Uttaran 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 10th July 2013 Written Update

Next morning, Meethi wakes up and notices Mukta sleeping peacefully. She is passing by the window when she stops remembering about Akash. She looks outside. He is very much there. Mukku wakes up now. meethi is thinking. What has happened to me? Why am I worried about him all the time? I couldn’t even sleep at night thinking about him. Why am I thinking so much about him? A tear has rolled down her cheek while she is thinking all this. Why am I not moving ahead in my life forgetting him? She leaves from there.

Mukku meets Vishnu as she is coming down. He asks for toothpaste. She profusely apologizes and before he can say anything, runs inside to get it. She comes back holding one. He holds out his brush and then get into an eye lock where neither one realizes about the overflowing toothpaste. Sawar

loon’s music keeps playing. He comments that looking at her eyes it seems she dint sleep properly. She brushes it off. Did you sleep well? He smiles back. I felt as if I was in my own home. They are lost looking in each other’s eyes. Vishnu finally notices the toothpaste. I think it would be enough for a month (lol…do brush regularly though). She gets confused. What would be enough for a month? He shows her. She again starts apologizing profusely (cute sigh). My mind was somewhere else. He nods but then asks about what was she thinking. And how many times will you apologize? They share a smile. He turns the other way and smiles while she too stands smiling to herself. What has happened to me? She lightly pats her head (cute 🙂 ).

Kadambari is super happy to hear about Surabhi’s pregnancy. Do her in-laws know? Kajri realizes that she doesn’t know about the divorce. I had come here to seek her help but what now. Her mum-in-law is excited. Surabhi’s husband will come soon. We must celebrate this news and I will invite the whole town. I wont listen to anyone. Let us go. She is about to step out when she stops becomes conscious of the fact that she cant step out of this room. When I had come here as a daughter-in-law then I was so happy. I used to take care of everyone. But that one incident on that unfateful day changed everything. Since then I am locked here in the confines of this room. Kajri pleads to share the incident with her. kadambari denies. I don’t want to put your life in any danger. Take over my responsibility as a mother and take care of Surabhi. I will tell you everything on how to handle her in the first trimester. Go. Kajri tries to protest but Kadambari pushes her out telling her to lock the door from outside (parents bear so much for their kids 🙁 ).

Mukku is at Rathore’s suite. She is smiling to herself. Rathore notices her thus and teases her. You dint tell me but its ok I can guess as your smile told me everything. She asks what. He tells her that this is a special kind of smile which comes in this age usually only when…. Mukku cuts him off. I am happy as I am meeting you after so many days. Is it a crime to be happy? he very sweetly smiles. No, it is not my princess. But looking at your face I can tell that there is someone special in Junior Rathore’s life (aww…till date only male kids have been given this title, loved it <3 ). It seems as if he has won you over as soon as he entered your life. Tell me who it is. She disagrees with him. He double checks with her but she stays put. He tells her not to lie to him. She finally cooks up something saying she likes some film star. But doesn't want to tell the name or you will beat him. They both laugh at it. Rathore’s phone rings. He attends the call while she looks around in the room. She notices her childhood pic and looks at it happily. She spots some official papers lying near it. She is shocked at the realisation that her dad bailed Akash out. Rathore turns after finishing his call. Looking at you I feel that Junior Rathore is about to beat someone. She is angry. You bailed for Akash? He nods…the papers say so. She is all the more boggled. But why? You knew his truth before the wedding itself. You know he is a very dangerous man who can do anything. He is standing outside since yesterday troubling everyone. Rathore on the other hand, gets happy. Really? Its been 20 hours since he got bailed. He does have patience (wow, what a way to judge 😉 ). She doesn't understand his point. He is very dangerous. Rathore jokes that before his wedding with her mother everyone used to think that he is a dangerous man but after marriage he came to understand that rather she (Tappu) is dangerous (every husband has the same “dangerous” story dude!). I forcefully took my baraat at your mother’s place. She tells him to be serious. He explains that he has seen love in Akash’s eyes. She is upset with him. He has harassed everyone. I dint expect this from you. He holds her by the shoulders and explains very calmly. When Akash was wrong, I had beaten him. But when I met him yesterday I couldn’t raise my hand on him. He had donated blood to Damini ji. When I saw him then, I dint see any lies in his eyes or words. There was only hope. Hope to prove his love. I know the madness one feels when in love. I know what all extent to can you go for your love. But I also know that life only gives 1 chance to everyone. I only want that he gets his one chance. Mukku enters Thakur House. It is raining again. She notices Akash sitting in front of some shed or something. She recalls her dad’s words. I dint see any lies in his eyes or words. There was only hope. Hope to prove his love. The wind blows away her umbrella. She picks it up but gets drenched in the process. Akash too notices her but she quickly walks inside. Meethi is watching news on the tv. She watches a program where some doc is advising against getting drenched in the rain as it can cause pneumonia which can lead to death (dint you knew already 😮 ). She seems restless. Rohini comes there telling her not to watch some stuff but rather enjoy this weather with tea and pakodas (snacks). Mukku comes in sneezing. Meethi tells her to change or else she will catch cold. Rohini keeps on blabbering about enjoying in rain but unable to because of that lover (Akash). She goes to make coffee. Meethi asks Mukku if its raining heavily. She nods back. It is raining plus the wind is blowing which is making the weather all the more bad. It was so tough for me to come back home. Meethi shares what she had heard in the news. Mukku assures her that she is not that wet to catch pneumonia. She says she is talking generally. Why don't some people take their life seriously? There is a limit to all the madness. Mukku nods back. Some people really do not take it seriously. Meethi asks who she is talking about. Mukku replies the one whom you are thinking about. Meethi tells her that he (Akash) doesn't matter to me (Piya…). mukku asks who. Meethi takes Akash’s name. Mukku’s points out that she dint take any name. Meethi is caught but feigns ignorance. Mukku comments so you too are worried for Akash. Meethi diverts the topic. You should change or you will get sick. Anni is already sick and if you too fall ill then we would have to take care of you too. Go change. I will get coffee for you (why does the speaker leaves every time telling the other person to go 😮 ). -Break- Akash is getting drenched in the rain while Meethi is sitting restlessly inside. Mukta’s words echo in her mind. You too are worried for Akash. She looks out from the window. Piya o re piya plays as she notices that Akash is feeling cold because of the rain. He too notices Meethi behind the curtains but she leaves from there. He sits back while she sits on the bed confused. -Break- Rohini comes with tea and snacks for the guests. They have come to ask about Damini’s health. One of them asks about the guy standing outside in the rain. The second one comments that he said he is your son-in-law. If that is so then why is he standing out? Rohini answers for them. New wedding so fights are bound to happen. This happens in love. tappu diverts their attention by offering them snacks. They leave from there. Meethi overhears their convo. Rohini comments what a time they have to face as they have to lie to the neighbours as well now to save the fmaily’s respect. Its all sunny now. Akash stands glued at his place. Meethi comes out angrily. Why are you standing here? Do you know that by doing this you are not only troubling me but my Anni as well who just had a heart attack? He nods I do. That's why I am here. He comes to stand facing her. That is why I gave blood to her and look, I dint even get biscuits even after donating blood (OMG he dint have anything since then…keeping kind of karvachauth or something :O ). She tells her not to joke. Tell me what you want. He tells her that he wants to be with her. she denies. It is impossible. He replies in that case I wont go. She turns to go but stops angrily noticing him follow her. It is a crime to follow women. He retorts that he isn't following just any women but his wife who is upset with him. And I don't think that trying to make his wife happy is a crime. She is appalled. I am not your wife. He reminds her that she actually is till they don't get divorced. Precap: Akash is standing outside the gates of Thakur House looking at Meethi inside. A truck’s horn is heard by Meethi but Akash keeps on looking at her. She shouts telling him to move but he stays put. She saves him by an inch and lands on top of him. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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