clean the floor while she watches stealthily. He tells her he is done with it now no germ will be able to touch her. She speaks to herself. You are the biggest germ around who else can harm her. He asks if she said anything. She reminds him to get another tea for her and the papers are kept there. Be careful. Go! He leaves smiling. She shouts at him I told you not to smile so much. Hope he applies something on the burn…but why would he for he needs sympathy! Do anything but I wont accept you back now will I forgive

you ever.

Kanha is standing by the window when Jogi walks up to her. kanha begins to says your decision…but Jogi takes over….is not right. You think I cannot understand what you and Meethi are feeling? Akash’s presence reminds you of Surabhi right. But Kanha isn’t worried about himself but his sister. She might get weak because of him. He is faking his love so as to kill Meethi as soon as she melts down. Jogi calms him down. Meethi is Iccha’s souvenir with me. You think I will let anyone hurt her? Never! I gave him one chance as his eyes and words seemed genuine to me. I know if I stop him today then he will come back for sure. He has some kind of madness in him right now. I feel Akash should be given one chance. Kanha tries to say something but Jogi continues. One chance so that Meethi too can decide what she wants. I know she is still not sure of what she wants. What I want has no point in that case. It is up to her what she wants / decides. I know AKash has cheated us but whether he would be given a chance or punished instead would be decided by Meethi only. We wont force our decision on her. He takes him along.

Ekadish cannot believe her ears. Tappu repeats her words. Your beloved son Akash is serving us here. He is working as a servant here doing all the household chores right from cooking to everything. Ekadish tells her to mind her tongue. I have brought him up like a prince not to clean your mess. Tappu enjoys the situation. Maiyya got hurt as her son is getting hurt. You know why is he doing it? He is paying for your sins. He is getting punished for what you did with Meethi. You don’t believe me? I will make you hear his voice. She calls out to Akash who was on his way to kitchen. He goes near her asking if she wants anything. She asks about food, kitchen work and stuff while Maiyya overhears it all. She hands over the phone to him. I forgot you got a call. He takes it and his Maiyya speaks to him. He turns to go but Tappu tells him to talk here only. Ekadish asks about what he is doing. He feigns ignorance. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com She gets hysterical. You are serving Meethi and her family members? (Akash looks at Tappu) Come back here why are you suffering for my sins? (Cries) They all are burning in the fire of revenge. I am not having a good feeling about it come back. They made you a servant today they can as well kill you tomorrow. I beg of you come back for your Maiyya. He asks if she would like her son to accept defeat. She doesn’t care about winning or losing. He very calmly tells her he is repaying Meethi’s debt. I have got one chance to seek forgiveness and to gain everyone’s trust. I wont come back like this. What I did to her in 23 days is nothing in comparison to what I am doing. I promised you that I will get your daughter-in-law back. I will fulfil it. Tappu coughs. He disconnects the call. Maiyya is heartbroken. Both the mother-son duo wipes their tears. Akash thanks Tappu for making him talk to his mother. I dint even let Meethi talk with any of you. He asks if she needs tea / black coffee. She declines. He goes to the kitchen.

Maiyya looks at the cage in her room. She repeats what Akash had said in a sarcastic manner. The spider has been caught in his own web.

Mukku is sitting on the porch smiling to herself. She recalls the magic trick by Vishnu to bring her danglers back. It starts raining. She runs towards home but ends up colliding with Vishnu. Both stand sharing an eye lock under the umbrella. She asks him who came first – rain or him. He replies that they both came together. She asks for the reason of his visit. He wonders and then makes an excuse of returning the umbrella. I took it with me the last time I had come. She smiles. If I remember correctly then it wasnt raining when you came last time. He reasons weather is unpredictable so he brought it. She points out just like this umbrella came all of a sudden. He corrects her…it came at the right time. Even though it came without telling / asking it helped you from getting drenched in the rain. She feels shy.

Akash & Meethi are recalling the tea spilling incident. Both look lost in their own thoughts.


Kajri is cutting veggies in the kitchen but Maiyya takes over the task. Tappu & Akash’s words echo in her ears about Akash working in Thakur House as a servant. Kajri notices that Maiyya is about to get hurt and saves her in time. Maiyya dismisses her. She rues that would have been a better distraction than this. I dont know how to call him back.

Jogi enquires about Vishnu’s visit. He fumbles so Mukku tells the same excuse to Jogi smiling at him. Vishnu thinks of leaving but Jogi offers him tea. Just then, Rathore enters. They all exchange pleasantries. Jogi comments how good it feels when the whole family is together. Rathore all the more agrees with him. There is no wealth as precious as family. Rohini is missing Nani. Divya asks her to get coffee for Rathore. She is about to go when everyone noticez Akash coming with the same. Rathore and Akash exchange a look while Vishnu looks at him dumbfounded.


Akash smiles at Rathore who acknowledges it with a slight nod. Vishnu looks at him open-mouthed as Akash offers him water. Jogi comments it seems situations are changing or rather they have become more entangled. Rathore nods…can see. I find it interesting actually. Tappu shares the condition because of which Akash has been allowed to stay here . Meethi tells him he wanted coffee right. A! Get coffee for uncle. And uncle if you dont like it then you can tell me I will throw him out. Rathore watches her amused / carefully. Akash smiles. Rathore gets poetic…gist was – have forgotten everything else in your love. He looks at Tappu while Mukku smiles at his dad’s words. Akash and Meethi get into a small eye lock which gets disturbed by Tappu’s coughing (get vicks 😉 ). She tells him to get coffee. He leaves from there.

Rathore asks Vishnu the very same question and again Mukku answers for him. Divya recalls it is Meethi’s birthday in 3 days. Everyone gets excited. Akash overhears from the kitchen. Jogi suggests throwing a party so as to change the situation too. Rathore announces that they will start celebrating from tonight only. Akash wonders I have only 3 days as it is Meethi’s birthday then!

Precap: Rathore is singing Dildaara and dances with Mukku & Meethi. Everyone is having a fun time. Meethi is about to get hurt by the lit iyas around her feet when Akash turns her towards him in time. Eye lock 😉

Update Credit to: Pooja

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