Uttaran 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ansari doubts Meethi, but Ashfaque and Asgar save her saying she had a bet with Ashfaque and she chose India. Ansari asks why any Pakistani would choose India. Meeti answers that she likes Dhoni. He asks what’s in Dhoni that she can’t find in Pakistani player? Afridi is world famous. Meethi says everyone has different favorites. Ansari is leaving. Asgar asks him to wait till man of the match is announced. Ansari says he doesn’t celebrate Pakistan’s loss whether it’s in cricket or real war. Meethi apologizes to family for troubling them. Saba asks her to stay quiet and control her tongue, but Asgar tells Meethi that she doesn’t need to worry as long as he’s there.

Mukta is taking care of Vishnu. Nani doesn’t like seeing it. She asks her if she doesn’t

get tired. She says no because while doing the work, she talks with Vishnu. Nani tells her she should take time out for herself too. Mukta says she will from coming Monday. Every 7pm she will watch new show on Colors with Vishnu.

Ansari calls someone and says he has got a small proof against Fida/Meethi, but he wants a solid proof. He assigns a constable in civil dress outside Asgar’s house. Asgar hears it and thinks it’s only Ansari who can come in his way. He calls Shoaib and asks him to speed up with the visa.

Nani tears Mukta-Vishnu and Meethi-Akash’s photos and then place Mukta and Akash together. Rathore and Tappu come there and she hides the pictures. Rathore still gets it right what was going in Nani’s mind. To bring Mukta and Akash together as Meethi has gone away and Vishnu is in coma. Tappu tells her to not even think anything like that.

Ashfaque comes to Meethi and says no matter how naughty he’s, he deserves a thank with smile at least. Meethi just says thank you. He asks her if she talks like that to her friends back in India. She asks who’s her friend here? He says him and asks her to say that he’s the best in the world and then he’ll go without bothering her. Saba comes there with Nilofer and drags Ashfaque to her room. She asks him why he helps her everytime, it would be better if Ansari had found out everything, that way at least they wouldn’t have to trouble everyday. He tells her that she’s not a trouble, if she wasn’t here, then Nusrat would be with Babar today. Saba says he better not look at Meethi with a bad eye reminding him she’s already married and will leave from their house. Ashfaque wonders if he really lost her heart on Meethi.

Mukta is at Akash’s house. Tappu and Rathore come there. Tappu scolds Mukta for not doing rest and gets mad at Akash as well. But before she says much, Damini and Rathore handle the situation. They all encourage Akash to take the path that Meethi took and he must find something. By sitting at home, nothing will happen. Akash agrees and reminds Damini about going to police station. Tappu tells him not to worry about Damini, they will take care.

Meethi is looking out from window and other side Akash starts his search.

Precap: Damini helps police to draw Fida’s sketch.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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