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Meethi convinces Nusrat’s dad for not marrying Nusrat against her will. Nusrat’s dad says for him, her daughter’s happiness matters the most and says no to Ansari. Ansari is also convinced, but Babar is not happy.

Akash is getting ‘missing Meethi’ posters ready. Maiyya comes to his room and tries to stop him, but in vain. Sankrant comes there and says he couldn’t find Kajri anywhere. Maiyya says she went to temple and leaves from there in frustration. Suddenly lights go off. Sankrant goes to get candles where he sees Kajri tied up. He releases her and she tells Maiyya did that to stop her from telling Akash about CD which Meethi left.

Maiyya tells Gomti they should go and check on Kajri. Just then Akash, Sankrant, Kajri come there playing the CD in which Meethi

says she can’t become a mother, but he deserves to be a father. If she won’t leave, then he won’t move on. Akash gets mad at Maiyya. He says a mother always helps her children when they are in troubles, but Maiyya added only hatred in him since he was born. This is second time, she didn’t send Meethi away, but sent Akash’s life away from him. Maiyya says she did all for his happiness, he wanted a child. Akash says, he did want a child, but child is not more important than Meethi. He further tells her that Meethi is even more important than her (Maiyya). Maiyya and Gomti are shocked. Maiyya asks him what he’s saying. He says this is Meethi’s house, and if she has even a small respect, then she better leave the house and go back to Aatishgadh. If Meethi is not here, then none of them can live there.

Babar decides himself whether Nusrat marries him or no, suhagrat, she will have with him only. He storms in her room and kidnaps her. Nusrat begs him to let her go, but he gives her 2 choices. Either marry him tomorrow, or he’ll have suhagraat with her tonight and then he’ll kill her. Before he does anything, he receives a call from Ansari. Ansari tries to stop him from doing anything wrong. Babar tells him not to come inbetween. If Nusrat can’t marry him, then she can’t marry anyone else. Ansari tells him if he loves her that much, then he will get her married to him. He says he will be here with Kazi and asks him not to do anything wrong before that. Babar is satisfied and he waits. But it’s Nusrat’s brother and Shahbaz come there. Nusrat’s brother beats Babar, but he then takes out a gun. Ansari comes in and stops Babar. He tells him not to take law in his hands, else it won’t be good for him. Babar doesn’t listen. Ansari snatches the gun away and slaps him. Ansari apologizes to Nusrat and says Babar will get punished for what he’s done. He takes him and leaves. Nusrat hugs her brother.

Akash is packing his bag. He sees Meethi’s wedding saree and remembers their wedding and time he spent with her. He hugs it and then puts it back. Later, he sees their photo and says Meethi didn’t fulfill her promise. She’s not with him on his birthday. But he knows wherever she is, she is thinking about him right now. Main Tenu Samjhawan plays in the background. He puts the photo in his bag and leaves the room.

Precap: Someone gives a flower bouquet to Akash saying it’s from a madam. Other hand, Meethi thinks Akash should have gotten it by now.

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