Uttaran 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th May 2013 Written Update

In the forest:

Akash comes with the doc who notices the surroundings. He checks Meethi. Akash asks him will she be fine. The doc reprimands him. You look educated. You should understand that she is critical and needed to be hospitalised. If there would have been a slight delay today then we would have lost her. Akash thanks him with folded hands.
The doc says I have given her an injection to clear the poison. She will be awake in a few hours. I am listing down medicines for her. You must get them for her. akash thanks him again and goes to drop him out telling Kaki to take care of his Meethi.

Thakur House:

Surabhi is packing her stuff. She is super worried and sweating. She thinks someone knows her truth. It can be anyone. If the truth comes out then she will get insulted. And

what if they inform the police too. It is better to head home. Once I reach Aatishgarh, no one will be able to track me down.
Kanha comes there and notices her packing her bag. She fumbles she is going to some relative’s place. Kanha makes her realise she doesn’t have any relative. She fumbles again. Its one of my college friend – Rashmi – she has cancer. Its in the last stage. She wants me to visit her. It’s her last wish. He asks her if he knows her friend. Was she in the same college? I will come along.
Surabhi denies right away. You stay here only. You know everyone’s condition one of us must stay here. She is sweating. He agrees with her. He asks her if he can drop her to the taxi stand. She again negates. I feel scared to travel in a taxi alone. I will take bus. He agrees to drop her at the bus stand.

In the forest:

Doc asks Akash about Meethi. You said she is your wife. She looks like she belongs to a good family. Is it so that he has kidnapped her as well like he has kidnapped him too? Akash nods his head in a no. I have married her. I dint even kidnap you. Vaidh ji said that she is critical and cannot travel. Whatever I have done, I did it for her sake.
The doc says I have done my duty. Take care of her. She should be fine soon. He thanks him again and goes out to drop him till his car. Akash notices the newspaper while putting the bag in his car. He takes it with him. The doc reminds him to get medicines for Meethi. Akash asks for his forgiveness. He also directs him how to go back to the hospital. The doc goes while Akash looks at the paper clipping.

The doc is back in the hospital. He sees the newspaper in some random guy’s hand takes it and notices the ad. He rings up the police station saying he knows their location.

Thakur House:

Surabhi is ready to leave. She feels it (the lady who called her) must be someone from this home only but who. Could it be Mukta? Kanha comes and disrupts her thoughts (kidding about thoughts…she is useless). She hands him the almirah (cupboard) keys and asks him to keep them safely as he keeps forgetting things. He reminds her that she is just going for one day. She says yes. But I don’t want to meet anyone before leaving. Everyone is already so worried about Meethi if they hear about my friend they will get more upset. He tells her that he has told Ammo. She can meet him for 2 minutes before leaving. She has no choice but to agree.

In the forest:

Meethi wakes up and Om Hari Om chant starts playing in. She has flashback of Vishnu falling unconsciousness after the snake bit him. She calls out to him. She gets up with some difficulty. Kaki calls out to everyone saying Meethi has regained consciousness. She and the little girls surround Meethi. She asks about Vishnu. Kaki tells her that he has gone to get medicines for her.
The girls want to play with Meethi but Kaki denies due to her ill health. The girls insist that they want to take her to the temple and chat with her. Meethi agrees to go.

Thakur House:

Surabhi comes out and finds Ammo standing there with the puja thaal in her hand. She takes her blessings. Ammo tells her to call her as soon as she reaches her friend’s place. Surabhi starts doubting her. Has she already called the police (lol….I loved how her mind worked in this scene 😉 )? Why is she so worried about me all of a sudden?
Next comes Divya who asks her if she has kept her phone with her. She takes her blessings. surabhi nods in a yes though in her head she doubts Divya too. The entire conversation plays in mind once again. She has never spoken to me in this caring manner ever. Is she the one?
Nani comes asking her if she has kept enough money as her friend is unwell so she might need it. Surabhi nods. Tappu comes there asking her to call them as soon as she reaches there. Have you left your friend’s phone number and address with Kanha? Surabhi looks at her suspiciously. She thins she (Tappu) is extremely clever. She must be the one who called.


Kanha hands her a paper and Surabhi writes down the details asked by Tappu. Just then Rohini comes out with a lunch box and water bottle for her. surabhi again gets thinking. What has happened to her (Rohini)? She was the one who used to bicker with me on everything. Why is she showering so much love on me all of a sudden? What if the next thing I get is jail food? Surabhi declines her offer. Nani too comments, Ram HI Rakhey, this is a miracle seeing you two bonding.
Surabhi looks at all of them one by one and wonders who the secret caller was. Kanha asks her if they should go. She goes out and turns to look at them one more time.

Near the forest:

Akash buys medicines for Meethi. He sees the phone on the shop and thinks of calling up his Maiyya. I should call her as lot of time has passed since we left. Don’t know what she would be thinking.
He dials the landline. He thinks what I will say to her. Should I lie to her? He disconnects as soon as Maiyya picks it before saying a word.

He again thinks it over. I must talk to her or else things might get worse. He dials again. Maiyya picks up and is relieved to hear his voice. She asks him about his whereabouts and why dint he call them earlier. Everyone was waiting anxiously for his call.
He assures her he is fine. I forgot my way…..in the jungle. Now the route is clear. She hears him carefully and asks him how can he as he grew up here and knows every way out of here. Leave all that. Tell me where are you? Its been so many days. He doesn’t reply. She again asks him did you kill her or not? Silence!


Maiyya asks him to answer her. He thinks how I tell her the truth. He decides against it. I cannot tell her anything until Meethi reaches home safely.
She again asks him to speak up. Has he got in to some trouble or if someone tried to harm him? What is it? Akash is sceptical. He replies the work will be done. I need some more time. She doesn’t reply. The line gets disrupted.
Maiyya thinks what has happened to him. He dint answer me properly. The phone too got disconnected and he dint even call back. He can call again. There, Akash is sad that he lied to him mother for the first time in his life. I know she must have understood everything by now.

Precap: Kanha is keeping Surabhi’s luggage in the taxi when she gets a call. She picks it up scared. The lady says, if you think you will be able to leave the house quietly and no one will get to know it then you are wrong. My eyes are on you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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