Uttaran 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th January 2013 Written Update

Thakur House:

Veer rings the bell and Damini opens the door. She is shocked to find Veer there and asks him whether he has come to meet Teacherji. Divya, Nani and Jogi in the background and ask her who has come? Damini stutters Veer’s name let him in. Veer goes in to flashback remembering how Jogi has told him that I have no son but whenever I see you, I feel you are my son. Flashback ends. Divya welcomes him. Jogi asks him to sit. Veer refuses Damini about tea and tells her to call Teacherji. Nani’s daughter-in-law runs upstairs excitedly to call Iccha. She announces someone has come to meet you and leaves the room. Iccha follows her downstairs and stops midway on seeing Veer. Background music starts playing (kuch khaas hai).

Veer looks at her and flashback scenes are shown (their first meeting, marriage), gets up from the sofa and slowly both move towards each other. Everyone is looking at them and wondering. Both stands a foot apart and are lost in each other’s eyes. Veer looks pained and Iccha looks at him questioningly. Veer moves his hand towards Iccha and she asks him if he had something to talk about? Schoolwork? Then he should have called her. Veer says no, I have come here to meet you. All are wondering the matter. Iccha repeats me? Veer – yes, I have come to meet you, my Iccha. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Iccha and Veer are crying.

Veer repeats himself yes Iccha and they show the flashback of their marriage. To the same Iccha whom I married and have loved forever. Takes her hand in his and says your Veer is back and is standing in front of you. Damini is crying now and Divya consoles her. Iccha puts her hands on his shoulders, feels him and exclaims you remember everything. Veer replies in affirmative that he replies it all, each and everything in details. How you saved me during that incident, their first meeting in school (flashback in the background). You still dint share that you are Iccha, my Iccha and you suffered so much just because of me? My family is your culprit. Iccha stops him from saying anything further and hugs him. Veer hugs her back. All are happy and crying silently for them. Nani as usual with her expressions. They part and Veer and Iccha both wipe each other’s tears. Hug again and all smile looking at them. Damini thanks God silently.

Veer turns, looks at Damini and goes towards her. He calls her Ammo and apologises that he wanted to take her blessings at the door only but then thought that he has waited so long for this moment then why not extend it a little bit more and tell Iccha first. He touches her feet and she blesses him. Goes to Jogi and says, Thankur sahib, you have always thought of me as your son and that today your son has come back to you. Thakur smiles and hugs him. Divya too smiles at him. Damini and Iccha hug and wipe aways each other’s tears. Veer comes to Iccha and follows suit. He tells her that from today onwards, there would be no more tears. Now it’s time to bring back the happiness in your life. I have come here to take you back to your own home. The vermilion on your head is a proof that you are still my wife and thus, you have full rights on me, my house and my family. I am yours and only yours. Today, I promise you that now no one can stop me from taking you back to our home, not even Mai.



Kanha, Surabhi & Mukta in Shraddha’s room. Kanha enquires from the police if they found any proof regarding how Shraddha died. Police replies in negative that they haven’t found any signs of protests from her end or somebody trying to harm her. It seems to be a suicide. Mukta says that she knew Shraddha and that she can’t do something like that. And that why would she do it. Kanha and Surabhi stop her. Policeman replies that he can understand what she is feeling and they are still exploring the possibilities. Mukta repeats herself that Shraddha was a very positive girl and she knew her from college. Police man leaves. Kanha asks Mukta to relax and tells her that right now they donot have any proof against Vishnu and can’t prove anything. Mukta goes quiet.

Thakur House:

Veer admonishes Mai and wonders aloud how could a mother do this to her own son and how could she become her own son’s enemy by keeping this all a secret for so long. Jogi is saddened to hear this and says that they couldn’t do anything. You had lost your memory and then had married again so thought it best not to tell you anything.


Continues with Veer saying that he fought with his mind and heart for so many years and kept on searching for the answers but couldn’t find any. Also adds that then there was one person who lost its family and everything to reunite my Iccha with me. She made it her life’s mission and today, I am here and heve regained my memory just because of that one person. Do you know who? Iccha speaks aloud Tapasya’s name. Jogi and Divya are shocked. Nani repeats slowly and Damini wonders. He calls Tapasya and everybody turns towards the noise (door). Tappu reaches the main door. Screen freezes on Tapasya’s face.

Iccha wipes her tears and asks Tappu to come inside. Tappu declines and removes her hand from Iccha’s and looks at Jogi. He is facing towards the other side. Iccha comes upto him and asks him to forgive her as her daughter is back now and that she has made him proud now. So, he should forgive her too.

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