Uttaran 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 14th February 2013 Written Update

Starts with yesterday where Rathore calls back on the kidnapper’s phone. While Akash looks at it and disconnects, the kidnapper wakes the other guy who was sleeping and scolds him. Mukta shouts at him…who are you? If you think you are so brave then why are you hiding your face from me? Show me your face….show me who you are.

Akash takes the guy with him outside. Mukta shouts at the kidnapper…..who was this guy? Who do you work for? He was your boss for whom you work right? But why have you kept me here. She begs him to leave her for God’s sake at least. Gun shots are heard and Mukta stops abruptly. The kidnapper says…..if you don’t keep your mouth shut, you will be meted out with the same fate. She is too shocked to react.

Rathore again calls on that number. Mukta looks

at it & realises its him. The kidnapper disconnects it and then asks her about the number. She shouts that its my papa. He wont leave anyone. He will come for sure. Leave me or else he will not leave you all.
The kidnapper mocks her that whoever may he be….our boss is greater than everyone.
Saying so, he breaks the phone and Mukta starts crying again.

Rathore calls the Commissioner. He says I have an emergency.
Here, Mukta is upset that time is passing so swiftly. If the marriage rituals would have begun by now then what will I do? If the groom reaches there….what do I do now?

Rathore asks the Inspector if he got any news.
He says, no we too are trying her number…once the bell rang but after that the phone is switched off now. you give me 5 minutes, we are tracing the number and will tell you the location asap.
Rathore replies….I can give you that much time only. My daughter has been kidnapped. Please keep me informed.
He leaves from there hurriedly while Veer comes running after him and wonders where he has gone.

The servant shows Mai the varmala. She asks him to keep it at some place and bring out only when she asks.
Tej Singh comes and says even your varmala has come but my dream girl hasn’t come by now.
She replies that she did a mistake by trusting him. He cant do this much only.
Tej sees Damini approaching them and signals Mai who immediately changes her tone.
She shows concern…we are so worried…..don’t know where has she gone. She then says, Damini don’t get me wrong. But I think Mukta has some flaw in her. She dint turn up in mehendi too and now on the marriage day what if….
Damini cuts her mid sentence and asks her whats the point in repeating and digging the past. What will Mukta do by intentionally avoiding the ceremonies? She must be stuck somewhere.
Mai says…stuck? You are so naive Damini. On the mehendi day…did she come? Was she stuck somewhere…no right? I know that you don’t trust me…..you only trust the Thakur family. You know what Tappu did in Iccha’s marriage….Mukta is her daughter after all, isn’t she? Both mother daughter duo is playing games. See, Tappu is back in the same way in Bundela House…this time as my devrani (husband’s younger brother’s wife). And as soon as she came, she got herself half of his property. This is called Tapasya.
Anyways, why am I saying all this? I am being treated as a guest in my own granddaughter’s marriage. Saying so, she leaves from there.

Surabhi was checking the roses and notices Damini deep in thought. She comes to Surabhi and asks if she has any news about Mukta? Surabhi says, no…now I am worried too. Where would she be?
Tappu comes now and hears their convo.
Damini is worried that she isn’t home again….Surabhi notices Tappu near the stairs.
Tappu tries Mukta’s number but is dejected finding it switched off.

Akash is wearing sherwani (the bridal dress). He gets a call from Surabhi who asks him to guess who is coming to take him to Bundela House. He says, Jogi Thakur? She laughs and says yes with all the pomp and band. He will be reaching there soon.
He smiles saying the people of the world are so naive. I pity Jogi Thakur….from inside; he must be worried about Mukta. But he has come here to welcome me. He doesn’t know that I already have his one granddaughter in my custody and I am marrying the second one very soon too and after that she will be my captive too. He mocks that this is called…..the princess and the beast.

He hears the car horn. Checks Jogi Thakur from the window and tells his sister to go and get Meethi ready. She must look as beautiful as the moon. And however more she is happy today, her pain and sadness will increase all the more from today. Its going to be her last day of happiness today.
She asks him to come soon and disconnects the call.


All the ladies compliment Meethi that she is looking very beautiful. Iccha says that she is still not completely ready yet but still she is looking splendid.

Nani takes Divya aside and says, no one is worried where Mukta is. Everyone is busy with this Meethi. Even her phone is unreachable.
Divya irritatedly says what she should do now. Should she leave everything and go and search her. I am worried too…she dint come on the day of mehendi day and today too. I don’t know what I should do. Should I do what Tappu says or that what Thakur Sahab expects me to do. It is we who have raised Mukta. If anyone points any finger at her, it will automatically be raised in our direction. Let her come I will ask her only what she wants. And I don’t want anything to be said or done here at Bundela House. Everyone is worried already.
Nani says it is such an ominous thing to happen right now that Mukta isn’t here.
Divya begs her not to speak like that or anything regarding the past. Just pray to God that she reaches home safely. Rest we will talk about later. Now lets go back and join them or else everyone will notice our absence.

Tappu teases Meethi that she is looking so shy…has anyone seen a bride like that.
Iccha joins in saying….she looks familiar and just like me but her beauty is just like Tappu.
Tappu smiles after all I am her aunt (Massi)…there would be some effect of hers too, right. Iccha nd Meethi smile and agree.

Damini does her nazar utarana (done with red peppers to keep the evil eye away from someone). Surabhi says though thats done but she wont be able to avoid the groom’s eye. All share a hearty laugh.
Surabhi sees the bangles (shagun gift) and starts helping her wear it. Tappu too starts doing the same on the other hand. One bangle breaks from Surabhi.
Iccha recalls her dream and the bloodied hand imprints she had seen in the dream. She is super shocked and worried now. Background music of om trayambhakam is playing.

Nani says, Ram hi Rakhey, breaking of bangle on the wedding day is called ominous. The hands adorned with mehendi are cut too. This is just not right. All become worried listening to her.


Divya and Tappu tell Nani not to say something like this. There is nothing called ominous or auspicious. She does Meethi’s band aid and asks her if its paining now. she nods no.
Tappu smiles saying that our daughter is very strong.

Nani says I know you all think that i’m getting old…my thoughts are old…but what I am thinking is not wrong. Ram hi Rakhey, ancient people dint believe in all this just without any reason.
Divya asks her not to scare kids like this by saying all this.
Nani quietens herself saying Ram hi Rakhey.
Tappu wonders where mukta is.

Precap: Rathore is fighting with the goons while Mukta looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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