Uttaran 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Uttaran 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 10th February 2014 Written Update

Rathore comes to Akash’s house in hope to meet Ambika and to give her gifts. He says he can’t tell her the truth, but can at least know her. Nani sees him and she talks to him about a truth. Rathore thinks she found out Ambika’s truth from Thakur. Rathore clears the confusion asking whom she is talking about. Nani asks how many daughter does he have? Just one, and she is talking about Mukta. She tells him Mukta left Vishnu and came to Akash’s house. She sees gifts in his hand and says it’s good he brought gifts for her. Ambika comes and Nani asks her about Mukta. Ambika says she never came to their house. Nani is confused. Rathore talks sweetly with Ambika. He asks her if he wants to drop her anywhere. Ambika says she will manage. Rathore tells Nani he will drop her. After Nani sits in

the car, Rathore continues talking with Ambika. He tells her to call him whenever she needs help or anything. Maiyya sees the two talking. Nani wonders what Rathore is talking about. Rathore indirectly tries to give gifts to her saying he brought them for everyone, but then says he will give next time when everyone is at home. He sits in car and waves his hand to Ambika and then finally leaves.

Ambika goes somewhere and Maiyya follows her to see Ambika getting kidnapped herself. Goons try to kidnap Ambika, and Maiyya is happy. Soon police arrive and arrest everyone. They catch Maiyya red handed as well. Ambika goes to Maiyya and says she heard her talking on the phone. She makes Maiyyya remember that she’s a daughter of a police man, and asks the cop to take her away.

In police station, some girls make fun of Maiyya in the lock up. Maiyya asks them to stay away from her. She then asks a cop why they put her in the lock up and says it’s her right to call home. The cop gets mad. He says Chaubey was correct about Maiyya. Now as she’s in the lockup, everything will be done accordingly Chaubey. He asks her to wait until Chaubey comes. Maiyya is scared thinking Chaubey won’t spare her.

In office, Mukta sees the caterer going to Yuvaan’s cabin. Yuvaan sees Mukta and succeeds in fooling her. Mukta thinks he’s such a good human being and she doubted him. Later, Yuvaan goes to the caterer and gives him extra money.

Precap: Maiyya calls home. Ambika picks it up and pretends as if she can’t hear anything and hangs up. Meethi asks who it was. Ambika lies saying it was a wrong number.

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