Uttaran 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 17th October 2013 Written Update

Vishnu says you are elder so I respect you. I request you don’t say anything which is disrespectful to my wife. Nani mocks him. You respect your wife a lot. She is shameless anyways yet I dint expect this from you that you will go to Mukta as per Meethi’s wish to get her. Mukta tells her to stop it. If Vishnu wasn’t there then I wouldn’t have got those files which were necessary to get dad bailed. Have you ever thought how I could spend my entire night in a place like Aatishgarh? Vishnu helped me. Vishnu turns to Nani. Did you hear? Even Mukta doesn’t like it when you take her side! if you have any objection to me and Mukta staying overnight in Aatishgarh…which neither I and Meethi mind but if you do then I cannot help it. He takes her leave and exits with Meethi. nani is pissed off (yayyy

😛 ). Mukku wipes her tears. Damini goes to her. Don’t cry Vishnu stopped Nani as she was saying the wrong thing about you and him. He is very good and intelligent. Meethi is very lucky to have him as her husband. Mukku is hurt and rushes upstairs rather abruptly.

Meethi and Vishnu are in their car heading back to Bundela House. Meethi tries to thank him but he says it was his duty. She says if you wouldn’t have stopped Nani then don’t know how she would go on connecting things all the wrong way. He says she was blaming you for all the wrong reasons and me too and on Mukta too. Any respectable husband can stay quiet seeing his wife getting insulted or spoken to badly. Though one of the things which she said was right. You are trying to make me and Mukta meet…which is wrong. Why are you doing this? I know Mukta has given me 15 days time but nothing can happen like this. Whatever you, Mukta want cannot happen. While leaving home we decided that when you will tell everyone the truth about our marriage then only will I decide what I have to do. Till then we will have to live this relation. Whoever I respect a lot and whom I am following, that is your mother and from her daughter I can expect this much that she wont try something like this again.

Mukta is thinking if I should still say hopeful that my Vishnu will come back to me before these 15 days? She gets a call from some advocate Sharma who tells her that her dad will be bailed tomorrow. She gets excited and asks him who he is and how come he is helping them; who has asked him to do so, etc etc (the reply isn’t shown / heard).

Maiyya is taking back all the charges. The lawyer tries to tell her otherwise but she tells him to keep his mouth shut. That black shades guy (Rathore) should be out of the jail with due respect. He nods. Think of how to withdraw the case or whatever to do to end it. He nods and rushes off. She says I have lost my husband I cannot lose my son. What to do I will have to do all this to get my son back! A mom is helpless. I only want my son back.

Rathore is out of the jail! His signature music plays in the background. Everyone especially Tappu is waiting anxiously for Rathore to come home. Mukku points out the same to her bade papa. Jogi says if you feel like she will hug him the moment he comes then no chance. Mukta shouts papa came! Tappu turns excitedly to see him but he isn’t there. Mukta and Jogi enjoy it while Tappu looks at her in a mock scolding manner. This time Rathore does enter with Kanha. Mukku gets excited and runs off to hug him. Tappu stays put thinking it to be a joke too. Jogi too takes his name. Tappu asks him in gestures and he tells her to turn and see for herself. Tappu has a big broad smile on her face as she see the father daughter duo share a hug. She excitedly walks up to both of them but stops as she sees Kanha. He simply moves away from there making space for her. Mukku teases her mom. You can meet there is no big deal in that. Rathore gives her a side hug. Mukku welcomes him and Rathore meets everyone else. Jogi comments Tappu was so restless….you missed that moment. Rathore says at times I feel like I missed my whole life. Anyways, maybe the time to live again has come. Jogi agrees with him. Maybe destiny had chosen today or we had tried so much. Rathore doesn’t trust fate or destiny but something which is wrong never wins. That time is past now (to Mukta) now the right time will come. Damini nods. When you had to stay with your own people then only has God sent you back home. He can delay but cannot deny one what they deserve. Rathore cannot comment on her God as he has made a promise to someone. Today I won and I am here in front of you on bail but the case isn’t over yet. Things can change again for worse. Damini assures him nothing can happen to him as he is right. I will go and give this good news to Meethi and Vishnu. tappu smiles….you can call instead. Jogi explains this way she can see how Meethi is taking care of things. She hasn’t been there till date. He tells her to go. Rathore envelops Mukta in a comforting side hug. I have come to set everything right. She hopes for it too. He assures her everything will be fine. Tappu is happy to see their bond.


Damini enters Bundela House and keeps looking for Meethi. She doesn’t even notice the line as she is calling out for Meethi. She takes the wrong side of stairs as she keeps calling out but gets no reply. She is passing by Akash’s room when she can see inside the room (Meethi’s pictures) through a small gap as it isn’t completely shut. She thinks maybe this is Meethi’s room only. Damini walks inside Akash’s room by mistake thinking it to be Meethi and Vishnu’s. She is happy as she looks over at the wall which is completely adorned by Meethi’s pictures. But she is taken aback when she sees Akash sleeping on the floor holding onto a large portrait of Meethi. She shouts out his name in shock and he wakes up with a start.


Rathore looks at the marks Mukta has made in the calendar. This is so immature. What will you get by this? You will try to make someone say truth by forcing him. You think that’s going to happen? Will you get your love like this? She asks him what she should do then. Rathore tells her to tell everyone the truth. She says I will but I will have to be ashamed afterwards. The one who should say it is quiet. He should say it as he had promised to marry me and still loves me. Meethi should as she has snatched my love. He stops her. Your feelings are right but your words are not. You have been wronged but no one from this house has plotted anything against you. The one who schemed it all was from outside. I know you have been wronged and that tat marriage shouldn’t have happened. But if it was done then their mistake is that they are still trying to live through it. I understand it is hard for you to go out and tell the elders how much the relations have messed up now. This is why I have come. I will fulfil this responsibility. I will tell the truth to everyone. She denies. You don’t have to do this. I will agree to whatever you say but you wont tell anything to anyone. Vishnu should! If mine and his love is true then he will have to come back. He will have to decide. You can make him come closer to me by telling the truth to everyone but I will never be at peace. He wipes her tears and agrees not to say anything. Tappu comes there just then and stops short as she listens to their convo. They are oblivious to her presence. He says it is important to make Vishnu understand that the mistake which he has committed by doing this marriage…he is only lengthening it. It will have to stop. They notice Tappu standing by the door and turn to look at her. tappu tries to send Mukta away by saying that bade papa is calling her. rathore tells her to let Mukta stay if what you are going to say to me concerns her. She isn’t a kid. She should know what her parents are talking about. Mukta tries to go but he stops her. Tappu simply asks him why!

Damini walks closer to Akash who is feeling awkward and has his head bowed down. She slaps him. you stay here? How dare you come here in Iccha’s temple like house and Meethi’s house? This is Meethi’s home. Another slap! What are you doing here? She grabs hold of his collar. What do you want? Revenge? Why are you doing this? You know she is married now then why are you here? He tries to say she is misunderstanding him but she cuts him off. I am thinking it right. I was at fault in recognizing you. I told this to Thakur sahab as well but no, I was right. You are exactly like your Maiyya. There is a bad motive behind every good deed of yours. You have 2 faces. First you came on our lives as Vishnu, then Akash. When you come to our house you act as if you want our welfare and here you are trying to ruin Meethi and Vishnu’s life. Another slap!

Precap: Vishnu starts burning a picture of Akash and Meethi as Akash and Damini watch it. Akash collects the ashes of the burnt thing and puts it in a glass, mixes it with something and gulps it down much to the shock of Damini and Vishnu. Akash says if you can separate Meethi from me by burning a picture then I wouldn’t have been here today. Meethi is in my blood now. Try to separate if you can, now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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