Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 12th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with last scene from yesterday. Surbhi hears Mukta talking to Vishnu. Tej Singh is getting upset that Mukta is not leaving the house.
Vishnu asks Mukta if she’s the one who came to meet him in Satara? She says yes and asks him if he’s in Satara right now?
He says, no I’m in Mumbai but I’m going back and thought I should give you a call before leaving.
She gets excited and asks him where he is right now, she wants to meet him urgently.
Vishnu says, I’m at the Dadar bus depot.
Mukta asks him not to leave and she will come to meet him.
He agrees to wait for her. Mukta leaves to meet him.

Tej Singh is happy to see her leaving. He calls his men and informs them that she has left the house. He says that if they make

a mistake, he will break their legs and take their tongue out as well.

Surbhi calls Akash and tells her that we’ve got a huge problem’ Mukta has gone to meet the real Visnhu. Akash cuts himself while shaving and gets furious.
He says, I will take care of this Mukta. He asks Surbhi to send her the address.
Surbhi says, I will message it to you immediately.
He says, I will look after it.
He wipes his face and looks in the mirror angrily.

Mukta in the auto-rickshaw asking the driver to hurry up because she’s getting late.

Tej’s man calls him and tells him we’re at the designated place. Tej asks them to stay there until she comes.

Mukta thinks, I wish everything goes well today. I just want to meet the real Vishnu once.

Vishnu waiting for Mukta. She gets of the auto and pays him. She starts walking to where Vishnu is sitting with his back towards her.
She’s moving forward when a guy pretending to sell newspapers blocks her way and asks her to buy a paper. Mukta refuses’ he puts a gun on her under the newspaper and says if she makes a noise he will kill her right there. A van comes and stops behind Mukta and the guy asks her to go inside.
Mukta says, keep the gun away from me or I will yell’ he says, not a single word out of your mouth or I will fire the gun.
Mukta sees Vishnu sitting in the restaurant’ she’s about to call him, but is only able to say “Vish'” when the guy puts a hand on her mouth and puts her in the van.
When the van leaves, Vishnu turns around and wonders if Mukta is going to come or not? He thinks, how long should I wait for her? Why didn’t she come? He calls a taxi.

Veer gives a basket of sweets in the police station. Policeman says thank you and asks them for tea/coffee? Veer says, we only want to meet our son, if you permit us.
Veer says to Icha, I applied for Yuvi’s parole so he can attend the marriage, but unfortunately the court rejected our application.
Icha says, it’s all my fault’ all blame is on me. I could never give happiness to my son. Today Meethi is getting married and my son is here!
She cries and says, I am a mother and I still can’t do anything.
Veer says, it’s not your fault.
Icha says, whoever’s fault it is, the pain is a mother’s. I don’t tell anyone, but I think of Yuvi day and night’ destiny separated a child from his mother in childhood.
Veer asks her to stop crying, the past is gone’ we cannot change it, but we can at least try to make the future better ‘ for our daughter, for Yuvi. Think about that.
A constable comes and whispers something in the policeman’s ears.
Icha gets excited that she can meet Yuvi now’
The policeman says, I’m sorry he doesn’t want to meet you guys.
Icha cries, see? My son doesn’t want to meet me. He hates me.
Veer asks her to control herself. It’s not his fault, it’s Mai’s fault who misled him. He will change, Icha’ he will eventually change’ we will come back again’ we will keep coming until it becomes right. He’s our blood, we’re his parents’ keep yourself calm and under control. He might feel the love for his parents in the loneliness of jail, he’s our blood!
Icha asks the policeman to give Meethi’s marriage invitation to Yuvi.
The policeman gives the card to a constable to take to Yuvi.
Icha says, please tell him it’s his sister’s marriage. He can hate me however much he likes, but please wish the best for his little sister.
Veer smiles and looks at Mukta.

Mukta is taken to a godown and thrown on the floor. Her face is covered by a cloth and she’s screaming.
The men take the cloth off her face and she’s scared to see strange people around her. She screams more’ Help, leave me!
The men hold her and put her in a jail-like cell.
She says, why are you putting me here? She cries and screams and asks them to open the door.
The man who kidnapped her puts a gun to her and says if you don’t stop making noises, I won’t take a minute to kill you.
Mukta goes quiet and starts crying uncontrollably.

Tej calls his men and the man who kidnapped Mukta picks up the phone and says, the bird is in the cage. Mukta yells who’re you talking to? Who do you belong to?
The man walks away from her and says, she’s really noisy. Akash bhai, our life is available for you.
Mukta thinks, Akash? The one who got me kidnapped is Akash?
Is it the same Akash who’s marrying Meethi by pretending to be Vishnu? But why? Because he’s scared that I will be able to stop the marriage?? But how did he find out that I was going to meet the real Vishnu. What do I do? How do I get out of here? Oh God, please help me.

Tej keeps dialing the phone’ Gunwanti comes and asks if there’s some news?
Tej says, I’m calling them they’re not picking up. Gunwanti says, your men are useless just like you. Tej makes faces.

Tej’s men talk to each other. They say the girl didn’t come here at all’ I will give him a call.
He calls Tej and says the girl didn’t come here at all.
Tej is shocked and gets angry at them, that she would have come and gone. Tej asks him to keep an eye.
Gunwanti asks what happened? Tej says, she didn’t reach there.
Gunwanti says, she didn’t go there? Then where is she?

Akash says, she’s exactly where she belongs. In my control.
Surbhi laughs and says, finally that obstacle in our path is also removed.
Akash says, now she’s gone as well. Now if only I could find the real Vishnu, I would have kidnapped him too.
Surbhi says, he must be around there somewhere.
Akash says, my men looked for him, but couldn’t find them. But I’m not scared of real Vishnu, I was scared of Mukta. Now she wouldn’t be able to get away from me in time for the marriage.
Surbhi smiles.
He says, now it’s time for the bridegroom to get ready’ now my marriage will happen, and Ichaji’s family will be ruined.
Surbhi asks him to come quickly and ends the call.
Both smile at their phones.

Episode ends.

Precap: Mukta whispers in her phone and says, “Papa, this is Mukta. These guys have brought me…”. A man snatches her phone away and gives it to Akash. Akash takes the phone and looks at it. His back is to Mukta. Mukta says, who are you? Why are you hiding your face?? I dare you to come in front of me!

Update Credit to: crisps21

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