Uttaran 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 13th May 2013 Written Update

Thakur House:

Tappu comes to Divya’s room. She sees her sitting holding her head. Tappu back hugs her. Divya tells her she has a headache. Tappu very sweetly replies I understood it the same way you understand when my head aches. She starts massaging her head. I know what you are thinking. Today is mother’s day. You remember we used to have so much fun in the childhood – me and Icchki. Ammo must be thinking the same.
Divya says do you remember how once you and Iccha had danced on street to collect money for Damini. They show the flashback scene where Iccha and Tapu were dancing jovially. Divya says I was so angry on you. I couldn’t understand your emotions back then. Would you do something for me today? Tappu asks her to say it. Divya says do something that brings a smile on Damini’s

face on this Mother’s day. Tappu assures her that she will return Ammo’s smile today.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Pavitra is listing down items to bring from the market. Kajri comes there with another list and somehow makes her agree to take her along with her. Pavitra goes to take Gomti’s permission. Kajri thinks if I go out once then I will make the call somehow. I just hope Gomti bua agrees.

In the forest:

Kaki gives oil to Akash to massage Meethi’s feets. He looks at her with hurt expressions and the song Maula starts playing in the background. He starts massaging her feet and keeps glancing at her on and off. Next he puts her head on his lap and keeps wet cloth on her head to make her well. He keeps her head back in place and looks at her jhumki. He has tears in his eyes as he all their happy moments start flashing in front of his eyes.

Thakur House:

Damini is looking at Iccha’s photo. Tappu comes there with a piggy bank named (Icchki and Tappu’s piggy bank). She shows it to Ammo who sheds tears seeing it. Tappu wipes her tears saying I dint get it here to make you cry. These are memories which are unforgettable. It was the best phase of my life. You know the story behind it. It was mother’s day and we dint have money. So we danced on street to collect some money in this piggy bank. Damini nods her head.
Tappu says today is mother’s day. She takes her hand near her heart. Iccha too want to wish you the same – Happy Mother’s Day Ammo. Both share a hug. Divya enters. She says Damini, I understand your pain but if you share it, it will lessen. This is a bank of Iccha’s memories. I have never told you before but you are the best mother in this whole world. Tappu is very lucky to have 2 mothers. Divya smiles and Tappu happily hugs both of them.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Pavitra comes to Gomti. She takes money to buy stuff and asks if she can take kajri along with her. Gomti agrees but asks her to monitor her every move. Pavitra nods her head. Kajri was listening to their convo and is happy to see her plan working.

In the forest:

Vaidh ji (medicinal doctor) comes and checks Meethi’s eyes. He tells that nothing is working. Kaki adds that the poison is out but she isn’t gaining consciousness. Vaidh says maybe someone has done black magic on her or has cast their evil eye on her.
Akash recollects Maiyya’s cries. Who do you want alive – your mother or that Iccha’s daughter? You swear by my blood that you will kill Meethi. He thinks Maiyya however wrong you think about Meethi, I wont let her die. I wont let anything happen to her.

Aatishgarh Market:

Pavitra and Kajri are in the market buying tomatoes. Kajri notices her hiding 2 extra ones in her handbag ( 😛 ). She takes her to the water melon seller to buy one for Akash. She notices the PCO Booth and next notices a banner saying free beauty treatment. She butters Pavitra to go for it as it is free and she is looking dull these days. Pavitra falls in her trap and goes to get the treatment done.


Pavitra is super excited to get herself a free beauty treatment. The lady in the parlour confirms it. Meanwhile Kajri takes out the chit she was hiding in her waist and dials Meethi’s number. Tappu picks up after a long wait. Surabhi picks up the other line from upstairs.
Kajri asks if this is Meethi’s home. Tappu replies in affirmative.

Pavitra’s half-eyebrow of one eye gets wiped out by mistake. She curses the lady attendant and goes out crying. She hides it by her hairs and is looking around for kajri.

Kajri impatiently says I don’t have time to answer to your questions. Just tell me whether Meethi is home or not. tappu asks for her name, where she is calling from and who she is. She tells she is Kajri and says Meethi’s life is in danger. Do something to save her.

Pavitra is looking around for Kajri who notices her. She hurriedly disconnects the phone while Tappu keeps asking who she is. Surabhi turns around and is miffed with kajri. She has got so much strength that she is cheating bua ji (Ekadashi). We must take care of her now.



Pavitra sees Kajri coming out from the PCO side. She questions her if she had gone to call someone. Kajri denies saying she was feeling hot so had gone to stand in the shade. She notices her missing eyebrow and asks about it. Pavitra again starts curing the attendant they both head home.

Agarth is certain that one doesn’t take so much time to kill a girl. There is some problem for sure. Just then their phone rings and Nirbhay says it must be Akash. He picks up the phone saying have you done it? Surabhi says bhaiya, its me. He hands the phone to his dad.
Surabhi tells him that Kajri called here in Thakur House. Agarth asks Nirbhay about Kajri. He replies that she has gone to market with bua ji. Agarth tells him that your wife called up at Thakur House. Episode ends at Nirbhay’s face.

Precap: Akash is running around and clashing into people. He crashes in to one and the paper from his hand fell down. Akash apologizes to him and bends down to pick it up. He notices the missing pic in the paper (of Meethi and him) and picks it up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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