Uttaran 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 10th September 2013 Written Update

Mukku says what’s the point of crying now is. Would I get Vishnu back? Will my life be alright? Why are you doing this drama now? Would I get Vishnu back in my life by this? Vishnu too comes there. He too asks Meethi why she did this. You knew that I and Mukta were seeing this dream of getting married in that same mandap. Then why did you cheat me by taking Mukta’s place? I was supporting you in that drama truly then why did you cheat me? She tries to say something but he doesn’t let her. You did this only so that Akash can lose? She declines and is about to explain when Damini comes there. She has come to call Meethi and Vishnu for vidai. Mukku wipes her tears and so does Meethi. No one moves an inch and Damini looks at them confused. Mukku and Vishnu look at each other. Mukta is the first

to walk out of the room followed by Vishnu. damini asks her what happened to Mukta. But she smiles the very next moment. Both friends wont be together anymore that’s why both are crying. Meethi doesn’t say anything in reply. Vidai is a mixture of happiness and sadness. You too would be feeling your Anni would be very happy to send you away. Yes I am happy that you are going to your husband’s house to start your new life. Plus I am sad too that you are going away from this house and me for forever. A woman’s life is like that only…a conjunction of sorrow and happiness. This is the gist of a woman’s life. She kisses her on her forehead and they both go from there.

Akash stands next to a tree holding onto it. He looks up at the sky at there is lightening sounds. He yells out a loud why. Why did you give this pain to me? I am all broken today. My existence was your love you burned it down to pieces tonight. He is crying now.

Meethi is throwing pressed rice as per the ritual of vidai. A chant begins as she moves towards the threshold of Thakur House. Damini is watching it from far as Meethi turns to hug Jogi. Mukku looks her way too. Mukku and Vishnu look at each other as Meethi turns to hug everyone turn by turn. Tappu blesses her to be happy always. Damini blesses them that their relation be just like Veer and Iccha’s. Meethi recalls Vishnu’s words as to why you did this to us. Meethi hugs Damini telling her to take care of her health. Meethi hugs Nani now who too blesses her to be happy. Next is Surabhi who says don’t know why my heart says if Maiyya hadn’t come here then this wouldn’t have happened. But I know this too that no one can love you as much as my brother does. Still I will pray with a pure heart that you both stay happy. Meethi is trying hard not to cry. She hugs Rohini next. Mukku looks away angrily as Meethi comes to hug her. She looks at Vishnu all this while. Meethi murmurs a sorry but Mukta literally pushes her away. Vishnu looks down helplessly. He leaves with Meethi while Mukku keeps looking at him nonstop. Tappu and Jogi talk about Rathore. He assures her he will see what needs to be done. They join everyone for the vidai again.

Akash is sitting at the bus stand all sad when someone puts a hand on his shoulder. He calls out Maiyya and turns back…indeed it is her. He looks up at his Maiyya with tears in his eyes. She sits down next to him and wipes his tears. No need to say anything as I know everything. You have been hurt badly as she went away with someone else. She dint care about you. I was worried about his only. This is why I was telling you to come back but you were busy with good things and bad things. You wanted to do penitence. Done now? Now what…nothing. How will that Meethi, her family and that Iccha know about true love? I know the truth let the world say anything. She was your father’s killer. And then she became the Maiyya of Kanha to take over all the wealth of your father. This city people are bad. Let it be. Let us go back to Aatishgarh. He cries hard hugging his mother. She tells him not to….I have raised you inside me for 9 months. Would you be able to hide your pain from me? What is that girl’s love in front of my motherly love? Stop crying and forget her.

Meethi and Vishnu are in Vishnu’s room. He says what have you got me into. Why? Answer me. I was to marry Mukta. Her dad called me up and told me everything was set then why did you turn up as the bride? Tell me why did you play this game with me? She takes Damini’s swear. Trust me I am not lying. I dint knew you and Mukta love each other. He retorts but you knew who you love. You knew we were playing a drama. Truth is you wanted revenge from Akash…you wanted to give him pain and that’s why you snatched our happiness from us. She is in denial.


He says I got up from the mandap as well but I was made to swear on teacher didi. But why did you keep quiet till then end? We have taken the 7 vows around the holy fire. How would you live this relation now? Tell me how? You don’t have any answer. I am in this relation because of my teacher didi. She had always taught me to stand by the truth. But her daughter has based her life on lies. Everyone takes teacher didi’s name but you both are poles apart. I will never forgive you. He is almost out of the room when she tells him to hear her once. I will accept all your punishments after that. Truth is that I realised I love Akash a lot and cannot stay without him. I had gone to stop him for that reason only. Flashbacks are shown – bus stop. But when I came home I saw Maiyya there and was talking badly with Anni. Another flashback is shown where Damini was all hyper and how she agreed to marry Vishnu. You only tell me what could I do? I had no other option. I had only option. He says….one option right? Ok agreed Anni dint want you to return to Anni or Aatishgarh but you could have refused to marry or will marry whoever she wants to. Why me? You knew I wasn’t ready for this wedding then why did you do this? Today because of you, your revenge 4 lives are ruined – Akash, Mukta, you and me. You have broken everyone’s dreams. You have ended everything. She asks him to believe her once. I dint knew you and Mukta love each other so much. If I would have known then I wouldn’t have let this marriage happen. Don’t know why in a second destiny played with our lives like this. He turns frustrated telling her not to put it on destiny. She is to be blames. First of all you lied to everyone in the family and then got entangled in that spun of lies. And you got me in as well. You have done very wrong. You have ended everything. She is crying and he makes an exit from the room.

Precap: Mukku’s head is in Nani’s lap who asks her if she is missing Meethi. mukta gets up at once. I don’t want to talk about her at all. Nani agrees not to ask anything which she doesn’t want to tell. But would your Nani not know it without you telling it? What Iccha did to your mom has that?? Meethi says (to Vishnu) how I can spend my life with you knowing fully well you are Mukta’s love / life. He answers….WAS….not anymore.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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