Uttaran 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st January 2013 Written Update

it starts with tapasya calling icha in their bedroom where they had spent there childhood days .
then icha recalls tapasya used to tell fairy tales to icha …
but tapasya denies says here there are memories which have changed life of both of them
icha says not to recall those bad days, wat will we gain thinking abt those days
tapasya promises icha that wat had happened in their life will never happen in their daughters life
icha tells tapasya to stay in thakur haveli mukta will be happy
but tapasya denies saying i have to do ur grahapravesh…….
icha feels sad for amla
tapasya tells her to think about herself , as there was no relation between amla and veer , amla has herself told her everything , and gunwanti has forced her to be with veer…

at VEER’S place :-
chanda asks amla to think once again abt her decsion abt leavng
but amla refuses that she is prepared to leave…
i had spent a lavish life here, but staying here no one will be profitable nor yuvi nor veer, so there is no meaning in staying here..
chanda still tries to instigate her
but veer cuts her
and says her he wil look after amla as ahe has many ehsaan on him
then he says to amla if she needs anything then ask him without hesitating
amla asks him to keep icha happy always
and to leave hapily ever after as a happy family
and she also ask him to leave her upto the house main door
veer agrees
amla takes blessing of all, gunwanti is devasted
she tells amla to think once again
but amla refuses saying that it will be unfair with icha ,
she returns all the jewellery given by mai
then she leaves…….

jogi thakur haveli;-
icha tell tapu that watever mai had done with amla was very wrong
tapu says mai always does wrong ,as she kept icha away from veer
icha thanks tapu for clearing all misunderstanding
tapu says dont’ say thanks otherwise, icha says otherwise
and they start fighting as they use to do in there childhood days
damini looks them happly…


damini says that she wants to say something to tapu and says that watever u have done forus how will i thank u
tapu sa don’t thank i have not done anything
and says whether icha will go all dressed up like a bride to her in laws house
both tapu and damini agrees but icha denies but at last agrees
tapu says icha’s welcome will be very grand
and they hug

mukta calls police station
and ask abt the laptop for her economics project but police denies that nothing regarding the case can be give
a shadow passes her room
she thinks it’s her imagination
after that she thinks she will stay quiet till icha is gone to her house

in morning
damini and thakurian are very happy abt the happiness in there house and thakurian praises tapu
then they both go to make icha dress p well
damini asks ica wat has she worn
but thakurian denies saying she will dress up her
mukta comes der saying she has to look good and someone on the phone is saying this
and handover d phone to icha
and it’s tapu and she ask whether icha is ready or not?
icha says she is .
tapu ssays u’ll be tired of getting ready
but icha says it’s not their age to do make up
and it’s there daughters days
but tapu says it’s ur choice but i’m too happy and confused as wat to wear or not
and we’ll see who looks better u or me
icha says obviously tapu
tapu says please dress well veer should look at u nowhere else
and says o put phone on speaker
and ask everyone to make icha very beautiful and cuts the call saying that she has to dress up

vishnu asks someone whether all the papers are originally and gives money in exchange
then he realises meethi s standing behind him and says the man to leave
he says to meethi wat is doing here was she missing him?
but meethi ask him who was the man
he says the man had come related with temple papers
meethi tries to romance
but vishnu tells no
and she tells him that she is so happy as she got her dad back
and sas that mom never told me as dad has lost his memory
visnu says in mind thta it’s veer singh bundela
and meethi tells him that dad is taking us back home and he’ll do my kanya dan
vishnu in mind ur dad will always cry thereafter

gunwanti throws the kailash saying i’ll throw everyone who ‘ll come in my way
even if it’s icha i don’t care
at the same time veer enters with icha holding her hand looking in anger towards gunwanti , tapasya happy

Update Credit to: SHIKHA

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