Uttaran 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Meethi shouts (stunning everyone), servants don’t talk like this AKash. Remember Akash Chatterjee, one mistake and you are out! Akash just smiles while she thinks you wont be able to spend 3 days here forget about 23 days while Akash promises himself that if he isn’t able to turn everyone’s hatred in to then he would change his name.
Jogi speaks up now. I can understand Meethi’s feelings very well for I heard her every word very clearly. I want to talk to you. Don’t think that we will welcome you in our home after the drama that you have done. For you 23 days might be some kind of madness but for my granddaughter they are very important. You aren’t allowed yet. I want to talk to you first then only will I decide if you deserve one chance or not. Come with me. Akash follows Jogi Thakur

while everyone else stands surprised. A chant plays. Tappu is sure that her dad wont allow Akash in ever (I am so waiting for your dream to be crushed 😛 ).

Jogi says, you think after what all you have done anyone here will trust you? Once when the whole family had put their trust in you then you cheated them. You knew what you were doing yet you dint feel for anyone? You have hurt Meethi a lot she has just come back from hell you tell me why should be trust you? Don’t take my silence to be my weakness. Meethi has opened the doors for you but that doesn’t mean that you can do anything. Akash folds his hands before him. I only want to prove my truth to you. I would have died long back in the jungle if Meethi wouldn’t have saved me. I am alive only because of her. When I realized this, I let her go away from me, my life. I have been raised with one thing all my life by my family and my mother. They always told me about revenge and hatred. I too used to speak the same language till some time back. But Meethi came in my life. She turned my hatred into love. I am standing here before you with my head bowed. Now even if you wish to kill me I will only say that I truly love her. jogi turns away from him. akash continues, you are elder to me. If you can see the truth in my eyes then let me stay here with your family so that I can prove my love. If you feel that Meethi still loves me then give me the permission to stay. I will do atonement for my mistakes in these 23 days and if on the 24th day, you feel I am not worthy of Meethi then you can throw me out. I wont do anymore drama. I will go away for forever from your family and Meethi’s life. He kneels down before him (with tears in his eyes…aww 🙁 ). You have always supported truth. I too want to prove that my love is true. Allow me this one chance thinking the same. The guy about to be hanged is too asked about his one wish. I only want one chance.

Downstairs, Damini is getting hyper thinking that Akash shouldn’t be staying here for that would put Meethi’s life in danger. I don’t trust him at all. Meethi has gone mad (= love 😛 ). Tappu assures her that papa wont agree to it. Right then, Jogi calls out to Divya. Everyone else go quiet (itna sannatta kyun hai bhai 😉 ). He tells her to get the room (somewhere downstairs) open for Akash. Divya and everyone else is taken aback with his decision. Damini tries to ask him about it but he tells her not to worry. Akash thanks him. divya asks him to come along when Meethi shouts – A ( 😛 B C D…..). You can go to your room later. He starts telling her that her name isn’t A when she cuts him off. Servants don’t talk too much (piya plays…. <3). She orders him to get tea for everyone. Mukku declines. Meethi suggests getting her a juice and tea for everyone else. Akash smiles and Rohini is super happy as someone else is going to do the household work from now (lol). Meethi tells him to go. Akash turns and bends down to take blessings from mother earth (err floor here 😉 ). One must take blessings before starting something good. Piya plays as he leaves for the kitchen. Tapuu wonders what Meethi and her dad did. Now I only will have to do something (kyu…why…kaiku :/). Akash is in the kitchen talking to himself in his rural accent (funny). I cannot understand this modern kitchen. Where is sugar / tea? What to do? One mistake and she will throw me out. What now! Rohini comes there to check how he is doing. You are still boiling water? Bring something to eat as well and don't create a mess. She turns to go and some jar is about to fall but Akash catches it in time. They both sigh relived. Saved or would have been thrown out! She recalls the yummy aaloo puri he had made. He turns away thinking about the same. A flashback is shown where Surabhi had brought it for him as he dint knew how to make it. How to tell that secret! She makes an exit enjoying the fun period while he tries calling her to tell about tea / sugar. Tappu was waiting outside the kitchen. She is sure the love fever wont stay for long. Rohini takes her along with her. mukku comes to kitchen to have some water. She notices him looking for something. Akash says you should have called me if you needed anything. She tells him not to worry about her. How will you make tea without tea or sugar? She shows him teabags. He declines. If I make this then I will be out on the very first day itself. People drink the very same tea when they are in office for they have no other option. They should be given spiced tea. Can you tell me where is tea / sugar? Mukku gets impressed with him. She hands him both the jars and tells that ginger is in fridge. He wants to make tea as per everyone’s liking. Mukku tells him – Bade papa likes sugar free tea, Kanha bhaiya – ginger tea, Ma – black coffee. He asks about her. She again tells him not to worry about her. She is going out when he stops her. I pray to God that of you love someone then they don't get to face such troubles ever and if something turns up then it is my responsibility to set your love story right. They both exchange a smile. Akash gives tea / juice / coffee to everyone as per their liking. Looking at Kanha, he realizes he has to make him agree too for his sister. Its not about me only but about my sister too. Rohini tells him to make pakores (snacks) from tomorrow too. He nods agreeing. Mukku notices him looking around for Meethi. She is in her room you can keep it there. Akash seeks Divya and Anni’s permission to go to Meethi’s room. Damini is about to declines when Divya tells him to go. He leaves to give tea to Meethi. Divya tells Damini & Tappu that he is going to stay here only so where all can we stop him from going (point 😉 ). Meethi is in her room looking at magazines when Akash walks in. Spiced tea for you Meethi…..ma’am (lol…what a transition <3). She reprimands him for entering in her room without her permission. Go out knock twice and enter when I ask you to. He smiles and she gets irritated at it. No need to smile on everything. He reiterates his steps and knocks. Ma’am your tea is getting cold…spiced tea. Remember how I used to bring morning tea / bed tea for you (realizes…stops)…every day! She gets emotional but controls herself. Servants don't need to talk much. Leave it here and go. Akash smiles. First you sent me out now I will have to come inside to keep it. Can I? He enters and stands before her holding the tray. She shows him the file containing divorce papers. On the 24th day or any day in these 23 days when you commit a mistake, sign them and go. He asks her if she would like to come along on the 24th day then. She is sure it wont happen. While he is sure that that too wont happen what she is asking for. She doesn't notice his hand and angrily puts the papers right across the cup thereby spilling some tea on his hand by mistake. He jumps hurt while she starts to blow air to on his hand. Piya o re piya plays. He smiles….one servant’s hand is in your hand. So much love / sympathy for a servant madam ji? She instantly pulls her hand back while he continues smiling. Precap: Tappu rings up Ekadish (what if they join hands? After all they both want the same thing 🙁 ). Your beloved son Akash is serving us here. He is working as a servant here doing all the household chores right from cooking to everything. Ekadish tells her to mind her tongue. I have brought him up like a prince not to clean your mess. Tappu enjoys the situation. Maiyya got hurt as her son is getting hurt.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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