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Meethi gets a call from the doctor who tells her to wake him up otherwise he’s still in danger. Meethi tries her best to wake Akash up and succeeds. Akash opens his eyes and says that I love you while Meethi says that keep your eyes open and keep talking. Meethi says that I love you a lot so don’t leave me ever while Akash says that I promise I won’t ever leave you. Nandini comes and Meethi pulls her hand aside and stands up. Nandini talks about when Akash got sick before and she says that I prayed a lot from yesterday for you. Akash says that till Meethi is with me nothing can happen to me while Nandini also supports her.
Meethi says that the doctor wanted to talk to you and gives him the phone. Akash talks to the doctor while Meethi leaves the room. Nandini says that tell me if you need

anything and let Meethi rest and leaves. Meethi thanks the lord for making Akash better when Maiya comes as well. She asks Meethi of what is wrong and says that I didn’t allow it at first but it was you who stood for her. She says that I know what it is like when another woman comes in the life of your husband.
Akash is getting dressed when Nandini comes and brings him the medicine. He thanks her for reminding him and says that put the glass on the table. Maiya says that Aksah did all of this for you as he can’t bare the distance between you and him. Meethi says that she did all of this for Rani as she needs the love of both parents. Akash says to Nandini that Meethi is taking care of me so you don’t need to do anything. Nandini puts the glass and leaves the room. Akash is thinking about Meethi making a mistake about keeping Nandini while Maiya prays for the better of Aksah.
Malvika stops Nandini and asks how things went, she says that you are doing as much as Meethi and love Akash as well. She says that you are the mother of Rani and deserve the right as well. She says that Rani hasn’t seen the love of a father. Nandini says that it doesn’t matter to Akash while Malvika says that sometime Akash will have to accept it. Nandin agrees and says that we are also Aksah’s responsibility and decides to give the medicine to Aksah by herself. Malvika says that you will help me in breaking Akash and Meethi up.
Nandini comes up and says to Akash that you must take the medicine now while Akash says that she should sent Meethi and will take it from her. Nandini says that would it not work if I give it while Akash asks to where Meethi is. Nandini says that Meethi sent me as she was resting and told me to give it to you. Akash then takes the medicine, on her way down Nandini meets Meethi and says that she has given the medicine to Aksah.
Rani is in the kitchen and when Gumpti comes she drops the milk. Gumpti is about to hit Rani when Maiya comes and stops her, Rani says that she was taking it for her father. Gumpti is amazed to hear the word grandmother while Maiya sends Rani away and says that I will take the milk for Aksah. Akash calls Mr.Khana and talks about his deal and doing the deal in his house due to his health. Maiya comes and he explains about the meeting while Maiya says that she will take care of it. Maiya says that Meethi is still very angry and the shadow of your past must not come to light.
Meethi is getting the dishes ready for the guest when Maiya comes and is happy to see the preparation. Maiya tells Meethi to go and get ready while Maiya tells Ramdeen to call Gumpti. Meethi is on her way when Akash comes and tells her about the guest and Meethi says that she has made food for the guest. They want to say a lot but Aksah just asks Meethi if you are coming and she says that I will here in 10 minutes.

Precap: Nandini sees Mr.Khana and he says that I think I have seen you before, he asks her if she is Chameli and still thinks that she is a pr*stitute while Nandini says that she doesn’t do that anymore and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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