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Meethi says that I used to think that I had a lot of power in me but I was wrong as you were my power but today you are my biggest weakness. Akash says that I am with you while Meethi says that you are not and I can’t trust you anymore. She says that there is a wall between us now and I can’t cross it. Akash says that how many times will he ask forgiveness and says that you and Rani are my life. HE says that tell me to do something so that you can trust me.
Meethi says that I want to trust you but can’t she say that I got ready for you but when I came I found Nandini in your arms. Meethi says that I can’t bare you touching someone else, AKash says that this is not what happened as I was only helping Nandini from Khana. Meethi says that I can understand as a woman but not as a wife. Meethi

hugs him while Aksah says that listen to me and let Nandini go. Nandini on the other hands thinks that Akash still loves him. He assures Meethi that Rani will stay with them while Meethi says that I am doing wrong and should let Rani stay with her mother for a few more days.
Meethi says that I don’t want Rani to hate her mother the way I onced did. Akash agrees with Meethi and hugs her and she says that I love you. Nandini is in her room when she hallucinates about Akash. She then wakes up and Mr.Khana is at the hospital and the doctor advises him about his health. He then calls someone and wants to know all the information about Akash by the night. He looks in the mirror and breaks it and says that you will pay a big price.
Vishnu is on the road again when he jumps in front of a car and fakes the accident. The man comes out who is Khana and is about to slap him. Khana says to him that you look a well man and asks that what the reason that made you do this is. He gives Vishnu his wallet and says that keep it all, he says that today your fate helped you but think if it will help you again. He says that hands might not be proper again and you might become a beggar one day if you do this.
Vishnu puts the wallet on the bonnet and leaves when Khana stops him. He says that I need a man like you to work for me, someone who doesn’t worry about his life. Vishnu asks what work and he says that keep the wallet and just get ready. He tells him to call him and the card is in the wallet with the money. Vishnu takes the card out and gives him the wallet back and says that I needed the card and got it. Khana is about to leave when he turns around and says that I will give you that much money that it will change your luck.
Nandini brings a cup to Akash’s room who is with Meethi. She interferes and comes in their room while Meethi says that you must have not knocked before coming in. Nandini says that I know all of that but I have the right on you as I am the mother of your daughter. She says that I was your first love and you only married Meethi because I wasn’t there. She says that Meethi also left you but you forgave her when she came back and why can’t you forgive me. The talk goes on and so does the fight over AKash.
Nandini then wakes up and knocks on the door before coming in. She comes in and Akash sits up, Nandini gives her the coffee and Akash finds cardamom and ginger in his coffee. Nandini reminds him saying that you liked it a lot once. Akash gives the coffe back saying that a lot changed with time and says that I can’t drink now and thanks her.

Precap: Akash gives a card for Nandini and Rani sees the card and says that this a credit card. Nandini says to herself that Akash you care this much for me as this is why you gave me this card as you have accepted me in your family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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