Uttaran 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 11th January 2013 Written Update

Bundela House:

Starts with Veer shouting on Mai to first give him the answers to his questions minus the lies. Iccha was and is my wife and still you made me marry Amla? Iccha saved my life that day in the accident. I lost my memory, ye you di’t share anything with me. Why Mai??
Mai says has Tapasya again instigated you against me? Veer replies no, I have regained my memory. Whatever has happened with me in the past, Iccha being Teacherji, never told me anything. But you knew it all and that she was Iccha, my wife. And you never shared it with me. Mai says its a lie! Tapasya intervenes saying why can’t it happen? Tappu asks Veer to ask Mai one last question as to which medicine does she gives him? Amla says that is to become stronger and healthy. Tappu replies no, that medicine makes one loose their memory and I have the reports. That medicine was arranged by Mai specially for Veer. All are shocked.

They all go in flashback and realise how Veer once had shared with Tappu about remembering Iccha and tells him that she couldn’t give you the medicine in the hospital that’s why you had remembered Iccha. Amla too understands why Mai never let her touch that medicine. Tapasya shares with Mai how she changed the medicine with sugar powder. Veer’s Baba also breaks down saying all this while I knew the truth, yet dint share with Veer because of you but I never knew you will stoop so low. See, no one got any benefit from it, neither you, nor Iccha and not even Amla.

Veer is heartbroken and asks Mai as to why instead of giving the slow poison of lies she dint kill him in one go. Mai slaps Veer and says whatever I did was for your own good. Veer replies you were my Mai and now you are dead for me. Everyone is shocked to hear this and leaves the hall one by one. Baba says, we lost our one child to God and the second one, because of you. He too leaves from there.


Meethi waiting for Vishnu. Mukta comes there and Meethi taunts her regarding her intentions towards Vishnu. She says just like Aman, you want to snatch away Vishnu from me too. Just then, Vishnu arrives. Meethi leaves with him.

Shraddha (their college friend) looks at Vishnu and after they are gone, asks Mukta who he was and that she has met jhim before but doesn’t remember where, in a party or college.Mukta is more confused about Vishnu’s truth now.

Tapasya’s Room:

Tapasya looks at a picture (sorry missed the scene) and cries saying she has fulfilled the promise that she had made to her daughter and has also done penance for the mistake done 19 years ago.
Veer comes to thank Tappu and they both talk about getting Iccha back but also discuss the fact that Amla has no fault in this. She was brought in the house by destiny. Tappu says that Iccha had never in the past and now too, will never fight for her rights. But Veer disagrees with her saying he cant do this to Amla. Amla was listening to all this outside.


Veer’s Room:

Veer remembers how he met Iccha in Jail and she introduced herself as Teacherji to him. He rues the fact that she never spoke the truth and never went against Mai and on the other side there is Mai who said all the lies to keep her away from him. Amla comes and tells him that she married him for stability, wealth and everything that I could dream of. But it was a big mistake. Veer apologises on Mai’s behalf. She says that she withdraws all her rights from the house and him from the moment. Though she is a villager but she understands that Veer never got divorced from Iccha and legally they are still husband and wife and her relation with him is legally unacceptable. She will go away from him and apologises for her mistakes.


Thakur House:

Mukta self thought that she doesn’t want Meethi to go through the same pain like Iccha Maa and that’s why she is searching about Vishnu. The truth is sometimes not what it appears to be. She sees her phone and finds 3 missed calls from Shraddha. When she calls back, Shraddha shares with her that she dint met Vishnu in the college. And rather his name is not Vishnu, its Akash- Akash Chatterjee. The episode ends on Mukta’s shocked face.

Mukta outside college hostel and hears a noise to see that Shraddha has fallen from the hostel balcony on top of the car. She is shocked and sees a shadow passing through the corridor.

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