Uttaran 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th February 2013 Written Update

Starts with Rathore signalling the goons to release Mukta. She comes and hugs him while he has the grenade bomb in his hand. Mukta says, I believed papa that you will come.
The kidnapper says, you wont go out alive from here. Never.
Rathore replies now you should start counting backwards. He starts retreating…3…2…
The kidnapper becomes scared. Rathore signals Mukta stand in a corner and she obliges.
Rathore says 1…removes the pin and drops the grenade on floor. All the goons bend down on the floor to save themselves.

In Bundela House, the pandit starts chanting the mantras. All smile looking at them. Tej Singh is also looking at all this from the balcony. Pandit calls for the girl’s parents to come and do the kanyadaan of their daughter. Iccha and Veer smile.


signals Damini and Tappu guesses it and smiles. Damini goes to Jogi & Divya and says, Iccha and Veer want you to do the kanyadaan of Meethi. Mai is shocked. Iccha nods in approval saying, yes papa I want you to do it
Jogi says, dear I have done your kanyadaan and have got all the punya. Now its Veer’s turn. Only Veer should do Meethi’s kanyadaan.
Umed Singh looks at them proudly while Mai heaves a sigh of relief.
Jogi continues….yes, kanyadaan should be done by the bride’s father. You too wanted this right? Veer is back with you now the by grace of God. There’s no bigger virtue then kanyadaan.
Iccha agrees. Mai shakes her head in disapproval of her act of choosing Jogi and Divya for kanyadaan. Umed asks them to start the rituals. They both say yes in unison.
Tappu wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye.

Rathore looks at the goons and mocks that they dint hear it carefully. I told you in the beginning only…that this is a toy. He drops that on the floor.
The kidnapper shouts that it’s fake. He tells the other to go and beat him.
Rathore asks Mukta to wait for 2 minutes while he goes and calculate their sins and virtues.
Mukta nods ok.

Pandit ji asks Veer and Iccha start the rituals. They both do as they are told. Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu is playing in the background. Surabhi smirks looking at them.

Rathore is beating the goons black and blue while Mukta looks on in fear.

Akash glances at Meethi who smiles back shyly at him. The pandit asks the groom to make promise to the bride’s parents. Akash says…I, Vishnu, promise today (while looking at Iccha) that your daughter’s life will be filled with all the happiness of the world. I will fulfil all the duties of a husband. We will always bed together in happiness and sadness. I wont let any danger befall on my wife.
Veer & Iccha smile while Surabhi smirks. Akash repeats that I promise…..

Mukta is scared looking at Rathore….the way he is beating the goons.

Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to stand up for the Varmala. Divya, Jogi, Nani and Tappu are somewhat disturbed too (about Mukta). Surabhi hands both of them the varmala and while handing it to Akash nods her head slightly.
Sweet moments of both of theirs varmala’s attempts. Everyone smiles and claps as they both are finally successful in making each other wear it.


Pandit asks Iccha to do the gathbandhan of the bride & groom. Veer signals Iccha to go and she smiles and goes. Akash glances at Iccha. Iccha looks at Jogi and does the gathbandhan.
Ya devi sarva bhtueshu is playing in the background. Akash shifts glances from Iccha to Meethi and vice versa.

Nani is thinking…..ram hi rakhey, at least Rathore should have been worried about his daughter. He has left too. For Jogi, first preference has always been Damini’s family…then ours. Rest ram hi rakhey..

Iccha says lo, it’s a lifelong bond. I’ll tie this tightly so that it never breaks. She ties it tightly while Surabhi smirks looking at her.

Whilst Rathore is busy fighting with the other goon, the main kidnapper flashes a knife as he falls back on the floor. Mukta notices this. She goes and picks up the iron rod and hits him on his hand. Rathore sees this. He holds his neck in his grip. He says, my question was left unanswered. I will repeat it one more time for you. Who asked you to do all this?
He replies that I cant tell you or he will kill me.
Rathore tightens his grips and says…you have to die…either from him or from my hands.
The kidnapper takes Akash’s name.

Mukta says, papa leave him. Its the same Akash who is getting married with Meethi as Vishnu. Rathore doesn’t leave him. Mukta asks him to hurry up as they have to go urgently.
Rathore tells the kidnapper to give a message to your boss. He knocks him on his face and he falls on the ground unconscious. Mukta urges him to leave for Bundela House urgently.


Pandit announces the beginning of the ritual of 7 pheras. He announces that it is a sacred bond of Vishnu & Meethi…they have to give 7 vows to each other…of spending their next 7 lives together. You both have to take these pheras in front of the holy fire.

He says, in the first phera…the groom has to move ahead of the bride & promise that….he will love & protect her for her whole life. Akash looks at Meethi and says will. All smile and shower flower petals on them as they start the phera.
He says to himself that I will make sure that you yearn for love for all your life.

Pandit says…the 2nd phera symbolises that you will stay with each other in happiness & sadness.
Akash thinks that I promise that I will substitute all your happiness in sadness.

Rathore is on his way to Bundela House. Mukta thinks….you will never get through this. I will reach there before the marriage rituals are over.
Mukta says, papa drive fast. We have to reach before its too late. I will call and inform Bade papa in the meanwhile. She tries but gets no response. She wonders why he isn’t picking up.

The 3rd vow symbolises that whatever trade or work I will do, I will do it with your consent only.
He now says that whatever your family has snatched from my father….the wealth & fame…I will take it back from you come what may.

Mukta tries Surbahi no. Surabhi sees Rathore’s no. flashing on screen and closes the cover of her mobile. Mukta guesses that the rituals must have begun by now. papa, we have to reach there before everything is over. Rathore promises her that they will. He wont let her down….especially not after all that has happened. Not after this.
Mukta understands and says…I know papa.

The 4th phera signifies that you will be my companion in all the prayers, puja, hawan & yagya.
While Akash says that the offering in all the yagyas will be you only.

Surabhi smiles victoriously. Pandit ji asks the bride to lead the groom now as its her turn to take the vows now. meethi comes forward & is about to step forward when Mukta comes in shouting her to stop! All hands stop midway from showering flower petals and they turn to look in Mukta’s direction….shocked. Episode ends.

Precap: If you have courage then why don’t you show the mark on your left hand that is there on the real Vishnu’s hand? Akash takes off his varmala & starts untying the buttons of his sherwani while everyone looks embarrassed. Surabhi is scared.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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