Uttaran 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th July 2013 Written Update

Meethi comes out to talk to Akash. She cant find him anywhere so enquires the corn vendor about him. akash has come back by then but signals him not to tell anything. The corn seller feigns ignorance. He will be coming soon. He offers her corn but she declines. He praises Akash. Looks like he loves you a lot. She turns to leave calling Akash a fraud when she stops short of bumping into him. He smiles. You were looking for me? I was here only. Shall we? She tells him to stop talking nonsense. Why did you come in my room yesterday like a thief? He very sweetly says I just wanted to see my wife’s face once so came. I was about to leave when Anni came there. She thanks God for saving her or he would have killed her as his Maiyya’s revenge hasn’t been fulfilled yet. He tells her if he wished to do it

then he would have kidnapped her long back but he dint. She lists out all the crimes – kidnapping, theft, murder, etc. – only these have been taught to you in Aatishgarh. He says I have one more quality – of mending broken relations (while showing the mangalsutra to her). I thought to give it back to you but then thought that the happiness would double when you yourself will come to me asking for it. She asks him not to dream. It wont happen ever. Neither will I accept you nor will you come along with me inside this home. He gets interested in the challenge. She firmly tells him to be it. You will not be able to come inside by hiding or by force. She is about to leave when he blocks her way – I can! And it will happen today only before sunset and it will be you who will take me inside along with you. She warns him about police if he tries to force her into something. He stays put with his words. She suggests him to continue day dreaming for she doesn’t care. It is your life. He tells her to smile as much as she wants but one thing is for sure. I, Akash Chatterjee will be inside that house before sunset and if not, then I will leave for Aatishgarh. He holds out his hand for her asking if she agrees for the challenge. Piya o re piya plays as she accepts it. They have a small staring session after which she tries taking her hand back but de denies. I dint hold it to let you go again. It is my love and my challenge stays put. It will be you only who will welcome me inside. She cuts the time short. If you are so sure then lets see it in 2 hours. If you enter my home in next 2 hours from now then I will change my name. But if not, then you will go from here never to return. He turns serious. I changed my name once and lost myself in the process when I met you. I love your name. I wont let you change your name ever Meethi. you willhave to lose but I will surely call you with one name – Princess! She tells him not to waste time. 2 hours (showing his watch to him). its a challenge Akash Chatterjee. She goes inside while he waves at her happily.

Ekadish is sitting lost beside the riverside where the priest is telling her what all to do as her husband is dead now. agarth who is also there comes forward and breaks her bangles. She wakes up screaming and crying badly. Agarth rushes to her. Did you see a bad dream? He gives water to her. she again recalls the whole scene and thinks I have lived my whole life with the seething desire of revenge in my heart. And my brother here has played with my own son’s emotions and has sent him to get Meethi back so as to send Surabhi to her in-laws’ home. Agarth again asks her if she saw any bad dream. She agrees. I saw Surabhi wiping the vermilion off her forehead and breaking her bangles. She adorned a widow’s saree and went back to her in-laws place. They were torturing her so much and had put the dagger across Surabhi’s chest. She was breathing her last. He tells her to stop. She fakes concern. What if this turns out to be true? If you want I will call Akash back. I will forget my revenge. For Surabhi, I can give up on the dream of Meethi coming here. Agarth says AKash will get her here for sure. I and my kids have done so much for your revenge but not anymore. She agrees. As you wish. He leaves from there while she smiles wickedly.

Meethi is tensed. She goes to stand by the window. Akash gets something from the corn seller (I guess its burning coal). He puts it on his hand and Meethi looks at it confused. What does he want to prove? The seller tells him not to do so as he might get hurt. I have seen many lovers but you are different. Akash comments that the fire is burning on both the sides. Meethi is pissed off by his new drama. Yet what do I care I must not react to it for Anni is not well. I just have to bear him for 1 more hour. She tries to pass time by looking at the magazines but finds the time running very slow. Outside some kids are shouting – Meethi didi, please agree. She looks out of the window only to find Akash holding out a board for her which says, I cannot love without you Meethi. I love you. He is standing with a few school kids on the stage and the kids are shouting out loud. Meethi hides behind the curtains while the kids shout louder on Akash’s insistence.


Akash smiles as Meethi sits on the bed. Mukku hears the commotion and goes to check. She agrees with her dad. Akash has changed for sure. He loves Meethi. Maybe she too has a place for him in her heart…maybe a little.
She goes to her room where Meethi is sitting holding her ears. Mukku lies down on the bed. Why are you sitting holding your ears like that? Did you see what Akash has done? Meethi straight away says feels that Akash should be given one chance.


Meethi is astounded. One chance…why….what for? It is he who wants to stay here for 23 days you know that. It isn’t a joke. Mukku is unable to understand what the problem is as in these days it will come out in front of all of us whether he loves you or not. meethi is adamant. I don’t love him. mukku tells her how his staying over would prove out things. If you trust yourself enough that you don’t love him then let him stay here. The truth will come out in front of us. If he unable to prove it then he will head back to Aatishgarh after 23 days. Meethi gets upset. Its not about 23 hours but 23 days. He would be in front of my eyes day and night and would remind me of all those memories which I don’t want to remember. No one can understand what I have gone through neither you nor anyone else. I have barefoot on glass for him plus have danced on my mother’s death too…all because of him. The difference is that my love was true whereas he was just faking it.
Mukku raises a doubt if she is scared he will win. Meethi gets frustrated. Whose friend are you mine or his? I cannot understand if you are the same Mukku who had come to stop my wedding that day or today…! mukku says, I was just only thinking of a way to send Akash back to Aatishgarh as he has been standing outside our house since so long. I don’t think he would listen to her. He might listen to you though. Talk once or else forget 23 days he wont even move an inch in next 23 years. Meethi wipes her tears determined. He will agree I know how to make him agree. She shows Mukku her own watch (:O). We have to bear him only for next 40 minutes after that Akash Chatterjee will head back to Aatishgarh and that’s a challenge. Mukku gives confused look.

Precap: The neighbours come to complaint about Akash at Thakur House. Meethi apologizes to them. She goes out and Akash descends from the stage. He stands in front of her smiling while she looks highly upset by the turn of events.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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