Uske pyar Iske Nafrat (Intro)

Hii my lovable frnds……??
This is Baavana.I’m new to this page.I hope u all take me as ur bff and so comment to my ff either it is gud or bad pls comment.I trust u all will comment to my ff


(Character: Shaheer sheikh as Dev and Erica fernandes as sonakshi bose

A gang of three people(Aaraw,Gowtham,Adhithya) are standing I front of the theatre
Aaraw: Gowtham what is the time now?

Gowtham: Now its 9.15 da

Aaraw:9.30 is the shoe.where is dev?

Adhithya: Hare Yaar , leave that. See her .she is looking at us . let’s enjoy that

Ravi: Hare paagal .Now she will look at us.If dev arrived all the girls not only girls even boys will also look at him
While he is talking a Suzuki gsxr arrived there.A person get down from the bike wearing a Jean coat (making full hand like a half hand) with in white T-shirt and jeans pant who is none other than dev.
As Aaraw said, not only girls even boys looked at him.Aaraw came near dev
Aaraw: why so late dev? Its already late

Dev: sorry yaar.on my way my girlfriends came so that only late

Aaraw: How many girlfriends u have? It is easy to count the sand in the beach , but it is really tough to count how many girlfriends u have? First you need to make marriage.
Dev made a smile and replied
“I have more gf but they are not my lovers. I will not disrespect love by loving many of them . I want my life partner to be different from others.she should have attitude, power,courage and she should make me to follow her like other girls are following me”
Aaraw stop dev and said please Dev please stop Your romantic myth. it’s getting late to show . your dream girl will come only in your dream not in real life so don’t float in your dream world. now let’s move.

In JK company,

A girl is running with carrying a file in her hand. A Employee is asking another that why she is running like this. what happen to her.
Another employee : you are new to this job right , so that only you don’t know why she is running . she is running on the fear towards our boss MS.SONAKSHI BOSE. The Amritsar leading business woman. Hundreds of men does not equal to 1 Sonakshi. Wait you are going to see na.

Suddenly a Jaguar car arrived, Sonakshi get down from the car. She dressed professionally and Walked with full of courage , Power , Attitude. she entered into her room. Her P.A ( a girl who ran) came and tell her that”Mr.Arjun is waiting outside for seeing you mam”

Sonakshi: Ask him to come after 5 minutes
( after 5 minutes he entered inside)
Sonakshi: yeah come Mr.Arjun. Be seated.

Arjun: I am really sorry mam. I planned to sign that contract with you only but that will Diligit asked me to sign that contract with him and offered me more money.My greediness made my mind blind. Please don’t reveal my company secrets .
(She smiled at him)
Sonakshi: you crashed with Sonakshi. You have to face the consequencea of your case.
(Arjun gets a call from his P.A and he said that “police came with sealing order sir. They are searching for you. Anytime they can arrest you sir.” Arjun face reddened.)

Arjun: You Sonakshi… He shouted
( Sonakshi smiled at him and looked at her P.A. Suddenly her P.A close all the screens)
Sonakshi taked her crystal from her case and pointed it in his hand and said ” THIS IS MY AMRITSAR. HERE IM THE KING AND IM THE QUEEN . IF ANYONE WANTS TO DESTROY ME AND MY PLACE,I WILL DESTROY THEM”.After saying she shot him. And looked at her P.A. P.A by saying yes Mam called three person and asked them to take this dead body and interment it. Sonakshi asking her P.A thus ” How many graves have we built including him ”
P.A : 7 madam
Sonakshi : In that no one is good na
P.A : yes madam
Sonakshi : Because In My Amritsar No Good Person Should Be Killed By Me.

Dev is driving his car while he is turning the edge of the Road he hit a car.Dev become angry and get down from the car by murmuring the bad words. He shouted and asked the driver to get down .The door of the car opened and sonakshi get down. Dev stunned and strucked by seeing her. She started shouting him. Dev got first sight love with Sonakshi?.

Now how is it .I hope u all liked it .pls comments my drs .waiting for ur comments

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  1. Bharti123456

    Wow ?????????
    It was a very good start ❤️❣?????❤️???

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq so much bharthi . ur encouragement gives me a new power to my mind and body tq so much pls cont reading


    Nice will be looking forward for sonakshi’s such attitude…

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq so u a lot . pls cont reading. Then shall we be frnds

      1. SHAHEER

        Ya for sure i will continue to read… and of course we r friends from now…

  3. Aksharaa

    Its awesomw actually uve got a great style of writting pls continue it….post next one as soon as possible lve devakshi…

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq d paagili. Frnds she is my bff . she calls me as chinki . and we have an another bf called SRUTHI . her nick name is daski. They encouraged me a lot . tq dears

      1. Aksharaa

        Hare chinki frnds all she is telling is absolutely bakwass we never did anything to her all she does is in her motive and talent beyond that there is no role for us….

  4. It’s really awesome

    1. Baavanaa

      Sukriya dr. Pls cont reading .love u a lot. Shall we be frnds .☺

    2. Baavanaa

      Ohh tq dr .love u so much riddhi .let’s be frnds.cont reading

  5. Superb…..And super amazing…. Post the episode soon….bcoz I’m eagerly waiting for it…..

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq dr .love u so much. Sure I will definitely post the first epi. Love u .keep reading .??

  6. Wow its simply awsome…u juzt had a great strt ..keep on writing eagerly waiting 4 nxt it soon..i juzt luv tat devakshi scene…??

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq daski .love u d chellam . as I already told she is my another bf like u all

  7. Priya12

    Awesomeeee ……Reallyyy superbbb…….i am happy that love at first sight for dev……..but sonakshi is killing people for her profession…..I am sad for that…….I am happy for the epi and ur writing skills but only for sona , I am sad…., sorry if I hurt u…..pls forgive me……I just said what I thought

    1. Baavanaa

      No prmb dr . first of all I’m really happy that u have taken advantage on me like a frnd .I’m really really feeling gud.definitely for u I will try to change her killing attitude . love u so much???

  8. Manya

    Ong Sonakshi is so dangerous???
    But ur idea is so different and interesting?❤️??????❣?❤️?❣???
    Go ahead dear I will comment???
    Post soon
    Love love
    And what’s ur age???if u don’t wanna tell then just tell me r u older than 14yrs bcoz i want to know should I call u Di or not ??

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq so much lovable dr. I’m 16yrs old.u can call me on ur own wish.pls cont u a lot .let’s be frnds

      1. Manya

        Okay ❤️

  9. Its a unique story desperately waiting for episode post the episode soon

    1. Baavanaa

      Ha dr surely I will post the next epi this two days is holiday na for article submission so Mon definitely I will post the upcoming epi

      1. Baavanaa

        Pls Cont reading

  10. Anjali333

    Wow!!! It’s really a nice concept….do continue soon

    1. Baavanaa

      Tq u my dr frnd. Nice to be ur frnd.I will post as soon as possible. Pls keep reading. Love u a lot?

  11. Priya12

    I am sorry if I hurt u …but I liked ur storyline and writing style………do continue and I am eagerly waiting for the next epi……

    1. Baavanaa

      No dr u didn’t hurt me . I will definitely try to change sonakshi’s killing attitude. As u said pls cont reading . love u?

  12. Krpkab_Devakshian

    I am from Amritsar…too..???

    BTW nice INTRO…?

    1. Baavanaa

      Oh ur from Amritsar .I’m from chennai. If u don’t mind shall I know ur name.

  13. Niki645

    Hey dear, it was amazing!!!
    Superb start???
    Pls do post soon????

    So, are we friends now?????

    1. Baavanaa

      Of course we are . pls cont reading .love u lot?

  14. good start

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