Uttaran 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 20th February 2014 Written Update

Meethi and Maiyya come home. Akash is upset with Meethi. I have been telling you every now and then but you aren’t listening to me. meethi asks him what has happened. Akash shows Sankrant’s report to Meethi. All his medicines have been changed. Someone is doing it intentionally so that Sankrant is not able to get out of his addiction. They were vitamin tablets. They all recall the party incident. Who can do this? Me, Sankrant himself or Ambika who is all the more concerned / worried over her husband’s health! Sankrant takes Maiyya’s name. Only she can do this as she doesn’t like it when I am in my senses as I can understand all her schemes in that condition. Right, Maiyya? This is why you had thrown me out of our Aatishgarh house. Meethi cannot understand why Maiyya will do this to her

own sons. Sankrant says she can do anything. She can go to any extent. You yourself have seen and experience it yet you are supporting her? meethi isn’t ready to believe that Maiyya can do it. A chant plays in the background. Ambika is surprised. This means I only can do it? Meethi points out that I dint say anything like that. I dint point my finger at you. Sankrant trusts Ambika. She has always reminded me to take my medicines every day on time. She has supported me all the time so that I am able to get over my addiction. Ambika cannot do it ever. Maiyya calls it a lie. My own sons don’t believe me. What magic has this Ambika done on both of you? Akash asks her to stop it. What magic have you done on my wife that she trusts you instead of trusting me! Stop this game or this family will be finished one day. Sankrant sits down beside Ambika to console her. Don’t shed tears for such people. They both leave from there. Akash is upset with Meethi.

Chaubey is looking for that file. He scolds his servants for being careless. He vows that this will cost you badly Rathore!

Mukku takes Vishnu to the cafeteria where she can sit (being a senior person). This isn’t as crowded as the common room. Vishnu is hesitant to sit here but she makes him do so. She has brought his favourite meal for him. How was your day? He knows what to do but I don’t know who I have to report to. Mukku recalls Yuvi’s words about her being Vishnu’s boss in the office. He continues telling her that this is a new project so I don’t know about my immediate boss. Yuvaan sir is CEO he wont see it. She asks him to leave all this and focus on food. Yuvi comes there and notices them eating together. Somnath was coming there too and Yuvi stops him. he tells him something to which he nods. He goes and tells Mukku that only senior staff people can sit here. There is another room for junior staff. Mukku says we are only eating here. Somnath points out that these are rules. Mukku questions him as to why she can not invite her guest here to eat with her (in case such circumstances arise)? Somnath says you can do that but Mr. Kashyap is not a guest here. He is an employee of the company. Vishnu agrees to go. Mukku tells him to finish his lunch first. Yuvi makes his entry. Somnath explains him the rules which he was telling to Mukku. Yuvi knows it. But it might be that Mukku has called her junior to explain his job to him. Anyways, they have a team now. She only has to supervise his work. Vishnu is taken aback and Mukku goes all quiet. Yuvi notices how pale Mukku is looking. Did you not tell Vishnu? Vishnu lies that she did it already. In fact this suits me. She is my boss at home too and here as well. Yuvi appreciates it. He wishes him luck and leaves from there. They sit down to eat again.

Mukku offers to resign. He smiles. Just because I am your senior and I have to report to you? She wont be able to do it. Sir informed me in the morning only but I wasn’t feeling strong enough to tell this to you. Vishnu says I have to report someone when I am working somewhere. Its good that you are my boss. I will get to meet you so many times because of this. She tries to make him see her reason. she wants to go and tell sir that she cannot do this job or she wants to be put in a different department. He stops her. people will think that I want to keep my wife under my control. He reverses the situation so as to ask her opinion. She would have been happy to report to him. He tells her to think with a broad mindset. I would want us to work together and grow in life. Who knows I can be your boss tomorrow! let me prove myself. He has to resume his work. No more sadness on the face. She nods.

Mukku gets a call from Rathore. He asks for her well being. He is happy that Vishnu has joined her office too. Now you will get more time to spend with each other. She replies in agreement…though she sounds low which doesn’t go unnoticed by him. She diverts it to work pressure. He proposes her to spend this weekend with him. She is all the more happy to do so. He gets down to plan it for her. Take care of yourself.

Rathore has come to Bundela House. Meethi greets him. He asks her to choose one hand and she does so. She reads out the chit for him. I am tired and I want a break. I want to go on a picnic. He agrees to follow her words. All the daughters of the house and their husbands will come along. Meethi is excited as she thinks of Mukku. He adds Ambika’s name because of which her smile disappears. He thought to take everyone along as the whole family is going. You only said that you two stay here like sisters. Ambika thanks him. rathore wants to thank her for he wanted the whole family to be together. Akash comes back from office. I know you love your daughters a lot but what mistake have we SIL’s committed. Rathore invites him too. Sankrant and Vishnu will come too. After all our daughters have taken care of you all so well so you are also supposed to do that for them. After all someone is needed to cook for the ladies. Meethi and Rathore high five (cute). Akash readily agrees. Meethi and Ambika look at each other.

Vishnu has completed all his work. He comes to Mukku’s cabin who only has to send this last mail after which she will be free too. We will go together right? She reminds him that this is what they had decided upon. He suggests going for a movie too. She loves the idea. They are about to go when Yuvi comes. Are you not staying back for the meeting? Yuvi reminds her that they have a meeting for the senior staff employees regarding their new construction business. Did you not get a mail? She declines. he apologizes saying maybe I forgot. This is a very important meeting and I need you there. I guess you will be free in 30 minutes. he turns to Vishnu. I hope you will wait. Junior level workers can go home as per the work timings but the seniors have to stay back for longer hours.

Precap: Meethi and Akash confront the electrician as to who told him to loosen the screws of the fan in their room. He points out to where both Ambika and Maiyya are standing.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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