Uttaran 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 14th February 2014 Written Update

Meethi and Maiyya come home. Everyone looks really tensed. Meethi asks Akash what happened. ambika continues to cry. Akash and everyone keep glaring / staring at Maiyya as she enters. Pavitra goes and tells Maiyya that she is happy that she is out of jail but a big drama has started here. Everyone believes Ambika’s story. Meethi is confused to see Ambika cry and asks her about it. Meethi wants to know what happened. Akash tells her to ask Maiyya whom you just got bailed. Will you (Maiyya) say something or I will have to tell her? Ask her why was she arrested….and I know she wont tell you the truth even if you ask. She tried to kidnap Ambika. This is why she was arrested. Right Maiyya? Meethi looks shocked. Ambika too affirms. Maiyya sent me to buy some medicines and sent some goons too to kidnap

me. It was good that my dad’s inspector was looking out for that goon or she might have gotten me killed today. Meethi tells Maiyya she lied to her even after swearing in the name of her son. Why? Is this true? Akash says her truth is out. What will she say now? Ambika tells them Maiyya got caught as she was just some distance away from the goons or else wouldn’t have come to know who is behind it. Akash believes Ambika’s honesty and humanity. It would have been in tomorrow’s papers otherwise. Ambika is feeling giddy. Sankrant had no faith on her already and today she proved it. You played the same game with Ambika that you had once tried with Meethi bhabhi. He and Ambika leave for their room. Akash calls it Meethi’s mistake that she got Maiyya out of the jail. You might have realised your mistake if you would have spent 2-4 nights there. He leaves as he gives up on her.

Meethi asks Maiyya why she lied to her. maiyya calls it her mistake. But I had thought what if I get her kidnapped as she was harming our family. gomti too realises what Maiyya was up to. Maiyya asks Meethi to trust her once. This is all Ambika’s plan. But Meethi asks her to stop it. I don’t want to hear anyone now. It is enough now. She leaves while Maiyya keeps on saying that she (Ambika) will ruin our whole family. we all will regret it a lot. Pavitra and Gomti trust her. maiyya wants Akash and Meethi’s trust otherwise there’s no point. Now I will have to show them Ambika’s true face. I will have to do this only now.

Vishnu has covered Mukta’s eyes and helps her sit. He has decorated the whole room with candles and the table is set for a romantic candle light dinner. She gets really happy and excited. He has cooked especially for her. She cannot believe it. He gives her a card which he has made for her on their valentine’s day. She loves his surprises. He wishes her a very happy valentine’s day. Life wouldn’t have been this beautiful without you. She too says the same and they both share a hug as they proclaim their love for each other.

Akash is standing by the window in his room when Meethi comes there. He cannot understand what Meethi is doing. Don’t you know Maiyya? Trusting her again even after knowing everything? You very well know that she used me against you once. You were meted out with the wrong treatment (cheated, lied, scheme). I did everything as per Maiyya’s wish. How can I forget those days when we were in Aatishgarh? Trusting her again is not sane or not the right thing to do. She did everything to take revenge from your Iccha ma. She might have some enmity with Ambika or her family that is why Maiyya is doing all this to avenge herself. Today Ambika is standing in your place and Maiyya is behaving the same way with her like she had behaved with you. Meethi recalls what all Maiyya had told her a while ago. Akash cannot forgive his mom ever. Meethi agrees that he is right. It isn’t that I haven’t thought about it but some things which Maiyya told me are true as well. Ambika’s marriage broke off with you. She is hurt because of that and maybe isn’t healed yet. Maybe this only is the reason Ambika wants to take revenge with us. Akash shakes his head helpless. The door of their room opens on its own. Meethi goes and then closes it. Ambika emerges from where she was hiding. She has heard everything and looks angry as Meethi’s words echo in her head.

Meethi notices that Akash’s mood isn’t good. This isn’t a time to argue. I will have to do something so that his mood changes for good.

Rathore picks up an envelope to keep it but a little envelope falls from it. It has a cd inside it so Rathore sits down to see it. It has a recording of when Maiyya had asked the inspector (Chaubey) to do something so that Rathore gets jailed for Nirbhay’s murder. Chaubey told Ekadish not to forget him once her work is done. I have recorded what you just said to me as one has to do something to save themselves.

Jogi comes to meet Rathore. He was worried as he couldn’t talk to him at Mukta’s house. I was a little worried. Rathore tells him the good news. Chaubey was trying to scare me with a false statement since years but I have it with me now. rathore shows him the papers. I have other medical certificates as well which can prove that Malvika was not in a state to issue a statement. Chaubey cannot do anything now. Jogi asks him what he will do with this now. Rathore says I haven’t decided yet but I will do what is right. Rathore understands his hesitance. I am fully aware of the circumstances and my responsibilities. I know Meethi is the DIL of the same house. I wont do anything wrong to set things right. Jogi looks assured and happy for him. He leaves while Rathore listens to the cd again. Rathore recalls how Maiyya had sent him to jail under the false accusation of killing Nirbhay.

Ambika comes to her room and Sankrant tells her that he was waiting for her. He closes the door and asks her to close her eyes. She wonders why he is acting so kiddidh. Sankrant has got a gift for Ambika as it is Valentine’s Day today. We celebrate love on holi in Aatishgarh but in cities people celebrate Valentine’s Day so I have got the first gift for you on our first valentine. She isn’t interested but has to give in as he persists. He goes to get the gift while Ambika recalls Meethi’s words. Sankrant gets a paper bag for her asking her to touch and tell what’s inside. She is in no mood to guess. It is a nightie which she throws on the bed. Are you mad to think that I will wear something like this? He tells her how he has brought something for his wife with love. what’s the problem in wearing it for your husband? Wear it once for me. she stays put. I wont wear it. He picks it up and keeps it back in the gift bag. She thinks, this mad husband wants to celebrate valentine’s day and I am tensed what if Meethi destroys my game. What if she makes me lose!

Precap: Meethi wakes up a sleeping Akash by pulling his nose. He asks her where is she going after dressing up so well. She takes his hand and leads him to the garden. It is beautifully decorated with a special table for them. she wishes him happy valentine’s day.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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