Uttaran 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th October 2013 Written Update

Meethi is getting ready. She puts back the vermilion box on the dressing table but it falls on the floor thereby dropping it all over. She picks it up and puts it back in the box but in this process her hands get all red. She is coming downstairs and Akash is on the sofa watching her. He asks her what she is up to. She stops in her tracks. He gets up and goes near the line. Are you going to draw another line with this vermilion? What’s the use when my name is written in your fate? This is the reason why you overstepped the line that you had drawn yourself yester night. My love pulled you to me. She turns to go but he apologizes for whatever happened. I shouldn’t have spoken that way. Forgive me! She turns and asks him who am I to forgive you. I have no right on you or to interfere in your life.

And yes, you too don’t have any right to interfere in my life. With that, she leaves from there.

Mukku is back home. She is in her room recalling the previous night incident where she had hugged Vishnu. Jogi comes there calling out for her. she immediately wipes her tears. He asks her if she is all right. You must have had a hard time staying there overnight. She assures them it wasn’t. She gives him those files. He gets thinking. She asks him if he isn’t happy. He tells her Advocate Sachdeva wont take their case. She gets panicked. My dad wont get bail now? He tells her not to worry. We can look out for another lawyer. This time isn’t right. Pandit ji will be coming anytime for the naming ceremony. You get ready. Don’t worry everything will be fine.

Meethi is descending the stairs trying to ring up someone when she loses her balance and is about to fall but Akash catches her just in time. A sad Piya o re piya begins playing as they share an eye lock. Vishnu comes inside just then and watches them thus. Their eye lock breaks and they are aware of Vishnu’s presence. Meethi is shocked and lowers her gaze. Akash leaves from there. Meethi begins with saying I was trying to call you only when….you slipped (Vishnu completes for her). She asks him if the work for which he sent him to Aatishgarh is done. He says if you are asking about the files then yes but if its about Mukta then no. what you want is impossible. It would be better if you understand it that I and Mukta cannot be together. I fully trust my teacher didi’s daughter that she will maintain the chastity of our relation. Her feet will never slip again. He leaves for his room.

Tappu has come to meet Rathore in jail. Today is the naming ceremony for Kanha’s kid. He smiles. Think of some nice name. She tells him that they got all the files of cases against Nirbhay. Mukta went to Aatishgarh alone. Rathore is taken aback….why alone? Tappu fumbles. Vishnu too had gone along. Rathore wonders if they both are still meeting / talking to each other. Everyone is confused. No one knows what to do. Its good. If there is some confusion still then they can atleast talk it out. She is confused. What’s left to talk now? there is no confusion. You know Vishnu and Meethi got married. There is nothing left to think. Rathore is sure they will have to think of something.

Pandit ji tells them (Thakur’s) that the baby’s name should begin with letter “A”. Everyone gets thinking. Kanha asks if Surabhi had been here then what would she have chosen. Every name gets counter reactions. Tappu dismisses what Kanha has offered. She is about to tell the name but Maiyya loudly announces the name – Ajitesh. Everyone turns and sees Maiyya, Kadambari and Pavitra standing on the doorstep. Maiyya proudly announces that her grandson will be named Ajitesh. Everyone is in for a shock.


No one’s happy. maiyya tells pandit ji to carry on the ritual and name her grandson Ajitesh. Kanha picks up the baby in his arms. She goes up to him and caresses the baby. Poor him, he has no mom but no issue I am here. She takes the baby from him. Who has come to take you home! Everyone hears shocked. She hands over the baby to Kadambari and introduces them to each other. Kadambari comments that the baby has taken after his mom. Pavitra gets out the clothes they have got for the baby. We will take it with us to Aatishgarh. He will stay with us and grow up there only. Damini asks for the baby as it must be hungry. Maiyya interrupts. When I am here then will a maid feed my grandson? What if you add poison in it? Nani is the only one who is enjoying it. Damini tells her to stop the nonsense. Give the baby here. Maiyya stays put. This is the last memory of Surabhi. It will go with us to Aatishgarh. Kanha tells her to stop it. He steps forward. I am his father and I am telling you he wont go anywhere. I will see to it how you take it back. Maiyya points out to Kadambari saying she is the grandmother of this kid. I will show you how I will take the baby with us. They start going out while everyone keeps telling them to stop. Akash enters just then and everyone stops in their tracks. Maiyya feigns sadness. They are taking my grandson away. its good that you came. She tells Pavitra and Kadambari to come. You too come home with us. The kid is your responsibility now and handle that house too. She rests her head on his shoulder and plays some emotional tricks of getting old etc. Akash moves towards Kadambari and the baby. He announces that the kid will stay here only shocking everyone for different reasons. Maiyya gets thinking.


Vishnu is standing by the window of his room when Meethi comes there. You want to say something or want to ask something? He denies. But she wants to say something. I know my mom’s upbringing; your values aren’t allowing you to break this relation. I respect it but living a fake relation because of all that isn’t good. It is better to live a real relation with all your heart. He says I agree it is wrong to be in a relation because of values. You think I should marry Mukta because we both love each other. You are right. But you do remember why you got into this relation….because of your Ammo Nani. You too aren’t ready to tell her the truth. Whatever you are thinking or are trying to do isn’t possible. There is only one way out. The day you are ready to tell her the truth that day I too will make my decision. She says our situations are different. Ammo nani is old she just had an attack. She is weak. I cannot tell her. I have lost my mom now Anni is both my mom and nani too. I can live without Akash but I cannot imagine my life without her. If something happens to her then I wont be able to take it. He says this is the sole reason why we are in this relation and cannot do anything even if we want to. We both are caught in such a web from which no one can take us out. No one!

Akash turns to his mom. What do you want? No one should be happy? What kind of revenge is this? This kid cannot get his mom but will you take away his father from him too? Maiyya says this family has poisoned your mind. Try to understand. He replies I have understood everything. I knew you would come today for sure to claim your right over the baby that’s why I came here. Surabhi’s wanted this kid to live with his father. Kanha has max right over the baby. Akash gives the baby to Kanha who gets all emotional.

Precap: Damini tells the real story behind Akash’s dad’s death. Your father, Avinash Chatterjee not only tried to kill his own dad but Kanha too for the sake of property. Kanha is your dad’s sister’s son – your own brother, your own blood, your own family. Today, he is only alive as my daughter had saved him. Akash is shocked with the revelation while Maiyya too is somewhat surprised. Iccha dint have any personal issue with him. If she wouldn’t have killed him then he would have killed Kanha and for that one crime my daughter has spent 18 years of her life in prison.

Update Credit to: pooja

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