Uttaran 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st May 2013 Written Update

Akash finds turns and finds her sleeping (I feel so sorry for him 🙁 ). He picks her up from where she was sitting and makes her lie down. He covers her with linen and holds her hand. I gathered so much courage to tell you the truth. He takes out the paper and keeps it near her head. I wrote everything in it that is important for you to know. Tomorrow morning I will take you to your home all safe and sound so that you can do the asthi visarjan of your mother.

He tearfully puts her hand back inside the linen and gets up to go from there. He turns back to look at her once and Madno (edited version – saajna) starts playing in the background. He comes outside and sits somewhere. He has flashback of their past happy moments spent in Mumbai, their wedding, on the way to Aatishgarh and tears roll down

his cheeks.
He looks at his hand and recalls putting vermilion in Meethi’s forehead in the morning. More tears start flowing. He looks up towards the sky and notices a shooting star. He closes his eyes. People say that when one wishes seeing the shooting star the wish comes true. I can only ask for this that all the pain which I have given you; you forget them and me as well. Hope life gives you all the happiness as soon as tonight’s storm ends.

Tappu is worrying about Meethi. Rathore asks her to calm down. This isn’t good for your health. We will search the whole forest but we wont give up until we find her. we will get her home all well. Tappu nods her head.

Surabhi is crying in her room as Tappu’s words echo in her head. You wont be able to sleep peacefully. Ammo, Kanha and Iccha’s face will always roam in front of your eyes. Your bad karmas wont leave you for life. Agarth comes and tells her not to cry. He gives her water.
She says you heard what she said to me. It wasn’t Tappu who cursed me. It was Iccha Ma (liked she still addressed her as Ma). The words came from her heart which is of Iccha Ma only. I am very scared. Agarth tries to console her saying she wasn’t any goddess.
Surabhi tells him I did what you and bua ji asked me to do. What is my fault in all this? (Agarth looks surprised). She should have cursed bua ji why me. It was after all her revenge. Agarth tries to make her understand that she is my sister your bua ji. She became a young widow because of that Iccha only. What was her mistake in this?
Surabhi sits down near the bed crying. Till date whatever wrong I did to them I never felt at fault. But today when I remember Kanha, his innocent face, I feel guilty. He is a pure hearted soul if he curses me then my whole life will remain a curse forever. She cries inconsolably and he hugs her.

Maiyya is pacing in the living area while all the others wait for her next order. She recalls Tappu’s words. Iccha’s heart is inside me and a mother’s heart tells me that she is completely well. She remembers Akash telling her to let go of Meethi as Iccha is no more now.
She is highly restless. She calls Nirbhay and asks him if he will do what she asks him to. He tells her to order him. She tells him to go in the forest and find if Akash has killed Meethi or not. If yes then hide the body in a way that no one is able to find her in the next 7 births and if not then you kill her yourself. Thereafter hide the body. If they don’t find the body then Iccha’s heart (inside Tappu) will always yearn for her daughter. I will feel at peace then only. If he hasn’t killed Meethi then you finish his pending task. Hide the body before that Rathore can find her. Go! She is crying. He takes her blessings and head out.
Maiyya shouts that Iccha’s heart is alive in Tappu. She feels disgusted.

Tappu gets Veer’s call. He asks if they got any news about Meethi. He also shares with her their exact location which the inspector had given him. Go to yamunakund forest. There is a banjara’s basti in there. This is the exact location which the doctor gave the inspector.
Tappu asks if Meethi is fine. He says yes she got bitten by the snake. She is fine now. But there is a big danger lurking right next to her – that fake Vishnu. you are very near her. Even I wont be able to reach there before tomorrow afternoon. Tappu assures him that she will call him as soon as she gets some news about Meethi. He thanks her. Rathore tells her he knows the exact location. He gives driving directions to the driver to reach the basti.

Next morning Akash is still sitting outside in the basti. The banjara’s are evacuating the location and moving to another place. Kaki asks him to go too. He thanks her for her help and goes to get Meethi.
He thinks maybe she has woken up by now and read the letter too. What if she hasn’t? He enters the hut but doesn’t find her there. Instead he finds the letter at the same place where he had kept.


He picks up the letter thinking she hasn’t read it then. He keeps it in his back pocket and walks out calling her name. He asks a kid who tells him that she must be in the temple.
He finds Meethi praying with his back turned to him. He says I searched everywhere got worried when I couldn’t find you. I wanted to talk to you.
Someone from behind him says – no need to say anything now.
Akash turns and is taken aback to find Tappu and the chant breaks in.


Tappu tells him Meethi knows everything about you now. akash turns in shock while Meethi too turns back to face him but with angry expressions. He says I was about to tell you.
Meethi cuts him off. Just tell me if you are Vishnu or Akash? Akash is disheartened and closes his eyes in pain (awww sad!). Akash!
Meethi too closes her eyes in pain and episode ends!

Precap: Meehti gives one tight slap to Akash. Now there is no need to speak or hear anything else. Saying so she goes away with Tappu. Akash tries to stop her but Rathore holds him from behind. Akash turns to face with Rathore.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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