Uttaran 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th February 2014 Written Update

Akash asks Maiyya of she will kill all one by one. Did you forget that this is your family? a chant plays. He is sure she cannot change ever. She swears upon him that she dint do anything. He simply walks off from there. She calls Ambika very clever. Trust her but you (Sankrant) will regret it later. He lifts Ambika in his arms and leaves from there. Maiyya stops Meethi. Only you will trust me. I dint do anything for real. She herself picked up the bottle and dropped it. Meethi too goes without listening to her while Maiyya follows her in an attempt to talk to her as Gomti and Pavitra look on. Pavitra comments what was the need to do this. Anyone could have understood this who has done it. Have you lost it? Maiyya calls her a fool. I dint do anything this time. Its all Ambika’s plan.


tells Mukku that the questions were very easy. It felt like I was being interviewed for some small post. Anyways, this time the most important thing is to find a job. She tells him to think that he has got this one for sure. He asks her how come she knows it. Has Yuvaan sir said anything? She denies. I trust your capability that’s why I said so. She is about to go when he holds her hand. Honestly speaking I was quite nervous before going for the interview. If a husband and wife work in the same office then misunderstandings / fights happen. This is what I have heard. I don’t want something like this to happen between us. Don’t take me wrong. I trust you more than me. I know you wont let anything like this happen between us. But I get this job then it would be good if we don’t hide anything from us. Whatever be the reason, we must not lie to each other. She promises him. He keeps the utensils and goes inside. She wonders if she should tell him the truth that Yuvaan sir has already selected him. She then decides against it. If I tell it to him then he wont accept this job ever.

Meethi gives medicines to Ambika who doesn’t like it that she is making Meethi do everything. Meethi only wishes her to be well. Meethi cannot believe that Maiyya can do something like this again. Ambika says she was trying to instigate you against me. You too were starting to believe her. Now you know how far she can go. The doorbell rings. Rathore has come. Meethi greets him while Ambika looks on quizzically at him. Akash and Sakrant too come to meet him. He looks sweetly at Ambika who is nursing her feet. He gets worried. How did this happen? She lies to him. I slipped. Meethi asks him for his reason of coming at this hour and all of a sudden. You look worried too. He looks at Maiyya who comes there just then. He says I brought gift for you all when I had come last time. This time I have brought a gift for Ekadish ji. He shows her the cd and then plays it. Everyone looks at Maiyya in shock.

Rathore goes near Maiyya. Is this your voice? Sankrant asks her to answer the question. Pavitra is missing her brother as he would have seen her kundli and given a prediction just now. Gomti asks her to keep quiet. Ambika wants to know how Rathore got this cd. This cd was with (bauji). She stops in the middle and turns it around. Police could have used it for statement. How did you get it? Rathore remarks I don’t know how far police can go but if anyone goes against me that too for no reason then they cannot outreach me. ambika thinks that as far as I know this cd was with bauji (Chaubey) as he used to make MIL dance on his tunes because of this only. Is it so that dad has given it to him (Rathore)? Whatever be it, it has my profit in it. Now no one will listen to Maiyya.

Akash apologizes to Rathore for his Maiyya’s mistake. Rathore hasn’t come here to make someone feel low. This doesn’t make me feel proud. I feel proud as I do what is right, I say what is truth and that is what I have come here for…to tell you, Meethi, Ambika and Sankrant. You all are a part of my family. I had come to tell the truth to my family. I dint come to make you (Ekadish) look bad in front of your own family. I have come here to make you understand that I know you love playing games. And I too like to finish all those people who plot against me. By now you would have understood that I start thinking from where you stop it. He turns to go but then stops. He tells Ambika not to overlook her injury. Show it to the doc asap. She has already done that. Thank you. Meethi goes to drop him off till outside. Ambika smirks pitifully in Maiyya’s direction when she looks at her. Akash looks angrily at Maiyya.

Meethi apologizes to Rathore for what all Maiyya has done with him. he tells her not to be. You dint do anything. I had come here to warn her only and to caution you…and Ambika! I am only worried about the fact if Ekadish ji tries to do something wrong to you people. Meethi assures him she will make sure nothing wrong happens till she is here. He leaves.

Akash walks up to Maiyya. Do you know who that person is? I bought this house because of him. he has done so much for me. He supported me. When no one trusted me then it was only him who trusted me. He got me out of jail. His daughter (Mukta) did everything that she could so as to bring Meethi back in my life. That family has done so much for me. How will I face them? Sankrant points out that this only was the reason why he never used to step inside their Aatishgarh house. I knew that you are Maiyya for namesake only. I beg you to stop all this. We don’t want all this. Akash too gives up on his mom. By the time Maiyya turns to look at him asking for his forgiveness he is gone. Sankrant helps Ambika and they too leave for their room.

Meethi is in the garden area. She recalls what all Maiyya told her in the police station that day. She also recalls the morning incident, Rathore’s worry. Don’t know when all this will come to an end. Please God set now you everything all right. Give me strength so that I can see the difference between right and wrong.

Maiyya rushes to talk to Meethi as soon as she comes inside. I made a very big mistake. Please forgive me. that was my voice. Meethi says one cannot be forgiven when they are forced to say the truth. Rathore uncle is just like dad for me. how can you do this to him? you sent a good man to jail. Every day we get to see a new game, a new facet of you. You have played with everyone’s life. You have ruined so many lives. Now stop all this for God’s sake. She walks off from there. Maiyya stands there frustrated / sad at the way everything has turned against her.

Precap: Maiyya tells Meethi that Rathore and Nirbhay had a fight so she made some false witnesses against Rathore and got him jailed. But they say that what goes around comes around. But that Ambika’s father got to know about it. He threatened me to make Ambika my DIL or he will put me in jail.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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