Uttaran 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 10th March 2014 Written Update

Vishnu wants to know why Yuvaan is troubling him. What have I done? Did you employ me to insult me? Yuvi throws an envelope towards him. Don’t forget who you are talking to. Vishnu knows it very well. I am talking to my CEO, Yuvaan. I don’t want to work here. Yuvi asks him to resign right away if that’s what he wants. We have ample talent here. You aren’t doing some favor on me by working here. Yuvi looks at Mukta through his cabin glass while Vishnu stands there shocked by his words. I had decided something else for you. I had thought that you are hard working, talented and want to grow but some people are born to fend for themselves. Some people enjoy to work under their wives. Vishnu asks him not to involve his wife in this. Tell me straight. Yuvi affirms that I am saying it clear on your

face. I have heard so much about your work. You don’t leave any work pending so I thought to give you a chance. I guess you enjoy having lunch here with your wife and travelling in bus. I have had enough of you. You can accept this transfer letter if you want to continue to work here and if not then go and get your dues cleared from the accounts department. Vishnu looks at the envelope.

Meethi comes home calling out for Maiyya. She shows her the video clip. Pavitra and Gomti see it too. They are all shocked. Maiyya has been proved right. Meethi tried calling Akash and Sankrant but their phones are not reachable. I tried sending the video too there is some problem with the network. She tries Akash again and this time she picks up. She asks him and Sankrant to come asap. They are busy with some important work but she insists. I have found such a proof against Ambika that all her lies will be exposed. Akash looks at Sankrant and moves a little away. I have told you so many times that I don’t want to hear anything against Ambika and you continue to say the same thing over and over again. He cuts the call. She dials again. He tells her he cannot come but she requests him to come over as it is important for both of them to know. She makes him swear by her name. If I make any mistake this time then I ready for whatever punishment you want to give me. He agrees to come home along with Sankrant. Maiyya only wishes that this Ambika doesn’t create another drama before her sons reach home. The landline phone rings. Meethi picks and it is Ambika. She asks Meethi to come and meet her at some place. Maiyya signals her not to fall for her words. Meethi denies. Now Akash and Sankrant will come to meet you at whichever place you are. Ambika only wants to meet her but Meethi denies. I don’t want to meet you Ambika Chatterjee. I have come to know everything. Ambika points out that she may think so but whatever you have seen / heard in the nursing home was just a drop of the whole truth. Don’t get so happy over it. Wont you want to know what happened how and when? Come fast I don’t have time. Meethi doesn’t want to meet or hear her. You can come home and tell me everything. Ambika threatens to commit suicide if she doesn’t come to meet her. You only have 20 minutes. Come alone. Remember not to act smart as maybe no one would be able to reach me but the police will reach there with my suicide news. Meethi tries to talk sense to her but Ambika cuts the call. Meethi tells Maiyya about it and leaves even though Maiyya keeps on asking her to tells where she is going. Gomti is happy. Your one enemy will anyways be over while the other enemy’s story will also send while trying to save the first one. She gets a slap from Maiyya which shocks both the sisters. Maiyya explains how Meethi was the only one who trusted her when none of her sons believed her. She has gone alone to find out the truth to save my family. What to do if I have started respecting her! Her mom is really great / blessed that she gave birth to a daughter like her.

Vishnu reads his transfer letter. Just when he signs it Mukta comes there. He apologizes to Mukta for the way he behaved with her and she forgives him. I am happy though that you accepted this offer. I am sure you will go far in life and will be very successful. He holds her hand in his. I am only scared that we both don’t move away from each other while trying to be successful.

Rathore sees Ambika and Meethi going somewhere together and is confused. He cannot help himself from recalling how Meethi blamed Ambika for everything.

Ambika climbs the stairs of some fort while Meethi is following her trying to stop her. What is this truth for which you have brought me here? Ambika continues walking and Meethi stops her. I wont come with you anywhere now. Ambika wanted to bring her here only. Meethi has been forced to come here by threatening her for suicide but not anymore. No more dramas will help you now as this proof is more than enough to prove you guilty. Meethi plays the video clip for her. Ambika snatches the phone from her and throws it at the ground. Meethi shouts out loudly at her. Rathore comes there and sees their car parked there. He looks confused.

Ambika tells Meethi Chatterjee that her proof is finished. Now prove it that my being pregnant was a lie. Meethi has already shown it to Maiyya and her sisters. Rathore tries calling Meethi but her phone is lying broken on the ground. He too starts climbing the stairs so as to go and see what’s happening. Ambika is glad she doesn’t have to tell anyone anything now. Get ready to hear all the truth now. She starts with the Shimla incidents confessing that she did all this followed by the fan incident. Rathore is still trying Meethi’s number but to no use. He continues walking. Ambika shares how she made Maiyya’s sons stand against her. Meethi wants to know the reason behind all of it. Why do you hate all of us so much? What did you get by doing all this? Ambika blames her for Akash broke their relation after engagement. He said no to me. The one who will say no to me will have to ebar the consequences of it and his family too…just like you will have to, after a while. Meethi tells her firmly that Akash is hers. Akash Chatterjee only loves me and he is only mine. You will never be able to get him. Ambika gets irritated and screams at her to be quiet. Rathore hears this too. He starts looking around for them in the direction of the voice. Ambika tells Meethi that Akash is hers. You and Akash will be away from each other starting from today itself. Meethi asks her what game will she play now. Your game is over. I, Meethi Akash Chatterjee, the elder DIL of Ekadish Chatterjee, challenges you that from today onwards you wont be successful in playing any games and this is my promise to you. A chant plays while AMbika smirks. The game will begin now. She heads somewhere while Rathore continues to look for them. Ambika picks up the kerosene oil. Meethi is sure she will act to commit suicide or might try to kill her. Ambika wont get anything by killing her. I will get something only if I die. I have called on 100 and have told them that a woman is trying to kill me and has forcefully brought me here in this fort. Rathore is unable to find them still. Ambika starts pouring the kerosene over it while Meethi tries to stop her. They both stare at each other when Ambika is one.

Precap: Ambika lights a match stick while Meethi looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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