Uttaran 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 1st May 2013 Written Update

Thakur House:

Jogi shares with everyone how they went directly to the police as soon as they got the doubt. They dint got to know about anything yet. Tappu rues she should have listened to Mukku and goes berserk. Rathore tells Mukku to go to Tappu. She immediately goes to support her mom. Tappu continues don’t know where Meethi will be, how she will be. How that Vishnu would have treated her? Mukku tells her to calm down. She assures her that they will find her soon.
Tappu hugs Mukku while Divya comforts Damini. Rathore goes to Damini, I know this is a tough time for our whole family. This is an exam for us – about our trust. Tappu has just come back from the hospital. Iccha ji is no more with us and we have no clue about Meethi. But this isn’t the time to give up. I take the responsibility.

I will find Meethi safe and sound back to us. I promise you. He looks at Tappu and promises her as well.

Uttaran tune starts playing as Damini lights the diya at Tulsi plant next to Iccha’s kalash. She thinks her whole life I have exerted myself to raise my daughter. Now when the old age has come, she doesn’t know where her granddaughter is. What should I do lord? Whatever pain you wish to give you can give it all to me. But keep all the troubles away from my Meethi’s life.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Agarth asks his sister why she gave the task of killing Meethi to Akash. She could have told Nirbhay. He would have killed her by now and would have taken care of her dead body too. Maiyya replies it would have been a big mistake if she would have done that. Nirbhay asks for the reason.
She replies I had seen Meethi’s seed of love germinating in the heart of Akash. I saw that he wanted me to send her back to her home. If you would have killed Meethi then he would forever hold the grudge in his heart. He would think that they have snatched Meethi from him. If he kills her then the revenge will be done with. There wont be any question left in his mind then. After he kills her with his own hands, her son would remain her son only. He will never turn against them.
Nirbhay raises his doubt what if he doesn’t kill her then? I have seen him falling for that girl. What if his hands shiver while trying to kill Meethi?
Maiyya gets up in anger. I have kept him in my womb for 9 months. I have raised him with my blood and sweat, he wont cheat his mother. He has taken the vow of my blood – my blood’s.

Meethi looks at the wedding pic lovingly and keeps it in the bag with her rest of the stuff. Kajri knocks at her door. Meethi sweetly welcomes her in.
Kajri sees Meethi all ready with her luggage packed in her room. Meethi happily tells her that they are going home today. She will meet her mother, Anni, papa everyone. Kajri smiles. You know I can imagine how everyone would be surprised to see me. I am very excited to go back. I will have the yummy dal rice made by ma…yummy! its my favourite.
Kajri smiles. You look so happy just about going back home. But how come this plan……all of a sudden? Meethi replies Maiyya only said all of a sudden to Vishnu. So we are going today only.
Kajri thinks how come she allowed all of a sudden? There must be some reason. Hope Meethi isn’t in any kind of danger.
Meethi asks her what she is thinking. Kajri replies nothing. She should go and pack food for her. Meethi thanks her for all the love she has showered on her. I am happy to go but I will definitely miss you. Kajri tells her the same. She tells her to pack the pickle for her as she loves it. Both are emotional. Kajri leaves for the kitchen.

Pavitra tells Gomti how Maiyya sworn Akash to kill Meethi by cutting her hand. She has sworn him of her blood. Kajri who was heading to the kitchen overhears their convo. Gomti says she is stupid and happy that she is going to meet her mother. She is definitely going to meet her but doesn’t know where she will end up going. Ho gaya ram naam satya. Pavita laughs hearing this while Kajri is completely shocked.
Gomti spots Kajri standing at the door. She asks if she has started listening things from hiding. Kajri denies she hasn’t heard anything at all. She has just come to prepare food for Meethi and Akash. Pavitra laughs why not. She should prepare 56-bhog so that the one who is leaving doesn’t have any wishes left. They fall for her words and leave after telling her to mind her own business.
Kajri is shocked and is thinking is something wrong going to happen to Meethi? What should I do? Should I tell devar ji (Akash) about it? Should I tell them that they are trying to harm Meethi in some way?

Thakur House:

Damini is asking Jogi about Meethi’s whereabouts. She is worried for where Vishnu would have taken her. Hope she would be fine. Veer rings the bell. Mukku goes to open it. He asks about Tappu but then overhears Jogi’s convo with Damini.
He loses his cool and blames them. They should have told him. What were they waiting for? Rathore tries to reason out that the place they had gone to had no network coverage. Somehow they found a PCO and called up home only to find that Tappu has returned home. He also tells her to take care of the way he is speaking to an elder. Veer doesn’t calm down. He angrily tells them they were right to worry about Tappu. But they dint think about Meethi for one second how Meethi will be. You don’t have to worry about it. I will find my daughter. Jogi tries to calm him down. She is our daughter too. Tappu comes out and asks about the noises. Divya, Mukku tell her to go inside. Rathore too sweetly tells her that they are just talking. You don’t have to worry about it.
Veer taunts yes why you should be worried. I have lost my wife. My daughter is missing. Why should you worry? I will find my daughter. Veer leaves from there in a huff. Jogi follows him and Rathore follows both of them while Damini stands helpless.


Jogi stops Veer right near the Tulsi plant. Rathore tells him you are making a mistake not because you are doubting me. But because you are speaking to Thakur sahab in a wrong manner. You are doubting the love and honesty of Thakur sahab.
Jogi asks him to calm down and think with a clear head. He too has lost a daughter. I dint even cry properly at her death and started looking for Meethi. I don’t know how to explain you. Meethi is my granddaughter too. I too am worried about her. Trust me. Now you, I and Rathore will find her together. But we have to be strong for that.
Veer apologizes to both of them for his outburst. I don’t know what happened to me. I lost my mind. Rathore assures him they understand what he is going through. Veer says I haven’t been able to think properly since Iccha passed away. I feel a gawky loneliness. I am fighting with myself. Now my soul aim to live is Meethi and her happiness. She shouldn’t be in any trouble. Jogi hugs a crying Veer and tries to console / calm him.


Aatishgarh Haveli:

Akash is mending his jeep outside the haveli. Kajri comes to him with the pretext of giving the tiffin box for them. He tells her to keep it in the dashboard. She does so and offers to help him wash his hands.
She asks him how come they are leaving all of a sudden. Akash is taken aback. He looks away and says Maiyya has decided so they are going. Kajri looks at his face. But you don’t seem happy?
He manages to smile. I am happy. its just that they have to leave asap that’s why. He excuses himself and goes inside the haveli.
Kajri watches him going and thinks you are hiding something for sure. What is about to happen? Where is he taking Meethi? She prays to God to save Meethi. Episode ends on her worried face.

Precap: Meethi asks Maiyya about the wound in her hand. She replies this is normal for her. She got hurt while cutting the supari. Akash hugs Maiyya. She says to him, you must not forget your destination. Make sure Meethi reaches safely.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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