Uttaran 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th March 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Mukta seeing Ambika on tv and is shocked. It sure was Ambika!

Nani is talking to Divya. Nothing will happen by thinking. Whatever is written is bound to happen. Mother (Ichha) was a killer and now her daughter is a killer too. Before Divya can say anything they hear Mukku calling out for her bade papa. Mukta tells them she saw Ambika on tv. They look at her disbelievingly. How can you say it when you know Ambika is dead? Mukku tells him how she was watching a news where a mall’s inauguration was happening. I saw her there. Jogi asks her how it can be possible while Nani makes faces. Divya too doesn’t trust her words. Mukta is sure she saw Ambika. I have to tell this to Akash right away. This will be his proof to save Meethi. Jogi wants to come along but she asks him and everyone

else to stay back and take care of Damini. She leaves for Bundela House. Divya is thinking about her words. How to find out if Mukta is saying truth or not! Jogi suggests to check on the website of news channel. He goes to check. Nani is upset thinking Mukta is trying to bring alive the dead ones. Ram hi rakhey, God knows what’s left to see now.

Mukta comes to Bundela House calling for Akash. She tells him and Maiyya what she saw on tv. Maiyya and Akash are shocked to hear it. She explains it to him too. Akash points out that Ambika’s dead body was found and identified too. She sticks by her words. I know what I am saying. It was Ambika only. Trust me. I dint see her face but I cannot be wrong in identifying her. It was Ambika only. Akash is confused. I don’t know what’s happening. When I had gone to see the evidences collected from the crime site I saw everything – clothes, a golden watch plus Meethi’s mobile as well but couldn’t find Ambika’s phone. Maiyya asks him about the golden watch. She tells him Ambika never wore a watch. When I had given her a watch at the time of wedding she gave it back saying she is ahead time. Mukku gets a message from Kanha. That particular news item hasn’t been uploaded. Maiyya gets them Ambika’s photo to show that Ambika has not worn a watch in any of the pictures. Akash and Mukta observe the same. She wore bangles in both her hands but no watch. Akash is thinking now. Mukta is sure there is something wrong here. Firstly Ambika called Meethi in that isolated fort where kerosene was already kept. How can this be? He thinks about the watch point. Ambika never used to wear a watch but a watch is found in the hands of the dead body. Meethi’s phone has been found but Ambika’s phone is missing. Mukku adds she saw Ambika on that news channel by mistake. What does this mean? Is it that the dead body is not of Ambika? Akash and Maiyya are shocked.

Meethi is sitting in her cell all lost in thoughts when lights go off. All the prisoners start shouting. Two lady constables light a candle in front of Meethi who cannot help but recall how Ambika set herself on fire in front of her. She shouts at them to put off the fire or she will be burnt. They get inside her cell to bring her back to reality but she keeps on shouting to douse the fire. The lady inspector comes to tell her to stop it. You are shouting here when one match is lit. Were you not scared when you set your sister in law on fire? They lock her back in the cell while Meethi keeps mumbling to herself. Light comes. Inspector says you are lucky or you would have been like that for the whole night. Meethi feels a little better.

Akash and Mukta check the channel for that particular video. The video which they are watching is hazy so they are not able to recognize her. They both doubt it might be someone else. Ambika always used to wear saree or suits. This lady looks like she belongs to some city. Maiyya asks her to enlarge the picture but this isn’t possible. Mukku is sad thinking how to make him trust her. He does trust her. But police will need proof to prove it which we don’t have. Maiyya too supports Mukta. Can all three of us not solve this riddle? Akash nods. We will once we find a proof. A chant plays.

Sankrant breaks some stuff angrily. Chaubey tries to calm him. Sankrant is in rage but Chaubey has only him. Ambika will be so hurt to see you in such condition. Sankrant cries thinking a bhabhi is like a mother but my bhabhi killed my wife and my baby. Chaubey assures him she will be meted with death penalty. They hear a knock and Rathore enters. He asks Sankrant to control himself. Sankrant doesn’t want to know why he dint tell it to them earlier that he is Ambika’s father. She died so there is no point now. Who do I live for? Rathore offers to drop him home as he is drunk. Sankrant gets sad thinking no one is with him. We are alone. Rathore tells him that the forensics have done their work. I don’t believe in all this but you would want to bid her farewell. Chaubey asks him how will he light her pyre when she has already been burnt alive. Her soul will rest in peace when Meethi will be given death penalty.

Yuvaan reads the news about Meethi in all newspapers. He takes out a file which contains news clippings of his arrest. He smiles. This is called justice. The daughter of that mom who sent me to jail is herself in police custody now. Plus that Mukku who sent me to jail must be sad seeing her sister in such condition. He wishes Meethi stays there only. He is sure their mom would be shedding tears of blood seeing this drama. He is happy thinking she would be sentenced with death penalty while he will celebrate it.

Mukta calls Maiyya. She is going to collect the video clip from news channel. I will come to meet Akash as soon as I get it. Maiyya wishes her luck. We have to get Meethi out. Mukta is trying her best for it. She ends the call.

Akash walks inside a temple while a chant plays in the background. He prays for Meethi. She is innocent. You know it as you would have seen everything but I don’t have any proof to prove her innocence. A man is shown climbing the stairs of the temple while Akash prays. Akash prays for a way to find some evidence. I have promised her I will get her out of jail. Only you can help me. Show me some way. A woman pats on that man’s shoulder and takes that briefcase from him.

Akash walks out of the temple. People around are playing holi. That woman is shown to be descending the stairs of the temple. Akash notices a little girl dressed as Goddess and bends down to seek her blessings. She blesses him that all his wishes will be fulfilled. Akash looks in the mirrors kept in the shop and notices that woman’s face. He is shocked to see Ambika. Rain starts pouring so all the people run here and there while Ambika stands there trying to rub the color off her face. Akash keeps staring at the mirror in shock. He turns to look at her and she too notices his gaze. She has her arm across her face. Epi ends with AKash pointing a finger towards her.

Precap: Vishnu is in Yuvi’s cabin. He attends a call and thereafter notices Mukta’s picture which is kept on Yuvi’s desk. What is this photo doing here? Plus it looks like this picture is quite old.

Update Credit to: pooja

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