Uttaran 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 16th January 2013 Written Update

Thakur House:

Starts with Veer telling them all that today if I’m here and have regained my memory, behind this is just one person and asks them to guess the name. Iccha says Tappu! Veer nods in approval and says yes, Thakur sahab, your daughter Tappu. He calls her on her mobile. All turn to look towards the noise and find Tapasya standing at the door. All look at her. Shocked, pained and crying.read more updates at bit.ly/TGkfB8. Tappu looks pained yet happy to see them. Veer ask her to come inside. All look at her expectantly. Jogi turns his back towards her.

Veer repeats himself that she fought for him all alone and that you all should be proud of her. Divya walks upto Tappu and reprimands her for not sharing anything with her mother. You dint remember me at all and goes on to hug her. Tappu hugs her back and asks for forgiveness. She was so adamant about things, her anger was creating problems in everyone’s life. She wanted to prove herself and do something that would make them all proud of her. Iccha goes towards Tappu and Divya tells her that your friend has finally come. Iccha says no, she is not my friend but someone else. Our Tappu couldn’t stay away from us. This person here talks of living for others and giving up everything for others.read more updates at bit.ly/TGkfB8. But she doesn’t understand that we love her whether she is angry or behaves in whatsoever manner. Tapasya says I gave you so much trouble and yet you love me so much. To which Iccha replies that however way you are, I always love you and that is called friendship. They both start crying and hug each other.

Both sing their childhood poem together and flashback of their playing together is shown. All are happy and smiling to see them happy and they hug again. Iccha tries to pull Tappu inside but Tappu doesn’t budge and removes her hand from Iccha’s hand and looks at Jogi sadly.

Bundela House:

Amla is shown packing her things. Mai yet again tries to stop her from going anywhere and tells her that if she stays, she will give her all the jewels possible. Amla declines her offer and tells her that she is doing all this for her husband’s happiness and for the first time in life I feel at peace. Mai orders her not to go anywhere when Veer’s Baba comes in asking her to let Amla go and live her life freely. Mai shouts that till she is alive, she won’t let Iccha come in this house and whenever she has come, she has spelled doom at our home. Baba cuts her off and says that this time no one can stop Veer from bring Iccha back into this house and also tells Amla to go to their ancestral home and that she will be well taken care of there.

Thakur House:

Iccha comes upto Jogi and begs him to forgive his daughter Tappu for the past mistakes and that he should be proud of what she has done today. Nani, Damini and Nani’s daughter-in-law (sorry, forgot her name) repeat the same to him. Veer looks at Tappu and goes to Jogi and says that as far as I remember you have always stood by truth and justice. It’s time to bring your daughter home. Divya folds her hands infront of him and silently begs him to let Tappu in. Nani, Divya crying. Tapasya starts turning back and all look expectantly at Jogi.

Joki states that rather than Tapasya, he should be the one asking for forgiveness as it was him, who had closed the doors of their house his daughter’s face and had stopped calling her my daughter. The same daughter proved today that a person can change with time and penance if given a chance. It is I who seek forgiveness and not my daughter. Tappu is happy to hear her daughter say all this and is crying happily. Jogi opens his arms to embrace Tappu and she comes rushing into his arms and hugs him happily. Both say sorry and love you to each other and are crying. Mother father daughter hug. Jogi welcomes her again and Tappu goes on to meet Ammo, Nani and hug them one by one. Daughter-in-law comes running to her and hugs her happily. Jogi hugs Tappu again and kisses her forehead.

Tappu calls Iccha, puts her hand forward and Jogi does the same. Iccha remembers how Tappu had accused her of stealing away her parents from her and her wanting to kill Iccha. Tears roll down her eyes and she moves towards them happily. Threesome group hug, read more updates at bit.ly/TGkfB8. followed by a complete family hug. Jogi Thankur says that finally his family is complete and he is very happy about it.


Jogi looks at tappu and tells her that he is very proud to call her his daughter today. Iccha adds that yes my best friend.Tappu says Papa, Veer and Iccha’s match is a match made in heaven and I think we should leave both of them alone so they can catch up on all the years that they have lost. Veer and Iccha blush. Divya takes away Tappu with her and to share all that has happened in the past years. All leave. Veer and Iccha stand alone, smile and hug. Background music starts playing (Kuch Khaas). Iccha asks him to sit while she goes to bring in masala tea for him.


On a road near tea stall:

Kanha brings tea for Mukta which she declines. Kanha questions her why does she doubt Vishnu when the police has not found any proof against him and that Maiyya knows him much better as he is her student. Mukta counters him what if he is not the real Vishnu. Kanha tells her not to doubt someone so much or else people will start doubting you. But Mukta says that she doesn’t want any trouble in Meethi’s life that is why she will discuss this with Barey Papa as he won’t let anything wrong happen to Meethi. Kanha and Surabhi are troubled to hear this and screen freezes on Mukta’s determined face.

Precap:Iccha scolds Mukta for coming back so late and ask her if she has become so big. Kanha and Surabhi look on while Mukta asks about her mistake and if she has sone anything wrong.Iccha requests Jogi to tell his grand daughter everything.

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