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Meethi is in tears as she writes the postcard. Akash wonders about the water that has fallen on his face. He notices that it has started raining. Snow falls outside Meethi’s window. On one hand she is feeling the snow while he feels the raindrops. She talks nicely about the Rizvi family. he is touching the raindrops while thinking about her yet this rain is looking like some stranger to him. She too is missing him a lot but she doesn’t want him to look for her. I am good wherever I am. Just take good care of yourself and move on in life. Tell Anni to take care of herself and her health. Tell her not to worry about me. I will try to return to India asap. Yours, Meethi.

A bell rings when Meethi was going to give the postcard to Asgar. Someone has come to give photographs of Nusrat’s mehendi.

She almost bumps into Ashfaque as she turns. She keeps quiet while he continues to talk to her. He goes away with the photos. She wonders about the differences in both the brothers. Asgar understands my pain and is worried for me whereas he (Ashfaque) is worried only about himself. Ashfaque finds his and Meethi’s photo. He turns to show it to her but she is gone by then.

Meethi gives the postcard to Asgar. He knows that it is very important for her. I myself will drop it at the post office. She thanks him but he in turn tells her to thank God for he made him capable enough to protect her. Now you go and help Ammi as some guests are coming over. He burns the postcard when she is gone. Your voice or your feelings wont go out of this country now. They will die like this only.

Meethi comes to Nusrat’s room and finds her crying. She tells her to speak the truth to everyone. Nusrat lies that she is happy. Meethi wants to know the reason behind her tears then. You should have bene downstairs in the celebrations dinner. Nusrat is scared to think that someone else will touch her. Meethi wants her to decide what she wants. Nusrat cannot make her parents unhappy for her own sake. Meethi doesn’t want her to repeat the same mistake. Your parents will understand if you will tell them. they all think that you are upset because you will leave this house when you will get married. You will have to tell them everything. Nusrat cannot do it. I cannot be selfish. Meethi questions her love. Nusrat is wearing the necklace which her lover has gifted her. Destiny wants something else. Meethi talks about the same. Destiny has separated me from my love but I dint give up. I am still alive and fighting. But your love is in this city only yet you are not doing anything. I doubt if you actually love him or not. nusrat tells her not to doubt her love ever. God knows that I love Shahbaz with all my heart.

Mumtaz Begum calls out for her. Nusrat is shocked to see her mom and dad. Mumtaz is upset with Nusrat. Take my swear that whatever you just said is not true. Nusrat is unable to do so. Mumtaz Begum is about to stop her but Meethi comes in between. She requests her to listen to her once. Mumtaz Begum wants to hear it from Nusrat. Meethi requests Rizvi ji to listen to Nusrat once and understand her. He helps Nusrat in getting up. He has been proud of his kids always for they have been honest with them always. Mumtaz Begum is sad to know that they thought that their daughter is upset with them just like all the daughters are when they are about to get married. But I had no idea that she is in love with someone else. She has kept a relation with someone without our knowledge. I am feeling ashamed because of you today. I am embarrassed to call you my daughter. Meethi questions them on their words. You really think she has embarrassed you? She is stopped by Nusrat but Meethi stays put. Every daughter gives sacrifices for their family and it is about every daughter. She shows the same gifts to Nusrat’s parents. She hasn’t told any of you that she doesn’t like green colour yet she kept them happily. She doesn’t want to do something that upsets you. She turns to Rizvi ji (Bade Abbu). Don’t take her wrong. She was quiet for she loves and respects you. She hasn’t told anyone that she loves someone else. She was ready to sacrifice her love for you and your love. Mumtaz Begum asks her what she wants to prove. Has she done some favour on us by doing all this? Why are you taking her side in this? Meethi is amazed at her reaction. I am only saying the truth. Nusrat has guts to give up on her love. The person who can sacrifice her love is obviously giving more importance to her family’s respect. Love isn’t a sin. Mumtaz Begum is not interested in love. Meethi goes to Nusrat. She was lying to herself as well. She wasn’t ready to accept it that she was in pain. I am proud of such daughters who think about their parents first before thinking about themselves. What more can a daughter do? Nusrat means triumph but your daughter lost. She lost but she couldn’t tell you the truth. You must think about one thing. She will get married as per your wish but will she be happy forever?

Someone is heading towards their room. Mumtaz Begum is worried about the society. What if people come to know that our daughter loves an ordinary man by the name Shahbaz who has no one after? She is shocked to see Babar standing at the door. everyone else too is shocked to see him there. He calls out for his brother. Nusrat’s parents try to stop him but he walks down in a huff. He tells his brother that they have been cheated. Ansari talks about etiquettes. Babar tells them to ask this question to this shameless girl (Nusrat). Ashfaque tells him to mind his tongue or the relations will break. Babar tells them about Nusrat loving some Shahbaz.

Asgar asks his sister if it’s true. Meethi accepts it as Nusrat is scared of her brother. Asgar wants to hear it from Nusrat. She finally accepts it. the atmosphere gets tensed.

Ansari questions Rizvi ji about it. The cards have been distributed. The wedding is tomorrow and now what’s this drama about? Babar calls them bad people. How to trust someone who has already loved someone before her marriage? You never know to what extent she would have gone! She must have lost her respect by now! Ashfaque holds him by his collar in anger. There are mixed reactions on everyone’s faces. Babar tells him not to show his anger on him. I would have killed my sister if I was at your place. Nusrat is in tears. She spots a knife in the fruit basket. Meethi holds her hand while she tries to hurt herself. Finally she slaps her so as to stop her from doing something foolish. Ansari looks on.

Meethi tells her not to punish her for something which she hasn’t done. Nusrat talks about dying. Meethi has hurt herself on her hand. Mumtaz Begum wants to tend to her wound but Meethi wants to talk to Babar. She knows that she is a guest here but she cannot sit quietly if a woman is being insulted. Mumtaz Begum tells her to be quiet but Rizvi ji wants Meethi to say what she wants to.

Meethi questions Babar as to why is he pointing fingers at Nusrat. Only because she loves someone else? She is a lot better than you in matters of etiquettes. She was ready to sacrifice her love for her parent’s sake and you are insulting her? Ansari interrupts her.

Precap: Maiyya and Gomti are in their room. They hear Meethi’s voice. I never thought that I will have to leave you. Akash comes there with Sankrant. He is holding the laptop in which the cd plays. Meethi confesses that she can never become a mother. But she wants him to move on. Maiyya and Gomti are shocked to see him.

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