Uttaran 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 1st October 2013 Written Update

Sad version of Yeh Honsla begins as Akash reminisces the last rakshabandhan that he spent with Surabhi and then her last wish followed by her death. He is crying outside all alone sad at the turn of events. Kanha is crying to himself too. Vishnu goes and sits with him. This is your son’s birth certificate. Kanha takes it. Vishnu next holds out another certificate for him….Surabhi’s death certificate. Kanha takes it too. Life and future in one hand whereas death and past in the other…he breaks down again. Vishnu tells him to control himself.

Rathore is getting impatient by the minute as its still taking time for him to out to the cremation ground. His lawyer assures him he can be out in 10 minutes. Some thugs inside his cell mock his situation and how it is a lucky way to escape from

here citing a death. The other makes fun of him that he is getting angry now. Rathore is almost glaring at them. Constable tells them to behave. Rathore asks the constable about the charges put on these people. He gets to know they are here for rape. Rathore starts beating both of them one by one even as the lawyer tries to tell him to stop. Constable starts unlocking his cell. Finally all the constables come inside and try to separate Rathore from the other criminals but Rathore’s grip is tight. Inspector warns him to stop or he will have to cancel his permission to go attend the funeral. Rathore lets go. Inspector tells him to keep a tab on his anger.

Surabhi is on her pyre. Kanha offers some flowers and then looks at her sadly. The same song is playing again. Jogi, Akash, Maiyya and Agarth follow suit. Kanha does the first ritual. Meanwhile the police bus comes and Rathore steps out with some constables. He goes and puts a comforting hand on Kanha and then on Akash. Maiyya is watching his every move. The pyre is lit and everyone watches sadly. Rathore is walked back to the bus when Maiyya comes there. How are you feeling in this cage? Now you must get used to seeing your loved one’s life from behind those bars. Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore you only brought Surabhi here. You only are responsible for her death too. Rathore steps down again. I know you are trying to accuse me of another crime in front of these policemen. But this wont happen. I am not responsible for either Surabhi or Nirhbay’s death and we both know that. She talks about his attitude. He replies nothing can change it. I don’t misbehave with women. If you would have been a man then I would have told you the way I reply. I dint come here to get into this argument with you. I came here to bid my last farewell to Surabhi which is done now. They both stare at each other for another second and he sits back in the bus again. Maiyya angrily closes the door behind him and the policemen take their cue. She watches his bus make a move. She is sure this death too will go against him in the court. She turns and gets happy on seeing Akash. He asks her what she is doing. Why is she playing with everyone’s life? She calls it justice…Nirabhay’s and Surabhi’s. He declines. This isn’t the truth. Rathore sir went there to save Surabhi’s life but you and Nirbhay dint want that the baby is born. She says that was Nirbhay’s decision for Surabhi’s betterment. He repeats her words….your blood is in me. You cannot lie to me. I only had sent him as I got to know about Nirbhay bhaiya taking Surabhi to the hospital for abortion. What are you doing? Surabhi’s son is alive because of him only. Because of you my Meethi got married again with someone else. She retorts I dint do anything. That Thakur’s maid made her swear. You doubt your mother? He tells her to stop it. Why are you lying? Which mother plays such games with her own children? When will you be at peace? She calls them (Thakur’s family and everyone) her enemy. They have turned my son against me. He declines. They are neither enemy nor has anyone snatched me from you. This fire of revenge which is inside you, your own game which you are playing that has snatched your son from you. He folds his hands. She tells him to come along with her to Aatishgarh. I will make you understand everything. He doesn’t want to understand a thing. He takes his hands off hers. I will decide the course of my life now. She is visibly upset with his decision. He bends down to touch her feet but she slightly pushes him away. He walks away after looking at her one more time.


Meethi and Tappu are in the hospital. Meethi looks at the door which has incubator room written and Tappu gives her a slight nod. She asks the doc if they can meet the baby. He denies. You know the baby is premature. He can get infected very easily. I would request you neither to see nor meet the baby. That only is good for him. Meethi nods in understanding. Meethi and Tappu sit down again. Tappu remarks life is very weird. I could never give motherly love to my daughter but Iccha did that. You too never got your mother’s love. Ammo did that to you and today this baby….lost his mother. Before my Mukku could say ma…I (lost her). I am the worst mother. Meethi stops her. You are a very good mother. Tappu and Meethi take over to take care of this baby. We wont let him miss his mom ever. Tappu asks for Vishnu. Are things fine between you two?

Vishnu opens the door only to find Mukta standing there. He is surprised to see her there and a little nervous too. Mukku says I came here in your wife’s absence. If you felt bad then please forgive me. He fumbles with a negative its ok thing. She tells him not to be scared. I have come here for an answer….a question which is in my mind since last few days and I wont be at peace till I get the answer. Did you love me for real?


Vishnu is at a loss of words. What kind of a question is this? She repeats her question. You loved me yet you got married to Meethi. She wants to come out of this relation but you don’t want to. What does that mean? Your love was a lie? He counters…it isn’t so. We cannot change what has happened already. I love you that is for real but there is another reality which is that Meethi is my wife. I cannot undo it as it is against my values. She comments she hasn’t come here to get lectured over values and stuff. You tell me once that you don’t love me. I will never look back at you ever. This cannot happen that you can live with your values and I will live my life crying away. This cannot happen. I have the pain of separation but do you feel the same way. He replies I dint intend to hurt anyone. Please try to understand. She doesn’t have patience for that. I have come here to talk straight. I cannot bear this pain anymore. I want to be with you. I cannot live with this pain that you will come back someday that’s why I am giving you 15 days time. Only 15 days! In these 15 days you will have to divorce Meethi and come to me. And if you don’t, then whatever I will do afterwards, you will be responsible for it. He shakes his head disbelievingly. What are you saying? Why are you ruining your life? She replies that has been done long ago now there is nothing left. You have only 15 days. If you don’t come back then you cannot even think what all I can do. He looks at her in shock. Now you have to decide if you have to break this relation or not for which you have only 15 days time. He tries to talk sense. I have loved you and that feeling is still very much alive inside me. She cannot understand why is he still stuck in this relation? He tells her it isn’t easy to break a marriage. I have my own values and upbringing. Can you forsake your family for your love? No right. She cuts him off shocking him all the more. Try and say it once then see what limits I can go to. Life is just not meant for sacrifice, ideals and values but also for getting happiness and love. I have seen in my own family what all people have lost trying to sacrifice their happiness for others’ sake. No one was happy. I too tried it at once but I am telling you today. You don’t get happiness by forsaking love. Never! He tells her not to do anything which can harm her only. Life is not be wasted as well if not for all that you said. Please don’t tie me in such situation. No one will get anything out of this except pain. She says pain is there now too. You have only 15 days to leave Meethi and come to me. If that doesn’t happen then you will lose me forever and you only would be responsible for that. She turns to go but he holds her hand. You cannot do this. He stops as he spots Meethi standing in the doorway. Mukku too turns and follows his gaze.

Precap: Vishnu wonders why Mukku is doing this. Meethi replies…it is right in her eyes. At some point of time we will have to come to a decision. Maybe now is the time. Maybe everyone’s happiness lies in what Mukku wants. You do what she wants.

Update Credit to: pooja

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