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Maiye puts her hands around Rani when Akash comes as well. She then starts to scold Rani and says to Akash that tell her that my anger great. Rani goes to Akash that she is lying and as she gave me a hug and I don’t fear her anymore. Akash says that there is nothing to be scared of her while Rani says that Meethi told her about Maiya. Akash asks Rani of where Meethi is and she says that she is in the room while Maiya says that I gave her the sari you brought. Akash says to himself that Meethi loves pink color and if she is wearing that same sari than it means that she has forgiven me.
Akash goes in the house and sees someone sitting by the couch and thinks that its Meethi. He comes and hugs her and says that I become very happy seeing you in this pink color and no matter what I love will never

change; I was yours and always will be. Nandini turns around and says that is this true while Akash says that I thought that it was Meethi and by mistake said it to you.
Meethi is standing in her room when Akash is about to enter but stops at the door. He looks at Meethi wearing the yellow sari and calls her. Meethi wipes her tears and he says that the sari I brought for why did you gave it to Nandini. Meethi says that Nandini needed it while AKash says that I brought one for her but why did you gave yours to her. Meethi say that I don’t know to what is mine now and what not.
Vishnu is being taken to the hospital by the same person and he apologizes as they go. Vishnu says that take me to the police station as I have to complain against you. The boy apologizes again and again and then gives Vishnu some money and tells him to keep it all but not to take him to the police station. Vishnu agrees and gets off the car, he then counts the money.
Akash is in his lawn while Meethi is in her room crying. She then remembers to what Maiya said about keeping Nandini her and what Malvika said to Nandini. She also remembers Akash as he apologized to her about hiding his past. Malvika comes to where Akash is standing and says that the pink sari you brought for Meethi was beautiful but I saw Nandini wearing that sari. She says that I got dazed to see that is it because Meethi gave it to Nandini. Akash says that I don’t worry if Meethi gives her things to anyone that why are you. He says that the one who tries to separate us will not be kept in this house even if Maiya wants.
Akash comes and to the kitchen and then remembers the time doctors prescribed him about food. He then comes to the kitchen and pours almost everything in his plate and takes a lot of spice to eat with the food. He sits down at the table and starts to eat and his healt starts to deteroit immediately. Massi comes and tells Meethi about Akash and she comes and throws the food away. She says that why are you doing this while Aksah says that because you don’t love me. Meethi says that you know I love and goes to call the doctor.
On the other hand Akash faints and Gumpti calls the doctor. Meethi tries to wake Akash up while everyone is there as well. The doctors is leaving and tells about the problem. The doctor says that if within 12 hours the temp is not brought down than he will have to be admitted. Meethi confirms on taking care of AKash and bringing him back to health. She tells Maiya to take rest as well, Nandini asks Meethi if she needs any help while Meeethi says that she can and will take care of her husband by herself.

Precap: Nandini says that she knows a medicine which can help Akash to get better while Meethi says that there is no need for that and tells her to close the door when she leaves. Malvika says to Nandini that fire of first love can be replaced,while Nandini asks that do you really think that there is a place in Akash’s heart for me. Malvika says that she thinks that there is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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