Uttaran 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 20th March 2014 Written Update

Jogi comforts Meethi saying bad times come. This is a test for you. Don’t worry. Tappu checks the marks on Meethi’s hands while they talk. Lies can’t last for long. You will have to be strong. Meethi nods. The lady inspector comes to tell them their time is up. Tappu goes to talk to her. This uniform is there to protect people. If you cannot be with truth then you cannot respect this uniform also. The inspector says I haven’t worn it for nor respecting it. Plus I am supporting the right only. Tappu tells her that she wont bear it if her daughter gets another scratch next time. I have played all these games in my childhood what you doing now. The lady constable gets angry. You cannot talk to a police officer like that. Do you want to be with this lady in that cell? Jogi speaks up now. Some people

like you are so arrogant about their uniforms and threaten the ordinary people. Don’t do it. Don’t be under this misconception that we will be scared of you. Tappu tells Meethi not to be scared of anyone. We all know truth comes out in front of everyone. The lady inspector leaves in a huff.

Yuvi comes back to his cabin. He is talking to some Mr. Khanna. Looks and how a person actually is are two different things. Meethi Chatterjee looks innocent but can she not be the killer? Her mother was a killer too. He looks at the blank photo frame and is shocked. He ends the call and starts looking for the photo. Vishnu looks on from outisde the door. Yuvi is about to call someone when Vishnu walks inside his cabin. Yuvi is not pleased to see him but tells him to come later. I am busy right now. Vishnu asks him if he is looking for something. Maybe I can be of help to you! Yuvi denies. Do you have some important work? Vishnu seeks his permission to get some repairing work done on the site. Yuvi is taken aback. What was the need to come to me to ask this? You could have gotten it sanctioned from Mr. Sharma. You can go for now. Vishnu goes out of his cabin but he cannot help turn and look at Yuvi. He is looking so frustrated. He couldn’t even say what he was looking for. I am sure his intentions aren’t good. I will have to find it out. I will have to find out why he is so interested in Mukta.

Jogi assures Tappu that the truth will come out soon and Meethi will be free. Tappu nods. I too have made so many mistakes and lied so many times to prove a truth a lie. But I always lost. Truth always used to come out in the open. Mukta runs to hug her mom. She missed her mom so much. Look what has happened here. Tappu apologizes. Mukku speaks of Meethi’s innocence. Tappu too speaks in Meethi’s favour. Jogi suggests not to talk about this here. We should go out. Tappu wipes the tears off her daughter’s face. Now leave it on your mom.

Akash is checking the evidence again. He asks for the golden watch. The inspector denies. You would have found it here if it was in the evidence box. We are not in the habit of hiding proofs. He shows him his list where the watch is not mentioned. Akash grabs him by his collar. You all are together in this. The watch was here till yesterday but now its gone. You changed all the docs. His advocates pulls him free. The inspector warns him to be cool or I will put you behind the bars. His advocate tells him not to do anything which can weaken their case. Akash leaves after warning him he will not leave them.

Chaubey is holding that watch. He pats the constable. If Akash would have gotten hold of it then the case would have turned the other way round. You will be promoted next year for sure. The constable salutes him and leaves from there. Chaubey decides to hide this watch. He digs a whole in the garden. Just when he is done Rathore calls out for him. Chaubey is a little shocked to see him here. Rathore looks at the dirt and asks him what he was doing. Chaubey says I was planting a tree in Ambika’s memory. Rathore points out he is sweating. Chaubey fakes to be emotional. I was missing her as it is her birthday. She loved flowers which is why I was planting flowers in her remembrance. I don’t like it when someone sees me sad. So you are hiding it? Chaubey is taken aback by his question. I was hiding? Rathore reminds him of his sadness. Or something else? Chaubey sticks to pain. Rathore had come that day to talk about something but both he and Sankrant were very emotional. I wanted to ask about her last rites. Chaubey insists on getting her dues by assuring her killer gets death penalty. She was your daughter but I brought her up as my own. Till the time her killer isn’t punished then how will she be at peace! Rathore takes his leave. Chaubey is happy to have fooled him. He leaves but Rathore is shown to be hiding behind a tree. He waits till Chaubey goes inside the house and then goes to the spot where Chaubey planted that flower. Rathore finds that watch that he had hidden there.

Mukta tells Tappu that Ambika is not a simple girl. She was very clever and wanted Akash. Papa is still supporting him? Tappu calls it a misunderstanding but Mukta stays put. Papa has been calling Meethi her daughter since the beginning but now he supported the girl who came in his life 4 days ago. Tappu explains he is neither taking Ambika’s side nor is he against Meethi. He is only telling what he saw. Mukta cannot believe that she too is siding with him. He cheated us. Don’t you feel angry knowing the fact that he hid all this from us that he was married and had a daughter from his first marriage? Tappu knows Rathore never lies. He told me at the time of our wedding about his first marriage. His wife died when she was pregnant. He too dint knew about his daughter. He came to know about it now then how could he tell you earlier? Mukta says papa has told me all this. But don’t you ever feel he has cheated on you? Tappu knows he can never cheat him. He loves me a lot. You were very small. There was distances between us but he stood by me always. I agree with you he has a past just like I had. But your papa held my hand when I was completely alone. I had no one by my side. I was in trouble but he never cared about anyone. He stood by me always come what may. He always tried his best that mine or his past does not ruin our present. When you were about to marry Tej Singh I dint think and chose to marry him. Your dad dint ask me anything. He just stood by me as my strength, like always. You are very small to understand all this. Your father really loves you. You are not able to understand his love that is it. Mukta replies they are talking about the same person at this moment but our views are very different. It would be good if we end this discussion here only as I wont be able to understand your point ever and vice versa. She wants to go talk to Maiyya which surprises Tappu. Right now only she can understand me. I know you are amazed. I too am amazed to think that to save Meethi a wrong person started following the right path while a right person chose the wrong path. Tappu tries to talk to her but she leaves.

Akash is sure someone knows the truth which is why the watch is missing. There is someone who does not want me to find out the truth. Ambika is alive. She only is doing this. But how to find out where she is! He recalls the video clip and the incident at the temple. Meethi also said Ambika pushed her and she fell. By the time she got up Ambika was on fire. This means whatever happened, happened in that time. Someone was replaced with Ambika in that much time. But how to find out how someone else came there in Ambika’s place? Akash gets a call. A lady sings a song – Kaisa Ye Raaz Hai. Akash is shocked to hear Ambika’s voice. She even confirms it. How are you and Meethi? Epi ends on Akash’s shocked face.

Precap: Akash requests Ambika to not trouble his Meethi. You come back once and I assure you no one will say anything to you. I promise. She asks him if he will fulfill his promise this time. He nods. She agrees but she has a condition.

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