Uttaran 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Meethi is completely taken aback to see the state of Aakash’s room with all the picture lying on the floor and he sitting in front of them staring blankly. She enters inside and asks him what’s all this. He replies Anni had come here. She is completely shocked. She saw all this? Where is she? He tells her that Vishnu took her back to Thakur House. She wasn’t feeling well. Meethi shouts at him reminding him she has told him not to do such things as Anni is a heart patient. I wonder what she would be feeling after seeing all this. She wont be able to take it all. If something happens to her then. He retorts…I have done nothing. Why do you always blame me for her ill health? She saw the truth. The truth is that I love you. But if you still feel I am at fault then I apologize to you but not loving

you is not in my control. She leaves from there. Aakash thinks enough of all this. What I am doing wont help anyone. I only will have to do something. Everyone should be at their rightful place in the lives of the right people.

Damini tells everyone that she had gone to Meethi place only but met Aakash there. Jogi is shocked. He asks Vishnu what Aakash is doing there. Damini replies that he stays in that house only. Tappu too gets worried. I cannot understand why you (Vishnu) let him live there. What is he doing there? Damini tells them Aakash has bought half of the Bundela House. Everyone is shocked with this piece of news except Rathore. Damini says Yuvi has sold him half of his share. Vishnu was telling me that he has been living there since they left for Bundela House….in that half house. I don’t know how he got Yuvi into all this. Jogi stops her. He tells Vishnu that he and Meethi will stay in this home only from today onwards. Everyone agrees with her except Rathore who points out that maybe Vishnu dint like this offer. Jogi says this is your house only. You will stay here with us. Vishnu takes their leave as Meethi would be back home by now. jogi is surprised.

Aakash looks at the burnt picture and calls Mukta. I want to meet you now….come as soon as you can. She gets confused. He tells her not to waste time in asking why’s and what for’s. I have found the way to solve the lives of all four of us. I have to show you something which I will show you once we meet.

Meethi comes to meet Damini. They both are worried for each other. Meethi apologizes to her for hiding about Aakash. Damini says you should have come here that day itself. Meethi tells her that she stayed there as she had promised her grandparents. Damini doesn’t want her to break the promise. You should have come here for a few days after informing Kasha kaka. Aakash is there to bother you only as he knows you wont retort back at him. Meethi denies. I have tried to make him understand a lot many times but he is adamant. Damini says he is driven by madness which I have seen. I am scared seeing his state. He knows that his bring around you is enough to hurt you. He isn’t ready to accept the fact that you have moved on in life but why will you bear his madness. He is there to trouble you. If you wont be there then what would he stay there for? He himself will leave for Aatishgarh after which you and Vishnu can go back to that house. Now you only will have to save your relation. Go home as Vishnu has left just now. Get your stuff and come back. One more thing, whether it is Ekadish or Aakash, bearing injustice is called being weak.

Aakash comes to where he has called Mukta to meet. She is already there. Why have you called me here? And what have you realised? He says if you do like I say then everyone’s life can be sorted. She wants to know. He gives her a wedding invitation card with Mukta weds Aakash printed on it. She is shocked as she reads it out aloud. Are you nuts? What kind of a joke is this and why do you feel I will agree for it? One marriage is already wrong. I wont repeat the same mistake just for the sake of revenge. He tells her that this wedding wont happen. This is the only way to make them realise they are wrong and that they can still rectify this mistake. When Meethi and Vishnu will see this card then they too will realise that this wedding is a big mistake. They wont keep quiet. Mukta looks at the card again and gets thinking. What if it doesn’t happen? Meethi too did something like this. She put up an act of loving Vishnu but in the end, they both got stuck together. If we two get stuck too, then?

Vishnu is packing his bag when Meethi comes there. She asks him as to why he looks worried. He dismisses it. She asks him again so he tells her that he should have stayed out with his decision. I had a small room which I should have made my home. Every now and then I am going here and there…I feel like I don’t have a life of my own. If Aakash is there then we are going there whereas Mukta is there in that house. What about her presence? I can talk to Aakash for once but wont be able to say anything to anyone about Mukta. Only a few days of her 15 days time period is left. She will keep reminding me of that. Its so difficult for me to stay under one roof with Mukta. She will have so many questions in her eyes. I wont be able to tell this to anyone. Anyways, we should go.

Mukta is looking at the card in her room. Rathore comes and takes the card from her.


Rathore reads the card. She begins telling him about Aakash and everything when he surprises her by complimenting the card. This is not just a good card but a good way too…to solve this riddle. She reminds him that Meethi had taken a step like that only. She had to get into a fake relation with Vishnu in the end. I don’t want to compel Vishnu into anything. I want him to tell everyone the truth as per his own will. He is sure that that only will happen. I hold myself responsible for what all happened. if I was here then this all wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Anyways now that I am back then let me set things right. Trust me we aren’t compelling Vishnu into anything. We are just trying to wake him up…giving him a chance to make him realise that it isn’t a sacrifice but suicide. Still you think it out. There is no compulsion. We will go ahead with this only if you feel it is right. She trusts him completely. But I need some time. I cannot say anything for sure.

Vishnu is coming down holding his bags in his hands when Aakash notices him thus. Aakash looks at him curiously and then at Meethi. She too joins Vishnu. Aakash asks her where they are going. Meethi tells Vishnu she will come after speaking to Kasha kaka. He says he will wait outside. Meethi heads for the kitchen. Aakash wonders as to where are they going.


Kasha kaka assures him he will take care of the house. She too assures him that everything will be fine. Aakash calls out for her so she stops. Piya plays. Kasha kaka leaves from there. He says you dint tell me the reason for leaving till now. She asks him if he doesn’t know as to why she is leaving. He tells her to go but I have something with me that belong to you. Take it and then you are free to go. She doesn’t want anything from him. He holds out the anklet which he had bought for her. This is yours….I had bought this for you on your birthday with my hard earned money. This is yours. She recalls the time when he had got it for her and how she had declined to accept it. This belongs to you only. She declines. He remarks that he isn’t that bad that he cannot give her a gift. I was your husband for 23 days. Piya o re piya starts playing in the background. He puts it in her palm and closes it. Do what you feel is right. He turns and heads for his room. She looks at the anklet in her hand while he takes out the other one (from the pair) while he is still on the staircase. He thinks your memory is still with me. My heart says that one day I will make you wear both the anklets. They both hold on tightly to the respective anklets. She notices that Aakash is still standing on the stairs but not looking her way. He finally leaves from there.

Precap: Mukta happily shows Meethi and Vishnu their bedroom. She points out at one cupboard, one bed and one quilt as they are one only. Anyways I should leave from here. I forgot to tell you one thing the calendar is there. Remember there are only four days left. Keep looking at how the dates of the calendar keep getting changed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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