Uttaran 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 16th July 2013 Written Update

Mukku is setting the table when Meethi comes there offering to help. Mukku speaks chirping throughout. Add lime juice to the soup and garnish the veggies with coriander. I love cooking while listening to music. Tum hi ho starts playing. Mukku gets all the more excited hearing it. She leaves to get some more stuff. Meethi is mixing things absentmindedly recalling the previous incedents. How Tappu had asked her if she would like to move on in her life for getting Akash forever and of Akash being sure of the fact that he can make her realise in 23 days that she still loves him.
Mukku comes back. She checks the soup and confirms with Meethi what she added. Meethi shows it to her. She points out that being vinegar. Next she shows Meethi how she has added mint leaves in the veggies instead of coriander

leaves. She apologizes profusely. I came to help but couldn’t do it right. Mukku assures her that it is ok. It changes the recipe into something new. She reminds her how they couldn’t differentiate between things when they had tried to make breakfast once yet everyone had liked it. They will love it today as well. Meethi smiles. Mukku tells her to keep doing so as it suits her very well.

Akash outside is joining the beads of the mangalsutra in a thread (he looks so cute…m all eyes 😛 ). He holds it in his hand as he is done with it. Come out on the window once so I can see you. Your amanat (souvenir) is safe with me. I want to return it to you as it is our love’s token. I love you Meethi.

Tappu is clutching her and Iccha’s pic close to her and is crying silently. Damini comes there. She tells her how she too thinks Meethi should move on in her life. Tappu is sad. Meethi doesn’t feel so. She is still living with Akash’s memories. We will have to get her out of that pain (Miss…people do get hurt n then fight back to come to terms with what their heart says let her try at least 🙁 ). Damini says you are right in thinking / saying so but I think you are rushing things a little. Her wound / hurt is still fresh and it will pain now too even if we try to heal it somehow. We should wait for her to say it herself. She must say it on her own that she is ready for a new relation. Do you have anyone in your mind? (uggghhh…why does everyone gets down to matchmaking without a license :X ).

Akash climbs up to Meethi’s room at night. He looks around with a torch and founds her sleeping peacefully. He looks at her lovingly as he sits beside her on the bed. My favourite (<3) piya plays. He takes out the mangalsutra from his pocket. Only a little time is left then you yourself will wear this mangalsutra around your neck. I just came to show it to you. You had broken it but I have mended it. The very same way I will mend our relation too. Damini puts her hand at his shoulder and he turns to look at her. He gets up to face her. She looks at the mangalsutra and drags him to outside in the hall area. Why did you come here like a thief? He tells her he dint came to steal something. I was missing Meethi so just came to see her once. I just wanted to make sure she is alright (haaye so much concern <3). She angrily tells him he needn’t worry for her family is with her. He very politely agrees with her. yes, her family is with her but what about a husband’s love. can I being her hubby not take her back with me? She gets all the more angry at him. For what? So that you, your Maiyya and your family can make her life hell? He tries to tell her she is misunderstanding something but she tells him how her mother had called her the other day telling her of the consequences of sending Meethi back with him. She spoke so ungraciously with me. How can I trust the son of such a mother? He still doesn't believe her and keeps calling her Anni. Damini says, ask your Maiyya then about how she warned me. It is better you leave from here or if someone else wakes up then no one will be able to save you today. it was our mistake to get Meethi married to you and being sent to Aatishgarh but we wont repeat the same mistake ever. He again agrees with her. I know you want Meethi’s happiness but did any of you ask her what she wants for herself? He gets down on his knees. Anni I accept all my misdeeds and the punishment attached with it. I beg of you not to distance me from my wife. Please forgive me. Trust me I only want her happiness. I haven’t come here to cheat you or her again. She makes him stand again. First thing I am not your Anni and secondly, tell your Maiyya that my daughter dint give birth to Meethi so as to kill her because of your revenge thing. End your drama and go now. She pushes him away. Next morning bell rings. Damini wakes up with a start. She runs off from her room cursing Akash throughout. I told him not to come. She passes by Mukku too but keeps repeating the same thing. She opens the door asking why you came when it turns out to be Rathore. He looks puzzled. Why are you scared? She keeps mumbling about him (Akash). He makes her sit and asks again very calmly (where do you get such patience from…I would love to practice it :O ). She mumbles again. He can come in any time and isn't scared of anyone. Rathore guesses it to be Akash. Damini tells him how she caught him in Meethi’s room yesterday. He was there while she was sleeping. -Break- He asks her if he said anything. She denies but then he could do anything. You shouldn’t have got him out. He accepts his mistake. I should have asked everyone first. Till the time your this son is here nothing will happen to anyone. I wont let anyone hurt any member of my family. She shares how she is getting hurt but he is unable to understand it. You have trust on his love but I don't. He assures her he doesn't want her to do so. I promise you no one will be hurt till I am here. He wants to correct his mistakes. I am just giving him one chance. He might have changed. She gets hyper. He hasn’t changed but has come here for revenge. He is back to create troubles in our lives. He has to take Meethi back with him to Aatishgarh. Mukku tells her to calm down. It isn't so. He has helped us all including you. She is puzzled. Rathore shares that he was the one who donated blood to you. Damini is shocked. This cannot be. Mukku affirms the truth. Damini questions his act. I don't trust him. rathore calms her down. I am not asking you to trust him, forgive him or forget what he has done to us in the past. I just want you to think if he wanted to hurt us then why would he do this? Tappu speaks up from the staircase (Yeah right we were waiting for you only….ruin the moment :/ ). You’re saying right! (as if…sorry for the interruption! 🙁 ). -Break- Tappu continues, saved Meethi’s life and spun a web around it. He has cheated all of us and you are saying he should be given another chance? No one can trust him again. Plus he cant change ever. He just wants to hand her over to his brutal mother after winning our trust (WAKE UP…THAT WAS A DREAM 🙁 ). After that we all know what he would do. Damini agrees with Tappu. He isn't a nice person. Rathore explains what he has seen in their eyes. Meethi still loves him…even when she got him arrested. I have seen penitence in his eyes too. I am not saying we all should forgive him. I am just saying he should be given a small chance to win over his love and do his penance. Tappu shouts in denial. We cant give him another chance (somebody remind her what all she did and what if no one had given her that one chance to change!). After knowing everything you still want to give him another chance? You want to help him then please do but don't expect anything from me. I wont be able to trust him again. Damini sits dejected. Tappu comes to her. she sends off Ammo with Mukku. Rathore sighs (desperate 🙁 ). Maiyya comes in her room. She holds the cage and says, your birdie will not come back now. Land line rings. She goes to pick it. Its Akash’s call. They exchange greetings. She asks if Meethi isn't ready to come back. He says she is very angry with me. I don't know what to do. She puts the speaker aside and relishes the moment – bulls eye! (funny though how she does it 😛 ) Its all my mistake son but what to do now. You come back. If you are bound to meet then you will…if not today then tomorrow. He denies. This time I would win over fate as well. But I cannot understand one thing when I met Meethi’s Nani she told me you had called. Did you? She declines outright. They lied to you like this? Why would I call her home and speak with her Nani? Akash is relieved (blind love is not good dude). I know you cannot do any such thing. She feels happy to hear her son’s belief in her. now just bless your son to win your daughter-in-law’s heart soon and get her along to her rightful home soon. This time I wont come back alone. She blesses him. he disconnects telling ehr to take care. She turns to Avi’s pic. Now let him try as much as he wants that girl wont return to Aatishgarh now. Precap: Meethi says it is better to bear true sadness than fake love. rathore asks if these are her words or someone else’s. She shares the promise she had made with her Anni. I wont let Akash come back in my life. He says it is about your life. Your decision should be based on your happiness, your future. It shouldn’t happen that you regret it later in life. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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