Uske pyar Iske Nafrat (Episode 1)

Episode 1

Dev is ringing to Aaraw

Dev: Hello Aaraw I want to meet u immediately so come to my house da .its very very urgent come soon

Aaraw: Sry da. My car is on repair .so u come to my house and so wat is the prmb dev

Dev: I’ll tell u and I will be there in 15 min ok bye

Dev climbs his car and started towards aaraws house.he turned at the edge of the road while turning he clashed with another car. Dev becomes angry and he get down from the car by murmuring the bad words . then dev started shouting and asked the driver to come out. The door of the car opened and sonakshi get down from the car.Dev’s voice strucked and he was stunned by seeing her. By seeing him she started scolding him.

Sonakshi : you idiot don’t you have sense .have u kept ur eyes in the pocket ?

Dev: no sweetie .I have kept my eyes in ur eyes
Sonakshi became angry
Sonakshi : have u became mad?
Dev : till before seeing u I am mad . now I’m not mad bcoz I’m in love with u Babu

Dev looked her eyes without any blink.sonakshi strucked with her words on seeing his eyes . Dev went near to sonakshi. That very moment sonakshi lost her attitude which subordinate others.that moment she became dev’s sonakshi. After a moment she came back to normal and “hereafter don’t do this be careful” she said with strucking voice

After saying she smiled at him . dev feels like he is complete. Then she started on her own too.

While going she asked herself “what happened to u sonakshi.ur Amritsar’s queen , how will u fall in love.that’s not at all fair. No sonakshi u should not go behind him .how attitude girl u r .He only knows to flirt others.u don’t need any others help so don’t fall on to his flirt”

Dev reached Aaraw house .Aaraw eagerly asked what happened . dev smiled at aaraw and he looked down. Aaraw become confused and said ” what happened dev” he asked in a confused state.
“On my way towards ur house, I met my dream girl.I stunned by seeing beautiful she is.I’m going to break up with all my girlfriends. She is my only path. I think I’m in love with her”

Aaraw: what is her name?

Dev: she locked me with her eyes so I cant able to ask her anything.she has attitude, power,courage bla bla bla that and all I don’t know but I know one thing she is not like other girls . she born only for me.

Aaraw: uff stop it dev u came here at 10 o clock now time is 2. How long will u talk abt that girl. U came here to tell me some other thing but till now u didnt tell me.

Dev: oh my God . I forgetted to tell u aaraw . u asked me for a job right.They called u for interview. Its at 11.30am but now it is 2 pm .dev looked at aaraw .aaraw became angry and he started chasing dev for beating him.

Aaraw: sinner. Bcoz of ur love story lecture .I lost my job.
He said by chasing dev. Dev ran by laughing loudly


Dev wanted his frnd aaraw to get job. So he meet his uncle . He gave a visiting card to dev and said him ” ask ur frnd to meet the owner of jk company.” And he also said abt her attitude and power.He become curious to she her. So that he is going to jk company .


  1. |Registered Member

    Awesome….. Sona also fell for dev at first sight…. Dev hai hi itna handsome😂 really amazing….



    |Registered Member

    Shaheer ko dekhkar kisko love at first sight nahi hoga….he is cute handsome and his which takes away my heart…..sab kuch hi itna achcha hai ki Sona ko bhi usse love at first sight ho gaya…sorry main Shaheer ke baare mein kuch zyada hi bol gayi….but ur ff is awesome…. loved it…

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