Uttaran 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 14th March 2014 Written Update

Thakur tells Rathore that he regrets for stopping him from telling Ambika and others that she’s his daughter. It’s difficult time, but Rathore has to do what’s required.

At police station, a lady police comes to Meethi and asks her to tell the truth. Meethi tells her everything that happened according to her, but the lady police tortures her more and more. Meethi remembers Akash’s words that no matter what she should stick to the truth. Meethi says they can give whatever punishment they want, but she’s innocent. Everything that she said is true. The lady police leave from there. Meethi cries and keeps saying she’s innocent.

Rathore comes and gives his statement. He says all that he saw. After giving his statement, he says, I am sorry Icchaji. The lady

police says that means Meethi burned Ambika alive. Rathore says he never said that. There is a difference between doing something and a possibility. In this case, it’s just a possibility that Meethi burned Ambika alive. Akash hears the last part and cannot believe Rathore said that.

Damini and Thakur go to meet Meethi. Meethi cries and says she’s getting punishment for not trusting Iccha. Everyone tried to explain to her, but she didn’t believe. She says she’s missing Iccha a lot today. Damini and Thakur tell her nothing will happen, she’s innocent. The lady police comes and says Rathore has given statement against Meethi. Meethi loses her one final hope.

Outside, Mukta is talking to Vishnu on the phone. He tells her to take it easy and not forget the truth. Akash is shouting and asking Rathore why he gave statement against Meethi. Rathore says he just said the truth. Mukta goes to them and tells everyone Ambika is his elder daughter, and to take revenge, he gave statement against Meethi who is just like a daughter to him. Rathore says it’s nothing like that, they all three are equal to him. It’s just sad that he couldn’t do anything for Ambika. He offers any help that Meethi may require. Mukta breaks all her relationship with Rathore.

Precap: Damini asks Rathore if he thinks Meethi can do such thing. Rathore says no. She grabs his collar and asks why he gave statement against her then. She pushes him. Mukta tries to calm Damini.

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