Uttaran 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 13th February 2013 Written Update

Bundela House:
Meethi is speaking to Yuvi’s photo. When we met, we dint recognize each other and when we did, you had gone so far from me. She hugs his photo. Tappu is looking at her affectionately. Meethi has a flashback of the time when Yuvi had tried to molest Mukta & Iccha had saved her then.
She hands over the frame to Tappu saying Massi, please keep my brother’s pic in my bag too. Tappu affectionately looks at the pic.
Meethi continues these relations, destiny is so strange. I don’t understand whether I should love my brother or hate him……after what he has done with Mukta…
Tappu cuts her off saying not to speak like that. Always remember that life gives one chance to everyone….always. Take me for example, I have done so many mistakes in the past

yet life gave me another chance. I got to meet my daughter too.

Damini comes and asks what are they busy discussing so seriously. She gives Meethi a gift. Meethi says album? Damini says no, memories. All 3 of them smile.
Damini continues looking at Tappu….it has pictures of everyone….our complete family. You will get married now & go to your home. We cant be with you always but our memories will be. Right Tappu.
Tappu becomes emotional.
Meethi sees the pic when Veer had come to their house. A complete family pic.
Then another of Veer & her’s (flashback when Veer had told her that he is her father).

Damini says….Meethi whenever you feel lonely you can see these pictures and remember us. You will right?
Meethi reminds her that she isn’t going so far that she will have to search them amongst these pictures. Your beloved daughter will stay near you only.
Tappu agrees…your father has got you a new house…that too nearby.
Damini hugs & kisses Meethi on her forehead.

Surabhi sees all this. She says see as many dreams as you want to…live all your dreams and happiness before the sun sets today. Because after tonight there will be darkness only. Amavasya’s darkness (amavasya – new moon day).

Tappu asks Ammo to show all this love on Meethi later later. Right now her princess has to go & get ready. She takes so much time in dressing up. Shall we Meethi?

Mai is checking the decorations, flower arrangements. Surabhi comes and asks her if she wants these flowers only. Mai smiles & says yes.
Meanwhile, Jogi, Divya & Nani enters. Pleasantries are exchanged.
Mai praises Surabhi that as soon as she came she got busy in the work. Surabhi says….after all its Meethi’s marriage…I will obviously. All smile. Damini too joins them now.
Mai now points towards Mukta…how she came & took the responsibility to bring the varmala. She says…she should have come by now…right Surabhi?
Surabhi….yes, its very late now.

Divya becomes worried now. She asks if she has gone very far. Mai says no it’s nearby only.
Iccha comes now and asks Surabhi if Mukta’s phone wasn’t charged properly as her phone is switched off.
Surabhi says…dont know but I know that she did take her phone along with her.
Nani is concerned & says why did she go alone? There are so many cars…..Ram hi rakhey she should have come by now.
Iccha too says don’t know where she has gone.
Mai now tries to justify herself. How would I know that she dint take car? She thinks to herself….now my work here is done. She smirks & excuses herself saying…she forgot to give the gold coin meant to be given to pandit ji. She goes to fetch it.

Tappu was listening to all of it. She asks Jogi about Mukta. Before Damini could answer, Surabhi saya don’t know. She had gone to bring the varmala…its very late already. How will the marriage happen now? Veer says he will call.
Iccha tells him its of no use….her no. is switched off. I have tried a lot many times already.
Tappu is tensed now & is thinking of the past incidences where Mai had accused her….like mother like daughter…its in Thakur’s blood after all to cause trouble in marriages.

Rathore enters now. Tappu says if the past is going to repeat itself? Iccha assures her that nothing like that will happen.
Rathore asks what Mukta did now.
All look at him worriedly.

Rathore approaches them & repeats the question for Tappu. She stutters & bows down her head. He is looking at her angrily.

Mukta in the locked up place…is crying very badly. One of the goons is keeping an eye on her. He tells her that its no use of crying. He continues with his drink. Mukta while looking around the place spots the key nearby only. She searches for something and finds an iron rod. She takes it and very carefully goes to take the key. Fails in the first time & when she tries again, the kidnapper’s phone rings.

He picks it up & assures his boss that the bird is in the cage. I will take care of her…you don’t have to worry about it. I will stay here only. After the call he checks at Mukta (who pretends to be asleep). He decides to take some rest now….places the mattress on floor & lies down to sleep.

Rathore is angry now. He says before doubting Mukta or assuming anything….has anyone thought where she is. What if she is in some danger?
Iccha & Tappu look up at him. Tappu asks danger? What kind of danger? What are you trying to say? Maybe you don’t understand the situation.
Rathore says, our daughter is missing since half day and you are talking about situation.
Damini controls the situation and asks both of them to calm down. Mukta will come. Surabhi smirks seeing this.

Rathore calms himself and then says….whether someone is worried or not, I am. Any of you does something or not I will do.
Tappu wants to stop him but he leaves already. Veer says her will stay with him. Tappu tries to stop Veer but in vain.

Damini tells Iccha…Meethi should not know about any of this. You have to be careful about this.
Jogi & Divya are disturbed at the recent happenings. Everyone is upset except Surabhi.
Tappu wonders where she has gone…she doesn’t tell me anything. She cries.

Rathore is frustrated as Mukta’s no. is not reachable. He has flashback of the sangeet ceremony when Mukta had told him that no one believes her because Meethi thinks that I like Vishnu & want to marry him. Veer comes to him & assures him that she will come. Rathore says her phone is switched off. It has never happened before.
Rathore is in deep thoughts.

Mukta spots the phone & notices the guy sleeping. She drags it near her in the second attempt. Dials Rathore’s number….he disconnects it twice. Here Mukta dials again and wishes that he picks it soon. Irritated, he picks up in the third time & shouts who’s this? Mukta says….papa, its me. He asks her where she is. Before she can say anything the kidnapper comes and takes the phone from her & locks her again. Rathore is stills shouting if she is there. He tries to call back.


The kidnapper hands it to Akash (his back is towards her). Mukta can only see his back…she comes towards the front and shouts who are you? If you think you are so brave…..why are you hiding your face from me? She keeps on shouting while Akash is smiling & looking at the phone. Episode ends on his face.

Precap: Mai says, Damini….you are so naive. You do remember what happened on the day of mehendi right? I know that you don’t trust me…..you only trust the Thakur family. You know what Tappu did….Mukta is her daughter after all, isn’t she? Tappu is listening to it from far.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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