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Astra, i know i am too late to wish you, i know you have got so many wishes and beautiful presents, here i am who (See more) is late as always. i am sorry kaan pakadke. dont think that i forgot your birthday. It will never happen in my entire life time. because i love you too much to do that.
you know you are the bestest person i have ever met in my life. you are very straight forward, little snob, very upfront, so cute, quite emotional and not to forget a born feminist. i always admire you as a writer but love you the way you are. when you stood up against bad i bow down my head infront of your daring. when you teased me, i have felt like come and beat you. when you speak your heart out infront of me, i always felt like connected with you. there is so much in you, which are rare in many of us.
you know na we are poles apart except mango. did you hear that line,"opposite sides of a magnet always attract". we are one of them. south pole and north pole, even in real life to u r from south n me from north ( not exactly north but kind of....) i have never thought that i will get one genuine person who is not only beautiful from face but from heart and from soul too, that too on social networking site. i have to thank TU for this.
Many many happy return of the day.....
Happy birthday....
May all your wishes come true......
God bless you...
Love you my Astra Baby.

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Astra you made me speechless today. and, as usually.. i was waiting for your wish. but, i can understand your busy schedule.. but.. I'm sure, you might be thinking all the day about me. no need to sorry me.. i can understand ur sweet soul. ? my dear, i always say this.. for ever and ever.. you are the first and ever best friend of mine❤❤ who understood my heart.. yes, though we r poles apart.. still we understand each other more clearly than a mirror.. even i thank TU a million times for gifting me such a wonderful person as my friend..? not upto n/w sites.. but.. ur the friend who is close to heart.. who is not at all mystery to me.? and for whom I'm not a secret.. and.... yeah.. i love to play pranks on you.. and get ready for more..?? love u as infinity.. infinity..❤❤❤❤❤❤
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