Uttaran 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 17th January 2013 Written Update

Kanha asks Mukta to stop doubting Vishnu or else we might start doubting your intentions. . But Mukta says that she doesn’t want any trouble in Meethi’s life that is why she will discuss this with Barey Papa as he won’t let anything wrong happen to Meethi. Kanha and Surabhi are troubled to hear this but Mukta is determined to find the truth. Surabhi asks her to think how will Meethi react if Mukta stops this marriage now and asks her to keep mum till they find out the truth about Vishnu and that they will support her in this. Kanha still believes that she might be wrong. Mukta self thought that how do I explain it to you that he is definitely not Vishnu & in any case I wont let him ruin Meethi’s life.

Thakur House:

Veer sees Meethi’s pic and has flashbacks of meeting Meethi while he was going to Satara jail and both ordered the same tea. Iccha says after all she is your laadli. Veer tells her that she too had come to meet you in Satara and I had told her that you are just like your mother but back then, I dint knew that she is my daughter. Veer wants to know if she asks about him and Iccha remembers Meethi accusing her about the vermilion on her forehead and whether she is a legitimate child or not that she never shares anything about her father. Iccha tell him that earlier she used to be very angry towards her but now she has been matured and intelligent, just like you. Veer smiles and says yes we both can see who she has gone after. Iccha too smiles. Iccha feels bad that God kept them away from each other for so long. When Veer tells her that now they have to make up for all the lost years and they will spend all rest of their lives together and asks her to come home with him. Iccha remembers Amla (fb of Satara) and refuses citing the same. Veer assures that Amla herself has released him from this relation and only Iccha has right on him He again asks her to come with him.

Ammo enters the room and says that this time my daughter will go all decked up. She has lived a lonesome life of a recluse since last 19 years. Veer smiles at her and Iccha says no, it will notsuit my age. Ammo replies that you will go like a married woman foes and that for years I have prayed for you both to be together again and now its happening all because of Baby Ji. Your friendship saw so may ups and downs but who knew that your friendship would reach to this level and don’t know how to thank Baby ji now.

Scene shifts to Tappu’s room. She sees her pics on the wall and states that she had thought that all her pics would have been removed from the home so far. Jogi says yes in anger I had done so but your Ma and Nani couldn’t stay away from you. Tappu asks about him. Divya and Nani reply that not even one such moment passed when he dint thought of you. He even sleeps with your pic on his bedside. Jogi shares with her that she stayed away from all of them for so many years and when she did return, she married Tej Singh Bundela. Thats the reason why he dint speak to her and turned his back towards her. (flashback of Tappu and Jogi coming face to face outside Court). He continues that but today you did penance of all your mistakes and all the hurt is gone now. But why did you marry Tej Singh in the first place?

Tappu shares that if she would have told any of them earlier, then nobody would have let her do it. She tells them how Raghuvendra had called her one day and had told her that their daughter had decided to take a big step by getting married to Tej Singh so as to save Iccha’s life. All are shocked to hear this including Iccha, Veer and Damini who were standing by the door now. That is why I had made her mission my mission and honestly it’s all because of Mukta whatever has happened today. Tappu and Jogi hug. Iccha takes Mukta’s name and all get up hearing her and look up at her. Iccha feels sad that Mukku wanted to take this path just so to reunite me with Veer.


Tappu says so whats wrong in this? You also took care of her like her own mother and gave her a new life. Flashback of Iccha playing with little Mukku and she smiles. She asks Veer if he remembers the little cute Mukta who has become so big today. Veer says that when kids overtake their elders they become more matured. Damini says to Jogi that you always said that your family is indebted to us. But today whatever baby ji and Mukta has done today, read full updates fast only at desitvbox.com they have cleared all those debts. Now we are all equals. Flashback of Ammo giving Tappu Iccha’s wedding dress and Veer to her in Uttaran. She goes to Ammo and asks for her forgiveness citing that she is giving back only what she took away from them. They both hug. Damini wipes her tears and asks her to forget the past. All are happy to see this. JOgi says that love is a feeling which never reduces and it was the tendency to doubt which ruined our lives but today that has been buried by the same daughter who had caused it. All relations are equal. Nani says that don’t know why people don’t like having daughters whereas, its both their daughters (Tappu & Mukta) who made them proud today. Today Tappu has proved that she is Jogi Thakur’s daughter after all.

Mukta comes asking for Badi Ma. Kanha and Surabhi follow.


Iccha comes asking her that finally she has come. Kanha looking at Maiyya doubts if she knows about Mukta’s doubts. Jogi comes out and joins Iccha. Mukta asks him has she done any mistake or something. Iccha asks papa to tell her everything. Jogi says that how could you think of doing such a thing and I don’t know if I should punish you or hug you. Divya comes forward and hugs her and Jogi does the same. Mukta is wondering the reason. Iccha asks her you wanted to marry Tej Singh for me? Kanha is shocked. Mukta too is shocked and declines the fact. Iccha tells her not to lie or hide anything anymore. My daughter thought of doing so much for me? Saying this she hugs Mukta. All are crying. Mukta says but how do you all know this? Iccha tells her to guess and Tappu puts her hands on Mukta’s eyes and she happily says Maa! Both hug happily and cute music playing in background. Tappu kisses her and Mukta is overjoyed. Kanha too smiles. Episode ends with their hug.

Precap: Mukta tells Tappu that from now on you will stay here with us, your family. Tappu agrees but says that first I have to take Iccha back to her rightful home with all respect. Mukta, Divya and Jogi look proudly at her. Tappu continues that but most importantly, have to make Tej Singh pay for his misdeeds. Scene shifts to Tej Singh saying to Mai that Tappu has to pay her dues first to him but Mai cuts him off saying I only want my son back. Thats it.

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