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Meethi tries to make Maiya understand to take her promise back and she does. Aksah tells Nandini to come and she does come in and follows Akash while Rani stands with Meethi. Maiya says to Meethi that you will suffer and leaves. Akash says to that he never thought that his past will come like that and says that Meethi is his present and future and says that I will do anything for Meethi. Akash says that Meethi made me better and today I am Meethi’s Akash and I have forgotten you. He says that it will better for us all if you go from all our lives.
Nandini says that Meethi is great person and there aren’t many like her. Nandini says that she didn’t came for herself but for Rani. Nandini says that after today it doesn’t matter If I am in her life or not, but I know that you will take care

of her. Nandini says that I know I am your past but Rani isn’t and wants Akash to give Rani a better life. Nandini promises to never meet Rani after this while Rani listens to all of this from the door.

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Vishnu is wondering in the streets thinking about what Nani said. A car comes and hits him and the man apologizes and gives him money, Vishnu says that I don’t want any money and will not complain. The man apologizes again and gives him more money saying that I know driving after drinking is not allowed. The man gives him money and leaves; Vishnu walks up a few steps and then wants to give the money in the name of the lord but hesitates. He decides to keep the money and leaves from the place.
Meethi is wondering about what happened earlier when she sees Rani crying and asks her the reason. Rani says that she doesn’t wants to lose her mother and says that I am talking about Chameli. She says that Chameli is going to leave and asks Meethi to stop Chameli. Meethi promises to do so and Rani is very certain of Meethi. Nandini and Akash come downstairs and they confront each other.
Akash says to Meethi that I have decided that Nandini will leave and Rani will stay with us as a daughter. Meethi says that did you think about yourself and mine and did you ask Nandini. Meethi says that Rani needs the love of a mother and so Nandini will not go anywhere and Rani will not be happy. Meethi says that you are making a mistake and are not realizing it. Akash says that I don’t understand what you are trying to say while Meethi says that Rani only wants the love of a mother and that only be give by Nandini.
Meethi says that Rani is daughter and the heir of this house. Maiya who is standing upstairs agrees with Akash and wants Nandini to leave. Maiya wants Nandini to leave and says that she can’t stay here. Meethi tries to make Maiya understand and says that Rani is your blood as well. Maiya is still not satisfied and wants Nandini to leave and says that this woman will strike againt you. Meethi says that when trust breaks it hurts and I know how much.
Meethi says that she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt and says that Rani is just a kid. Maiya agrees and Rani is happy to know that Nandini can stay here. She hugs Maiya and thanks Meethi, Meethi says that I would have done this without even promising you. She goes to show Nandini her room while Nandini says that I have never seen such a great person like you. Meethi says that you can stay here without hesitation and I don’t break promises as it hurts a lot.
Meethi is crying in her room and remembering what Maiya said earlier. The photo of Akash and Nandini flies to his feet as he enters the room. Meethi wipes her tears while Akash takes the photo and tears it in front of Meethi.

Precap: Akash apologizes to Meethi and says that I am the one who should be punished. Akash says that till I prove that I love you only and you forgive I will not enter our room.

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