Uttaran 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 12th March 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Sankrant cursing Meethi even though Maiyya tries to stop him. Just like my Ambika was yearning today the same way you too will yearn every day every minute of your life. You will never be happy Meethi. She is crying. Akash tries to stop him but he walks away. Meethi is sad that Sankrant cursed her. I haven’t done anything. Akash has tears in his eyes too. Maiyya is sad for her and tries to calm her down. You knew the truth Maiyya. Saying so she starts banging her head but Maiyya stops her. Maiyya wishes that the curse befalls on her instead of Meethi who again pleads for her innocence. Sankrant is like a brother to me. How can I snatch his happiness from him? Akash holds her while they both cry. Maiyya is crying too. The inspector informs them that their time is up. Meethi doesn’t

want Akash to go leaving her here. Inspector tries to pull him but Maiyya asks him to let him stay for 2 more minutes as Meethi is scared. A lady constable comes to pull Maiyya and the inspector tries to pull Akash from Meethi. She is crying non stop as she wants Akash to stay with her. Meethi doesn’t want to let go of his hand and he assures her that he wont let anything happen to her. Maiyya and Akash are finally pulled away. Maiyya keeps reassuring her that they wont let anything happen to her. Have faith. Meethi shouts for Akash to take her from here.

Akash is sitting somewhere when Rathore passes by from there and notices him. Akash tells him that Meethi cannot do anything like this. You know her before me. She cannot do this. She herself is a daughter and she wont do this ever. She is Iccha ma’s daughter. You will help me in taking her out of the jail right? Rathore puts his hand on Akash’s shoulder and then leaves from there.

Mukku and Vishnu have come to Thakur House. Mukku asks Damini to join them too but she will eat later. Damini says if I knew that you both are coming then I would have called Meethi and Akash too. Mukku decides to call Meethi but her number is unreachable. Nani asks Vishnu about his job. You got this job because of Mukta only right? Mukku decides to call Akash. Nani continues taunting Vishnu. It would have been better if you would have joined Rathore. You would neither be called a servant plus will have the reputation of a boss. A big house, big car! Ram hi Rakhey, you wouldn’t know of Rathore’s work. Rathore enters Thakur House. Jogi notices him. He asks Damini to get food for Rathore too. He asks him to join them but Rathore stays put. This surprises everyone. Jogi goes to talk him. Rathore stands there all lost even though Jogi, Nani keep asking him what happened. Rathore takes Meethi’s name. Everyone goes to hear it. He tells them that Meethi is in police custody. Damini too hears this. She drops the plate which is in her hand. She wants to know more. They are all confused as to how could this be. Rathore tells them that she been charged with the crime of killing Ambika. Everyone is stunned. Jogi recalls Rathore’s words how he wanted to tell Ambika that he is her father. Mukku also remembers her father’s words. Vishnu too realises his pain.

Meethi is sitting in her cell sadly. They all get food but Meethi doesn’t even touch her plate so her inmates pick it. She recalls her rude behavior when she had acted rudely with her mom when she had come to know she was a criminal. She cries. I am innocent ma. You know I haven’t done anything. She keeps on repeating it as she cries.

Akash talks to his lawyer about bail. Maiyya continues to cry thinking about Meethi. Nothing will happen to her. I have full faith that she will be free. He is sure she must be happy as this was her only wish. Your one DIL died because of the burns and the other one is in jail. Go and distribute sweets in the whole city as it is a very good day for you. She tries to stop him but he continues talking. You first took Meethi on your side. Don’t know what you did but you took out both the thorns from your way. She declines. I agree I don’t like Ambika but I have no enmity with Meethi. She is my DIL try to understand it. He asks her to stop it. You are only acting. One person died in this house because of you. She denies. I agree I have made many mistakes but this time I am saying the truth. She notices the knife kept in the fruit basket and picks it up. She slashes her wrists and Pavitra shouts in shock. Akash too is shocked. She asks him if he trusts her now. Meethi is my Dil. She is like a daughter to me. I am telling you she is not my enemy. They all rush to her. He throws away the knife and covers her hand with his hankie. I haven’t done anything and neither has your wife done anything. She had gone to save her family by bringing out Ambika’s reality. She got a proof but then Ambika called her so Meethi ran to meet her. Did you not hear how Meethi was shouting that Ambika ignited herself. Gomti gets first aid box for her. Meethi asks him to trust his mom for the last time. Your wife is innocent save her. Akash is unable to understand who to trust but it is sure that someone has cast his evil eye upon his family.

Chaubey walks in angrily in the police station. He wants to see Meethi and even slaps an inspector. He tries to stop him from taking law in his hands but Chaubey is really angry. He wants to walk inside Meethi’s cell and ask her how dare she touch his daughter. Meethi steps back scared. He cries for his daughter and her unborn children. He warns the inspector that he wont be spared if his daughter’s killer isn’t punished. He also warns Meethi that he would make sure she is hanged for this crime. She again says that she hasn’t killed Ambika.

Rathore is in the police station. Inspector tells him how it is impossible for Meethi to be out of jail now. You were there yet you dint see anything. He rues that people of this city don’t want to cooperate with police. Tell me what you saw. Rathore recalls how he saw Ambika shouting at Meethi to leave her. Inspector brings him back to reality. Meethi Chatterjee has killed her sister-in-law. You were present there but you did not see anything. Rathore remarks that she is Iccha ji’s daughter. Inspector doesn’t buy it. He asks him to come tomorrow. They hear Meethi shouting at Ambika not to do it. Don’t light the match. Uncle tell her to stop. Rathore runs towards her cell while she pleads to people to stop Ambika. She looks really scared and keeps on crying. Rathore is sad to see her thus. She sits in a corner muttering to herself asking uncle to save Ambika from doing it.

Precap: Damini wants to meet Meethi. Akash assures her that he wont let anything happen to Meethi. Jogi and everyone else wants to meet her too. She is my granddaughter and she hasn’t done anything. Sankrant hears it all and calls it a lie. Your beloved Meethi has killed my Ambika.

Update Credit to: pooja

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